The Hub of Being (20) Entanglement


Diversity among entities is entirely relational. Manifestation is a matter of interactivity. Nature would be a nonstarter if everything were in its own little bubble, unable to interact with its environment. So, everything is entangled.

Quantum Entanglement

The theater called Nature is accomplished via entanglement: by bosons acting upon fermions. Meanwhile, these elemental actors are hosted by hordes of virtual particles, demonstrating extra-dimensional entanglement.

Nonlocality¬†is a spatially brazen entanglement: synchronous behavior among spatially separated matter, what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” Nonlocality has been demonstrated at the quantum and atomic levels. Spooky action either involves faster-than-light extra-dimensional communication, which physics cannot explain, or spacetime itself is a mirage, which means that the foundation of Nature is beyond actuality.

Universal nonlocality is profound evidence that our universe is fundamentally interconnected as a unified entity. ~ English cosmologist Jude Currivan