About Ishi Nobu

An American polymath, Ishi Nobu (1955–) is an incorrigible scholar: endlessly fascinated, relentlessly driven by an insatiable curiousity.

On the spiritual side, Nobu spent much of his life trying to extract himself from the bramble of ignorance. His resolute will was rewarded. Upon reaching realization, Ishi Nobu took his guru name: a wry self-deprecation meaning “good endurance” in Japanese.

Ishi Nobu sussed Nature to comprehend reality. With his Spokes of the Wheel works, Nobu draws insights from multiple disciplines, weaving them into a revealing consilience.

Nobu has written on physics: including astrophysics and quantum mechanics; cosmology: including cosmogony, astronomy, and Earth (e.g., geology, biosphere dynamics); chemistry, both inorganic and organic; biology: including abiogenesis (the origin of life), cytology (cells), genetics, coverage of all life forms, from viruses on up (e.g., botany, zoology), evolution; humanity: including physiology; health; diet & nutrition; history: from biographies to the arc of human destiny; philosophy: including ontology, epistemology, and process philosophy; psychology: including consciousness, perception, developmental psychology, mental health, social psychology, and all facets of mentation (e.g., biases, emotions); sociology, including relationships, communication, culture, and societal dynamics; technology: especially energy and computers; economics: especially environmental economics and systemic dynamics; and politics: especially societal and global consequences.

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