Clarity {0} Title Page

Clarity is a standalone work, built upon the foundation of Spokes of the Wheel, which explores existence: the wild cosmos, the untamed mind, and the social artifice which humanity has created.

Spokes Θ: Unraveling Reality
Spokes 1: The Science of Existence
Spokes 2: The Web of Life
Spokes 3: The Elements of Evolution
Spokes 4: The Ecology of Humans
Spokes 5: The Echoes of the Mind
Spokes 6: The Fruits of Civilization
Spokes 7: The Pathos of Politics
Spokes 8: The Hub of Being

Unraveling Reality is an introduction to Spokes of the Wheel, touching upon Spokes‘ major themes. The Science of Existence roams the universe and introduces the natural world. The Web of Life chronicles the wondrous variety of life. The Elements of Evolution tells life’s history and explains how organisms adapt. The Ecology of Humans explores the biological interfaces of the human body. The Echoes of the Mind pivots on people: how they feel, think, and behave. The Fruits of Civilization covers the consequences of human endeavors. The Pathos of Politics probes how polity has affected humanity. The Spokes series culminates in The Hub of Being, which is an exposition toward enlightenment.