The Hub of Being – Reality Synopsis

Reality Synopsis

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein

▫ Nature is an entertainment platform. 6 key principles are in operation: diversity, consistency, entanglement, consciousness, desire, and ignorance.

▫ As a singularity is nothing at all, duality – expressed spatially by diversity – is essential. Diversity manifests in particulate form, emergently quantized by localized energy fields.

▫ Concepts comprise mental diversity. Concepts arise from perception via the discriminating power of the mind. Concepts are signified symbolic representations deemed significant by the mind and so codified via categorization.

▫ In contrast to the discontiguity of diversity, consistency is necessary to establish an environmental context, with memory as the substrate and time perceived as a flowing medium.

▫ For the enactment of entertainment, the diversity in Nature must interact. Hence, all phenomena are ultimately entangled. Belying the appearance of diversity experienced, entanglement signifies a unity of spacetime.

▫ Nature – the exhibition of existence – manifests from the quantum level up, constantly emergent, with an exquisite order throughout every scale of existence. This localized-but-unified coherence may be understood as an intricate nesting of algorithms.

Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein

▫ The basic mechanism of quantum physics is localization of universal fields, thereupon quantizing into particulate form.

The same localization/quantization mechanism which gives rise to Nature also populates the means to witness phenomena. A unified field of Ĉonsciousness localizes. From proteins to cells to organisms, everything that flexibly reacts to its environment possesses consciousness: the faculty for awareness.

▫ Matter is phenomenal energy. Not all energies take material form; some act upon matter directly, or indirectly via energy-to-energy interactions.

▫ Entertainment is storytelling art – tales of wrangling symbols. All stories are of conflict which lead to resolution. Hence, to maximize entertainment, life forms must struggle toward understanding (as contrasted to learning providing easy passage).

▫ The idea of objectivity is a joke of social consensus. Victims of naïve realism, the Collective mistakenly believe their experiences of duality and materiality to be real. The Collective suffer from a wrong worldview: perspective-ignorance (pignorance). Their ultimate struggle of sufferance is not with the outside world, but with their own minds, which mischievously promote entertainment by obscuring the true nature of reality.

People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies. ~ Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz

▫ The showtivity called Nature happens by individualized consciousnesses having a view to the performance by coherence (aka universal mind) within Ĉonsciousness. Ultimately, this show is solely of symbols – an unimaginably intricate tensor network of ideas of which we perceive glimpses, whereupon fooled by the mind into believing these symbolic constructs are material and real.

Appearances are a view of that which is unseen. ~ Greek philosopher Anaxagoras

▫ Noumenon is the unmanifest which underlies Nature.

▫ Reality is an irreducible blend of noumenon, Ĉonsciousness, coherence, and Nature – beyond concepts because of their ultimate unicity.

Truth is exact correspondence with reality. ~ Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda