Besting Yourself – Being [0]


Living should be fun. Bliss is your birthright.

Not tip-top? Feeling worried, anxious, or depressed?

Why is that? The answer is simple: you are indulging your mind, and your mind is messing with you.

Your peril lies within. The dilemma goes deep. You have been indulging your mind your entire life.

Your misery owes to lapping up whatever your mind spills out. You should be using your mind as a tool. Instead, your mind is playing you: you’re the tool.

You have great power you are leaving untapped. You can realize your greatness, but only if you are determined. Your resolve to better yourself will prove the decisive factor in gaining power.

Here is what is within: 1st, what the problem is; 2nd, what the goal is; 3rd, the plan: how to get to the goal from where you are now; 4th, what is really going on: how deep the rabbit hole of reality goes. A conclusion puts things into perspective.

Upon reading this book, you will know exactly what you need to do to be your best. Fits and starts are expectable. Just don’t give up on yourself. You are all you have: sink in suffering or swim in bliss. The choice is yours.

Let go of the baggage you have been hauling inside. Lightening your mental load is called enlightenment for a good reason.

Most precious is abiding contentment. No surprise that bliss is an ambitious attainment. Following this guidebook will better your life in amazing ways.

We will get to that goal and how to make it so. Let us first turn to the problem.