Mental Health Apps

Mental health apps are designed to help treat stress, anxiety, and depression. They work so well that almost everyone stops using them shortly after trying them out.

Good Enough

Cells are not perfectionists. When DNA is damaged, cells repair sufficiently to keep their machinery working. Such workmanship is also found in wounds, where tissues are mended well enough to recover functionality, but not blemish free.


Physicists universally agree that existence emergently appears from the quantum level up. Now, quantum physicists have shown that objectivity is an illusion, thereby experimentally proving showtivity, an aspect of Ishi Nobu’s teachings.

Mitocellular Communication

A mitochondrion is the power plant for eukaryotic cells, as well as performing many other functions. It is the only organelle that retains its own genome and the machinery for self-maintenance. To meet cellular needs, a mitochondrion has an extensive communication network, both within itself and with the rest of the cell.


The English term germ emerged from the French germe in the 1640s, which evolved from germen in Latin, meaning a biological genesis, as with seeds and buds. A germ as a “seed of a disease” was planted in English in 1796; that of harmful microbe in 1871. A century and a half later, germs are found winning against those who would label them as such.


The mind is a pattern processor. The mental ability to discriminate is based upon contrast. As such, a reference pattern affords finer acuity.

Curved Cosmos

The overall geometrical shape of the cosmos is a primary attribute indicating its overarching dynamics. The universe has long been presumed flat: existence ultimately planar owing to a sweet-spot matter density that altogether avoided curvature. Einstein’s general relativity equations predicated a slightly open universe, with external expansion gradually slowed by gravity. Recent measurements suggest instead a positive cosmic curvature which blows apart extant cosmological models.


Carbon emissions continue to rise despite the cry of a “climate emergency.” Consumers are doing their part to drive self-extinction in their SUVs.

Vulturine Guineafowl

A native of northeast Africa, the vulturine guineafowl is the largest bird in its genus. Taxonomically, this bird is more dinosaur than guineafowl. But its sociality is post-modern.