The Hub of Being (20-9) Scales of Existence


The quantum arena begins with subatomic phenomena. It ends at the atomic.

The ambient scale ranges from the molecular to planetary phenomena. Classical (Newtonian) physics characterize this realm. The microscopic realm, which is the province of microbial life, is where the ambient scale starts. The world we perceive is in the middle of the ambient scale. The planetary gyre of Earth (Gaia) is at the end of the ambient realm.

Relativity is the primary theory that guides astrophysics in studying cosmological dynamics. Gravity is the predominant phenomenal effect at this scale, most severely and cryptically exemplified by black holes.

Dynamics at one scale affect others to varying degrees. Quantum effects strongly influence chemical reactions but are otherwise subdued in the ambient. Gravity is practically nonexistent at the quantum scale, tangible but typically tame at the ambient scale, but powerfully potent cosmologically.

Scale-dependent interfaces hint at the glue that renders Nature a piece, albeit Matryoshka-like upon close inspection. The issue is of frames of reference, and how one scale creates effects at a different scale. This essentially goes to information sharing: how an output at one scale shapes activity at another.

The information corresponding with genes create a symphony of biological traits that an organism has. The essential information transfer involved is not molecular, as precocious knowledge illustrates. As with a brain, DNA is a material, but ultimately symbolic, representation.