The Hub of Being (32) Restlessness (Nattermind)


It is not your real being that is restless, but its reflection in the mind appears restless because the mind is restless. The wind of desire stirs the mind and the ‘me’. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nattermind is a restless beast, continually striving to overshadow its source: consciousness.

In its relentless self-stimulation, the mind endlessly devours patterns and regurgitates them. The patterns may be sensory, emotive, or abstract in their origin.

Among the Collective, nattermind endlessly chatters while awake; so much that being alone with oneself is discomforting.

Kant discovered “the scandal of reason,” that is the fact that our mind is not capable of certain and verifiable knowledge regarding matters and questions that it nevertheless cannot help thinking about. ~ Hannah Arendt