Authoritarian Inequity

Capitalism is a system for unbridled evil: responsible for the rape of Earth and the financial enslavement of most of the members of societies which embrace the economic regime, which is practically the entire world. The gross inequity which is the invariable result of a mature capitalist state inspires the simpletons in the underclass to wish for a strongman in whom they can vest hope of some salvation.

Irish sociologist Stefanie Sprong observed from well-established evidence that “societal inequality harms the mental and physical health of its members and undermines overall social cohesion.”

“Economic inequality is not only associated with increased criminality, poor mental and physical health, and lower levels of generalized trust, but also affects social behavior and political attitudes,” noted Australian social psychologist Jolanda Jetten.

The perception of economic inequity engenders the sense that society is breaking down, fueling a desire for a leader who will restore order by whatever means necessary. The pseudo-election of Donald Trump exemplifies how hoopleheads will turn to a fox to guard the chicken coop.

Trump’s legacy may be salutary in demonstrating how rottenly America’s political system has been rigged by 21st century Republicans. It is too much to hope that the Collective will come to the sensible conclusion that both democracy and capitalism must be abandoned in favor of a technocratic meritocracy bent on saving humanity by restoring economic, environmental, and social balance, even as that possibility rapidly dims as the status quo sustains itself unto the demise of the species.

With inexorable accelerating climate change, world civilization is likely to collapse by 2070, and humans extinct shortly thereafter. Thank capitalism and the parasitic politicians which succored it for that inevitable outcome – grasping, short-sighted fools to the last.


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