The Hub of Being – Coherence


In that actuality appears as ordered schemata, appreciable by sentient beings spawned by schematic interac-tions, it is impossible to argue against the proposition that coherence is the intelligent force behind the order in Nature.


In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. ~ Carl Jung

In observing a cosmic order, 6th-century-bce Turkish Greek polymath Anaximander of Miletus considered an infinity of worlds created and destroyed in a perpetual gyral cycle, powered by apeiron: an eternal force of coherence. Less than a century later, Turkish Greek philosopher Heraclitus used the term logos for the Tao which Lao Tzu had described: an intelligent coherence from which Nature emerges.

All things are one. Everything comes to be in accordance with logos. Logos holds always, but humans always prove unable to understand it. ~ Heraclitus

Given all that science has shown, the only possible explanation for the order in the universe, and its evolution, is that a creative force continually weaves energy into the entertainment platform we call Nature.

We lie in the lap of immense intelligence. ~ American poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Standard Model of quantum physics posits that a universal field, called the Higgs field, imparts mass, an essential ingredient to produce matter. Analogously, the unified field of coherence imparts order, an essential ingredient to produce Nature. Just as the Higgs field localizes, so too coherence.

Coherence is entwined in the gyre of ever-emergent creation from which all phenomena arise, evolve, and subside. Yet all that appears is but an appearance: substance but not essence.

Unmoving yet swifter than the mind; beyond the reach of the senses and always ahead of them; standing still yet outrunning those who run. There is a pervasive essence supporting all life. It moves and yet does not. It is far and near. It is both inside all and outside all. ~ Isa Upanishad

Looking at life as cells and bodies misses its most essential feature: the ecology of being. Organisms are not fundamentally defined by their materiality, but by their interactions with their environment.

The term coherence indicates nothing more than the orderly interactivity called Nature. Even the energetic diffusion of entropy cascades via waves with an underlying order.

Everything in the cosmos propagates as waves. ~ Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci

Nature is elementally composed of sets of nested rules which may be expressed mathematically. These guides are the functional essence of coherence.

Energy is the medium of coherence. Algorithms shape energy into different profiles, which we characterize according to their manifest effect on materials. Some energies form complexes to shape quanta. Other energies provide support platforms upon which quanta interact, such as yielding thermodynamics.

Quanta assemble to form subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and compounds. Higher-level particulate forms make matter at the microscopic level, which then further aggregates into ambient materials which we experience via sensation.

Existence is emergently constructed bottom-up: from the Planck quantum of action to the cosmological in scope. Rule complexes apply at every level, maintaining the phenomenal entertainment platform.

Whereas the dances of energies appear continuous, existence is discretely emergent: composed every Planck moment. Energy localizes, then quantizes, even time. As matter is the end-product, quantization is a cardinal rule.

Living matter is infused with consciousness (and a mind), which, like its inanimate cousin, adheres hierarchically to formulas. Further, seeming quanta of consciousness have transcendental souls, with rules applicable to their phase transitions.

The most impressive accomplishment is the meshing of the algorithms which promote variety with those which engage interdependency and entanglement; an astonishingly intricate weave.

Coherence manages a web of existence which exhibits startling individuality at every level. Every quantum and every object, every cell, and every organism, is unique – yet the profusion of classed diversities is all bound into inextirpable relations.