The Hub of Being (39) Awareness


Awareness comes as if from a higher dimension. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Sentience is the capability of consciousness to be aware. Whereas consciousness is the platform for awareness, sentience is the witnessing of awareness.

Awareness refers to the quality of being conscious in the present moment. Awareness is a level of activated consciousness.

Baseline awareness varies, depending upon the normal level of noise from nattermind. An astute person never loses the perspective that categorized objects are just a convenience. Uniqueness is as readily perceived as classification. By contrast, someone less aware lumps similarities together and takes the concept of identical as fact.

The extent and quality of perception creates the fact base upon which empirical knowledge is built. Acute observation is an essential element in living a bright life.

Inattentional blindness – immediate focus on thoughts or a memory overshadowing attention to the present moment – affects the quality of perception. Much is missed by a diverted mind.

Each individual has a certain capacity for processing information. People vary in their ability to bear a cognitive load without slipping in inattentional awareness.

Cognitive load capacity and level of awareness are closely related. A major factor in cognitive load capacity, and level of awareness, is how quiet the mind is when unfocused. A constantly chattering mind lowers awareness, as nattermind is itself an incessant cognitive load. In contrast, a quiet mind (quietude) greatly improves cognitive load capacity. As a bonus, a clear mind improves mood, as bliss flows from Ĉonsciousness.

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness. ~ Aristotle