Presences – The Hub of Being (47)


Every culture since prehistory, and practically all religions, have teachings related to spiritual presences, including Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism. The concepts of spirits, angels, and demons reflect these beliefs, which are well-grounded experientially.

The most publicized, and extreme, aspect of presences is exorcism: the expunging of a malingering spirit. Exorcism rites feature in all the aforementioned religions.

An individual soul is part of a group, like a leaf on a tree. This spirit complex corresponds conceptually with the fact that the human body is a symbiorg: a host with a vast, multitudinous microbiome.

Further, like virtual particles which enliven subatomic quanta, there are spiritual presences which transiently make themselves felt in various ways, including moods, thoughts, insights, and in dreams. Presences may feed or feed off of psychic energy.

You have the ability to sense energy. ~ American spiritualist Amanda Linette Meder

The body is warm, and energy is cold. Strong presences may sometimes be felt as a core of cold which may cause an internal shiver. Beyond any material effects on objects, ghosts may come across through such a sensation.

People are aware of presences to various degrees. Ascension to enlightenment may make one more sensitive to spirits, just as sensitivity to all aspects of being is heightened. This acuity can be instrumental in identifying the source of certain curious mentation.

Presences are part of life: an ed involuntary sociality. There is nothing much to be done about them beyond living in meditation: being focused on the present moment and letting all else slip by like water off a duck’s back. To indulge in sussing spirits is not spirituality.