Page 7 - Spokes 2-1: The Web of Life - Microbes, Fungi, & Plants
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 Prologue 

                   The Works 
                   This  2nd  book  of  Spokes  of  the  Wheel  is  about  life  on
                   Spokes explores existence: the wild cosmos, the untamed
                mind, and the social artifice which humanity has created.
                   The  material  presented  in  the  Spokes  series  is
                cumulative.  Material  in  early  books  is  brought  to  further
                fruition  later.  For  fullest  comprehension,  read  Spokes  in

                     Clarity: The Path Inside
                     Spokes Θ: Unraveling Reality
                     Spokes 1: The Science of Existence
                     Spokes 2: The Web of Life
                     Spokes 3: The Elements of Evolution
                     Spokes 4: The Ecology of Humans

                     Spokes 5: The Echoes of the Mind
                     Spokes 6: The Fruits of Civilization
                     Spokes 7: The Pathos of Politics
                     Spokes 8: The Hub of Being

                   Clarity explains reality and how to become enlightened.
                Unraveling  Reality  is  an  introduction  to  Spokes,  touching
                upon major themes. The Science of Existence roams the uni-
                verse  and  introduces  the  natural  world.  The  Web  of  Life
                chronicles  the  wondrous  diversity  of  life.  The  Elements  of
                Evolution  tells  life's  history  and  explains  how  organisms
                adapt. The Ecology of Humans assays the interfaces of the
                human body. The Echoes of the Mind pivots on how people
                feel, think, and behave. The Fruits of Civilization covers the
                consequences  of  human  endeavor.  The  Pathos  of  Politics
                probes how polity has plagued humanity. Spokes culminates
                in The Hub of Being, an exposition toward realization.
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