The Hub of Being (43-2) Construal in Unity Consciousness

Construal in Unity Consciousness

For the Collective, the involvement of the mind-body is concrete: experience feels real. In realization there is an inherent psychological distance between consciousness and the mind: a dissociative sentience, as contrasted with the concrete experience of being the engaged mind-body. It is this dissociation that affords high-level construal of everything that is not occurring at present.

Psychospace is an aspect of meaning. ~ Yaacov Trope & Nira Liberman

The idea of oneself is an abstraction when one is realized. A distinction between actuality and reality is not only conceptual in unity consciousness, it is experienced. The spiritual maturation of realization is the fruition of the same process that a young child undergoes in mentally taking steps to higher-context construal.

By contrast, being in the moment is completely concrete. With quietude, full attention can be paid to the task at hand without mental distraction, affording focus on details. Easy low-level construal also applies to social situations, so as to attain an enhanced sense of intimacy.

The best of both worlds is had in unity consciousness: a generalized high-level construal along with a fine focus for getting work done. The experience of entanglement and unicity makes treating other life with requisite respect easy. The overall effect is comfortable self-actualization and a natural compassion.

Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda