Biochemical Harmonics

Ingestible chemicals resonate with the mind-body in distinct ways. At a miniscule dose, psilocybin ushers a vibe that engenders transcendence.

Modern medicine follows orthodox matterism: the fiction that assumes physicality is real, that the brain creates the mind, that neurons encode thoughts. The fantasy of matterism is disproven with every scientific inquiry, beginning with the essence of motion: energy, which is just an idea. Science provides a compendium of evidence against matterism when viewed without the assumption that physicality is reality, as explained in The Red Pill: Mastering The Matrix.

An analogous phenomenon to how psilocybin works is shown by sense of smell. The conventional hypothesis of olfaction centers on structure, proposing that a smell derives from a molecule’s shape. Alternately, the vibration theory of olfaction posits that a molecule’s smell character comes from its vibrational frequency in the infrared range. Numerous experiments have shown that molecules with selfsame shape may have distinct scents, and that divergent molecular structures smell the same. Clearly, smell is vibrational, not structural.

Obviously, there is a close correspondence between the mind’s mirage of matter and matter’s perceived performance. Perception of the material world is utterly convincing. That the mind compellingly deceives does not make its deception true any more than a lie repeatedly told makes it true.

Your consciousness witnesses the productions of your mind. Believing these fabrications beyond their utility or aesthetic value is the root of suffering. People become mentally ill when they believe their mind. Acuity is overshadowed by inner noise, dimming their awareness.

Psilocybin creates a mental vibration that resonates to foster transcendence: a deep state of rest where the mind is quietude. Habituation of quietude results in enlightenment, which is a heightened level of awareness.

Only a tiny dose of psilocybin is needed for positive effect. Doses large enough to produce perceptible effects are not nearly as effective, as they distract awareness rather than produce calming vibration.

Via regular microdosing and meditation practice, psilocybin can aid enlightenment. It is the meditation practice that is essential. Psilocybin is merely a supplement.


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