Besting Yourself – About the Author [7]

About the Author

Ishi Nobu is a guru and polymath scholar. His spiritual teachings are in the tradition of sages since antiquity, who have taught the same lesson about how to make the most of one’s life. This tradition contrasts with Western clinical psychology, which absurdly prescribes thought to counter thought as remedy for mental illness.

Awareness is the gateway to knowledge. Mastery is not a harvest of knowledge, but over one’s own mind. Knowledge naturally grows in the glow of awareness, ripening into wisdom. The epitome of spirituality is practicality.

Author of a baker’s dozen of books from 5 decades of research, Nobu creates a consilience of the sciences with his accounts on the dynamics of Nature and humanity. Nobu has written on the universe: cosmogony, astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, geology; physics; chemistry; biology: abiogenesis, Earth’s biosphere, genetics, evolution, microbes, viruses, fungi, protists, plants, animals; mathematics; humanity: physiology, health, diet, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, sociology, language, communication, philosophy, aesthetics, religion, history, law, politics, and economics.

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