Plastic Pollution

In 1955, when 2 million tonnes of plastic were produced globally, Life magazine celebrated the dawn of “throw-away living,” thanks to disposable plastics. 60 years later, in 2015, 406 million tonnes of plastic were produced worldwide; a figure that keeps rising at a meteoric rate.


Entitlement is feeling right about performing some act. More specifically, entitlement is feeling that one has the right to do something. The question of entitlement arises when a behavior is uncivil, and thereby questionable in being reasonable.

Terminal Inertia

Political leaders have known since the late 1960s that humanity was facing an existential crisis. They did nothing. Now, with extreme geophysical events occurring more frequently, a growing segment of the public is belatedly demanding remedy. All they may hope to see is “too little too late.”

Climate Model Lowdown

Global warming is just one aspect of the man-made major mass extinction event underway but is the facet upon which the most attention has been paid. The approach used has consistently underestimated the dynamic of demise. Here is a summary of the modeling effort.

Going Down Duped

Droughts. Floods. Severe storms. Heatwaves. Raging wildfires. Foul air & water. Inflation. Unemployment. The litany of the end times will only intensify in the coming years. And so the pressure on political leaders to “do something” will intensify. The easiest way to mollify is the path well-trod by politicians since democracy arose and “the people” felt entitled to an answer to their concerns.

Political Leadership Vacuum

The demise of humanity from accelerating climate change seems certain before the next century dawns and may come within the next 50 years. Those who dispute this prediction are riding a legacy of dither and denial championed by the political establishment for the past 6 decades.

Physical Forces

One of the miracles of life is the symphony of coherence during the development of complex organisms. Biologists misapprehend this miracle because they embrace the wrong paradigm of reality. The idea of “physical forces” is a conflation of impetus and artifact.

The Blood Network

The cells comprising the thin inner layer of blood vessels regulate blood’s many behaviors. This endothelium accomplishes its responsibility by sharing copious information in a self-organizing network.