Amorphous Relations

The onset of organelles by eukaryotes seemed such an innovation over the apparent pandemonium in prokaryotes lacking organizational membranes. Look closer and cells run tidy businesses whether inside or outside protein fortresses.


From infancy we seek to control what we can to gratify our desires. This modus operandi – asserting control – commonly itself becomes a core desire.

Urban Sprawl

The rate of environmental destruction portends the pace of humanity’s demise. A recent satellite survey discovered global urban expansion in recent decades grew 4 times greater than previously estimated.

2nd Look

To recognize objects, continuity is an essential aspect of sight. The mind massages imagery to show consistency.


Cyanobacteria originated photosynthesis and were innovators in using cellular greenhouses to do so. They also evolved the ability to flexibly capture whatever light was available to them – an adaptive optimality that changed the world.

Shredded Chicks

Worldwide, eggs are a favorite food item. Over 77 million metric tons of eggs were produced in 2019. There’s a heavy hidden toll behind that production.