Page 8 - Spokes 2-1: The Web of Life - Microbes, Fungi, & Plants
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ii                   Spokes 2: The Web of Life

              Headings 

               Spokes is heavily portioned, with symbolic conventions to
           delineate the hierarchy of material.
                 delineates  untitled  segments,  or  a  return  to  a
           subject after wandering off.
                demarcates subjects within a topical section.

               Each chapter has a synopsis. At the end of the book is a
           conclusion.  A  glossary  is  provided,  which  includes  supple-
           mental material that did not fit in the flow of the book.
               Many  people  are  mentioned  and  quoted  herein,  and  so
           there is a biographical section after the glossary. Thank you
           all for such diligence in appreciating life.
               Especial thanks to artists and photographers who freely
           provide their work for reproduction. Images of life provide a
           modest  reminder  of  the  wondrous  beauty  in  Nature.  Alas,
           small  black-and-white  photographs  do  not  do  the  imagery
           justice, but such is the cost limitation of self-publishing.

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                The world is in terrible trouble. Over half the world's popu-
              lation is now urbanised. Apart from rats and pigeons, they have
              probably never seen a wild animal. How are they supposed to
              feel it's worth preserving unless they know what it is that keeps
              them alive, unless they understand the extent to which we are
              dependent upon the natural world, and that we are doing terri-
              ble things to it by our very presence? ~ English naturalist David
              Attenborough in 2012
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