The Hub of Being (57-3) Mindfulness


Trying to focus your awareness on what you are feeling and thinking can be a demanding cognitive exercise. ~ Portuguese psychologist Miguel Farias & English psychologist Catherine Wikholm

So-called mindfulness meditation is a supposed awareness technique, recently touted by psychologists, that involves monitoring one’s thoughts and emotions as they arise. The practice is based upon gross misunderstandings about the mind and meditation.

The meditation label is a ruse. Those who claim that mindfulness has ancient roots are only expressing their ignorance. Mindfulness is not meditation. The mind is full enough of itself without watching it run wild.

While being in the present moment is essential to mental health, watching one’s thoughts does not quiet the mind, nor settle the system into transcendence. Instead, mindfulness stressfully indulges the mind. For those with psychological issues, being consumed by an errant mind can be traumatic.

It is the mind that tells you that the mind is there. Don’t be deceived. All the endless arguments about the mind are produced by the mind itself, for its own protection, continuation, and expansion. It is the blank refusal to consider the convolutions and convulsions of the mind that can take you beyond it. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj