Floral Genic Missives

In most organisms, tiny bits of RNA play key roles in genetic expression. They do this by docking to appropriate genic sequences in just the right places to affect expression. This craft is practiced both within and among cells.

Pollination Decimation

In northeastern North America over the past 30 years, habitat destruction and man-made pollution, including pesticides, have annihilated the intimate networking between plants and pollinators. 94% loss of plant-pollinator networks were disrupted.


2 types of advanced-technology refuse are especially noxious to the environment: plastic and electronic waste. Both are unsustainably burgeoning.


The process of living boils down to data processing. To render the mirage of physicality, symbolic processing fabricates physical correlates. Genetics is just the beginning.

Electric Earth

In a planetary circuit, electricity courses throughout Earth’s atmosphere and its surface. By 1749 Benjamin Franklin concluded that the properties of lightning were similar to those found in machines. This is also true of organisms on Earth, right down to their cells.

The Mind’s Eye

The distinction between what the eye sees and what the mind perceives is a hoary philosophical debate. Do we infer a 3D world from the 2D snapshots our eyes take, as Enlightenment philosophers John Locke and David Hume posited, or is the 3D “objective” world before us, as more contemporary psychologists Hermann von Helmholtz and James J. Gibson presumed?