The Hub of Being (46-1) Ghosts

Ever since the dawn of humankind, people have believed in ghosts. ~ American paranormal researcher Hans Holzer


A ghost is somebody who’s gotten stuck in the physical world but is not part of the physical world. ~ Hans Holzer

Ghosts have been noted in every culture across the world throughout all of history, and doubtlessly ever since hominids could communicate the concept. Ghosts exist, albeit rather tenuously, and certainly not in any recommendable way. Attachment to life can be abiding, and the shock of its sudden termination unacceptable.

(At death, the conscious spirit is ushered out of the body. What is known about the near-death experience gives insight into this process. In the instance of those who become ghosts, the process fails because of their traumatic state at the time of death. Ghosts just won’t let go.)

A ghost appears to be a surviving emotional memory of someone who has died traumatically, and usually tragically, but is unaware of his or her death. Unwilling to part with the physical world, such personalities continue to stay on in the very spot where their tragedy or their emotional attachment had existed prior to physical death. ~ Hans Holzer

There are many different kinds of ghosts. ~ English paranormal researcher Peter Underwood

This 4d actuality we take as the walls of incarnation are not the final confines. There is what is often called the spirit plane, where extra-dimensional beings exist, including revenants.

It’s quite arrogant to ignore these experiences and to say they’re all deluded. ~ English psychologist Ciarán O’Keeffe

Nature is an entangled dimensional web of inconceivable complexity and diversity. There is an interface between our existential 4d plane and the expansive HD platform.

 White House Ghosts

The damned place is haunted, sure as shootin’. ~ US President Harry Truman

The American White House is haunted, with copiously documented sightings. Abraham Lincoln reportedly received regular visits from his son Willie, who died in the White House in 1862 at age 11 from typhoid fever. A bereaved Mary Lincoln spoke of seeing her son’s ghost once at the foot of her bed. Willie Lincoln was also seen by staff members of the Grant administration in the 1870s. President Lyndon Johnson’s daughter Lynda saw and talked with the disembodied young Lincoln.

After his 1865 assassination, Lincoln joined his son in phantasmal appearances. First lady Grace Coolidge spoke of seeing Lincoln looking out a window in his former office.

In 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had just stepped out of a hot bath in the Lincoln bedroom, wearing nothing but a cigar, when he encountered Lincoln by the fireplace. “Good evening, Mr. President,” Churchill said. “You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom in 1942 when she heard a knock on the bedroom door. She opened it to see Lincoln and fainted.

President Ronald Reagan said that his dog would go into any room in the White House except the Lincoln bedroom, where he’d just stand outside the door and bark. Reagan and his daughter Maureen both admitted that they saw the spectral Lincoln in the White House.

There have been many other reports by numerous people serving in various administrations of seeing Lincoln, including President Theodore Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Roosevelt.

Abigail Adams was the 1st first lady to live in the White House. She used the East Room to dry sheets. Since her death, there have been repeated sightings of her likeness in that area. She walks with her arms outstretched, as if holding clean linens.

Dolley Madison liked taking care of the White House garden. During the Woodrow Wilson administration, staff members reported seeing her ghost as they were about to move the Rose Garden. They decided to leave the garden where Dolley wanted it.

William Henry Harrison was the first president to die in the White House. He haunts the attic.

The White House has the best ghost stories, and the most verified. If I said I didn’t believe in ghosts I’d be calling about 8 different presidents liars. ~ American tour guide Jared Broach


There is nothing to learn from the disembodied souls who seem to be in a shadow world. (ed beings seem disembodied in our experience, but are, of course, embodied within their dimensional platform, while encountered beings from our 4d plane seem similarly disembodied to them.) ed beings have no more to teach us than we do them. Their world is not ours. Living 4d while knowing that extra dimensions exist is all that may be relevant. The challenges here and now are enough, as is the tangible entertainment to be had.

Don’t hassle the dead. They have eerie powers. ~ American cartoon figure Homer Simpson, who has eerie entertainment power

Those who pursue the spirit realm for insight are wasting their time and energy. Such pursuit can bear no fruit.