The Hub of Being – Conclusion


All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ~ Edgar Allen Poe

Nature is superlative science fiction that is commonly mistaken for reality. Everything you experience is an abstraction, every sensation turned into symbolic representation during the process of perception. The mind polishes sensory input into meaningful objects and events by massaging them into categories and concepts. What you take for actuality is no more real than a dream, only more abiding.

You take for granted that you are created. This determines your happiness or unhappiness, and your ideas about birth and death. All this is the sport of concepts in action, while you believe yourself to be the doer. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Reality hides in plain sight so that you may be entertained by its discovery. The apparent puzzle gives you purpose: to suss Nature, and so comprehend your own nature.

Nature has planted in our minds an insatiable desire to see the truth. ~ Cicero

If the truth about reality was apparent, life’s challenges would be solely biological, and thereby rather boring. Instead, the mind masks reality, by leading you to believe that your perceived actuality is reality. This duplicity is simultaneously a setup for a life in ignorance, and a prod toward enlightenment.

What is the root of pain? Ignorance of yourself. What is the root of desire? The urge to find yourself. All creation toils for its self and will not rest until it returns to it. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

To recognize Nature for what it is, you must master the onerous impediment which biology has put in your way. Control must be wrested from the great deceiver: the mind.

The villain is the darkness inside of you. ~ American filmmaker Ava DuVernay

The mind is a cheat. Do not become entangled in the vacillations of your mind. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Only the resolute determination to live fully in the moment can tame the mind: meditation as a way of life. Quieting the mind clarifies the connection between the quantum consciousness inhabiting your mind-body and the unified field of Ĉonsciousness. With clarity comes unity.

Be the witness of thoughts. Remain as the seer. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

The deeper one delves into Nature, the deeper the appreciation for its intricate interweaving as a source of endless entertainment. Only through admiration – of all that lives, and of all that is – can you become part of Nature as Nature intended, and so fulfill your true destiny.

The purpose of individual life is also the purpose of the entire cosmos. The purpose of creation is expansion of happiness which is fulfilled through the process of cosmic evolution. The significance and purpose of individual life is the same as that of the life of the cosmos. The difference lies in scale. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi