Clarity {1} Preface


“All that we are and will do depends, in the last analysis, upon what we believe the nature of things to be.” ~ English novelist and philosopher Aldous Huxley

From infancy you have sought to control what you could to achieve your desires. Your continuing success depends upon your comprehension, and upon your own self-control.

At ~5 years, a child discovers deception: that people, and the world at large, are not necessarily what they appear to be. With abiding skepticism, an inquisitive seeker uncovers more questions than answers: that Nature is breathtakingly unfathomable in its coherent intricacy, and that the mind – the sole tool for sussing one’s way through life – sometimes plays tricks that delude and sap one’s spirits.

Some turn to religion for the comfort of solution; others science. Both come up short, because both involve beliefs, and beliefs are bosh.

If you want answers of how the world really works, and how to make the most of your life, you have before you the short course that can take you to clarity.

“The longest trip you’ll take is inside.” ~ South African musician Trevor Rabin in the song “Endless Dream” (1994)