The Hub of Being (7) Bodily Energy

Bodily Energy

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. ~ Aristotle

There are indications in everyday life that the nature of existence is energetic, beginning with our bodies.

What defines our “physical” power is not muscular, but our level of mental energy. That the body is really an energy gyre rather than an animated slab of meat is rather obvious once you think about it.

You experience the power of subconscious belief, and mind over body, every time you eat. Just knowing that nutrients are going to be delivered gives a sense of renewed energy, well before cells have been replenished. This surge of energy is not a physical product.

A similar but antithetical energy pattern comes to consciousness when it is time to sleep. The mind tires and feels energetically spent. The physical cells that comprise the body are by no means exhausted.

One may intently focus on a task which brings satisfaction for much longer than can be done for something which one has no interest in. Performing a boring or repetitious task requiring scant physical strength can be exhausting, as any assembly-line worker can tell you.

An emotion is a fabrication, yet it can be as keenly felt as any physical perception. In of themselves, emotions may be empowering or draining.

Another example of the power of mental energy comes in comparing health to illness. Illness affects only a tiny fraction of the body’s cells, yet the entire system feels drained.

An energy system underlies the material bodily shell. Primary collation and interface points are called chakras.

Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses for over 8,000 years. Poking needles into the feet and hands would make no sense as a medical technique if our bodies were merely matter and not patterned energy gyres which manifest meat. That there is a vitality to living, beyond mere molecules in motion, is a certain fact.