Besting Yourself – Conclusion [5]


Our descent from arboreal ape to terrestrial human featured many adaptations. Among them was a penchant for tools, along with the mental skills to make and employ these instruments: enhanced imagination and symbolic manipulation, which facilitate creativity, problem-solving, and culture.

Along for the ride was a wicked nattermind. Monkey-mind is the source of mental illness. Monkey-mind also provides the greatest challenge possible: mental mastery.

The secret to success is self-control. Innate aplomb is a talent. Unlike many talents, self-discipline can be had any time. You just need to rouse your will.

The legendary Chinese sage Lao Tzu wrote, “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Do you have the will to power? Few do. George Berkeley saw, “Truth is the cry of all but the game of the few.”

The Collective cannot bestir themselves to refurbish their lives from the inside out. Their monkey-minds have them convinced that how they are is how they are meant to be, that suffering is just part of living.

You enlighten yourself by your will. Mastering monkey-mind comes from not paying it any attention. Keep your focus on here and now. When not doing, relax and enjoy the peaceful silence of pure being.

A practice of quietude smothers nattermind. By this, your consciousness strengthens its connection with Cönsciousness. The manifold benefits are life changing. Bliss on tap is just a beginning.

The road to realization is an enriching adventure. Besting yourself is a noble quest.