The Hub of Being (40) Transcendence


The 4th state of consciousness – transcendence – is mental silence while still readily receptive to physical stimuli. While the body is inactive yet sensitive, the mind reposes.

For most people, transcendence is fleeting when it does occur. Transcendence may transpire when the body has become fatigued and the mind-body system momentarily lapses into relaxation.

There are several bungling methods to provoke the transcendental state. These typically involve repetitious mental exercises. Extended prayer is a hoary practice unknowingly aiming at transcendence in a most inefficient fashion. Zen kōäns are another inapt technique.

A modern ersatz practice is called mindfulness, which involves paying attention to what comes to mind. In contrast, proper meditation effortlessly leads to transcendence by abandoning attention away from any mental production.

In the transcendental state, the mind rests as consciousness communes with Ĉonsciousness.

Our minds are just waves on the ocean of Ĉonsciousness. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj