Belief Is A Mental Illness

Violence is a product of a mind encrusted with belief. Belief itself is mental illness: religious violence against realization with the mind as perpetrator.

The human mind serves paradoxical functions: to perceive actuality while deceiving its owner about reality. The problem begins with the innate inclination to believe what comes to mind. This penchant is entrenched by the mind’s service in making the world appear comprehensible.

A fundamental modus operandi of comprehensibility is categorization: the grouping of uniqueness to abet utility. This essential technique for operability greases the slide into belief. The mind enhances inborn gullibility with the punch of emotions – an intensity which entrenches conviction.

Any mental system which relies upon unsupported assumptions is a religion. Besides the obvious faiths, modern science, which is premised upon matterism, is a religion. (Matterism is the naïve belief that the perceived actuality of materiality constitutes reality.) As a codification of belief, religion tends toward evil. (Evil being that which clouds awareness, sustains ignorance, and so may promote violence.)

The ignorant believe what comes to mind. This defines the Collective (the bulk of humanity).

Violence is a vehemence against peace, including transcendental consciousness (more commonly known as peace of mind). The only cure is realization: the discipline of forsaking ignorance and attaining enlightenment as an initial step. This skill can only be efficiently gained via the guidance of an adept guru, of which there are very few in the world. After all, most who profess to be spiritual teachers are believers, and so are self-deceived.