The Hub of Being (20-8) Thermalization


Chaos is a totally classical concept; there’s no idea of chaos in a quantum system. Similarly, there’s no concept of entanglement within classical systems. And yet it turns out that chaos and entanglement are really, very strongly and clearly related. ~ American physicist Charles Neill

The dynamics of Nature involve an intricate, instantaneous weaving that creates variety while sustaining existing patterns. Diversity is engendered while continuity is ensured. This seeming paradox embodies both chaos and entanglement.

The link between the quantum and classical scales occurs through thermodynamics. In their evolution, quantum systems thermalize – interactive patterns laced with chaos. Thermalization is also a driving force in the classical domain. Diffusion of energy is key in connecting the ambient with the quantum realm, from which our observable world emerges.

There’s a very clear connection between entanglement and chaos in quantum and classical systems. Thermalization is the thing that connects chaos and entanglement. ~ Charles Neill