The Hub of Being (24) Life


Every organic being, every autopoietic cell is conscious. ~ American evolutionary theorist Lynn Margulis

Every organism is a localized consciousness coupled to coherent energy fields which emergently form a mind and a physical body. The energetic and physiological are entangled in their expressions.

It is not only the entire organism that has its own consciousness. Each organ and every cell in a multicellular organism must have its own intelligence to function. Even organelles and the proteins within cells need savvy to do their jobs. All of these consciousnesses and minds in a being are entangled, though we know neither how nor the implications.

Intelligence is behind every decision. Making a choice necessarily involves perceiving the environment and directing activity accordingly.

Ĉonsciousness  and its attendant intelligence are distributed throughout every life form: localized for appropriate functionality at every scale. Physical centers of mentation, such as the brain, are analogous to chakra energy centers which correspond to nervous systems.

(Cognitive biologists have been so focused on brains that they have largely overlooked that other localized intelligence centers exist. One acknowledged exception is the digestive system, which researchers refer to as a “gut-brain axis.”)

For a body, matter-energy coupling remains upon death, after the resident consciousnesses have left and stopped enlivening the body. Only by continuing the illusion of materiality can the mirage of a physical world be sustained. (Sustaining the semblance of physicality is the function of coherence, irrespective of there being a vital spark of consciousness resident within a quantized mind-body.) In showing a smooth transition, the illusion of death illustrates the unity of Ĉonsciousness and Nature.