Thrill Slaves

Many people are creatures of their minds. The mind seeks to feed off the energy of the soul that it has captivated. One way the mind does this is through thrills. Slot machines illustrate.

Ocean Gyres

Driven by the wind, the gyres of ocean circulation play a vital role in the marine biosphere and regulating weather & climate. Global warming is changing the way ocean gyres work.

Earlier Spring, Drier Summer

As winter wanes and spring ushers warmth, trees get busy: putting leaves on branches and drawing more water from the soil. With global warming, spring is arriving earlier. This is likely to spell drier soils in summer.

Structuring Memory

Memory is the mind’s personal library. Memories are sketches, not full portrayals of events. With so much to accumulate, the mind readily merges similar events over time, efficiently filing memories according to their structural characteristics.


Men have long admired grandeur of their own making. Industrialization magnified the scale which could be attempted. As the hoary proverb goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Immune Decisions

Immune system cells flock to the site of an infection once residents there cry out for relief. The herding causes inflammation: swelling, redness, and pain. Then the immunizers collectively decide what to do.