Clarity {10} Unity


Your consciousness is a holofractal of Cönsciousness. The aim is the same: your consciousness and Cönsciousness both desire entertainment. The only difference is scale. Your consciousness is generally confined to your mind-body, though out-of-body experiences have been acknowledged in almost all cultures throughout history.

In contrast, Cönsciousness gets its enjoyment from all of Nature. Nevertheless, you may likewise live it up from your limited vantage point by living in pure consciousness: as a witness to your own existence, freed from the tyranny of your mind.

Coherence is the mind of Nature: constantly constructing the physicality that comprises actuality by crafting energy. Analogous to coherence, your mind is emergently creating your own world. Both coherence and your mind guise their craftwork to convey an illusion of reality.

The life you are in reflects the whole of Nature: you exist in a mirage of actuality that hides a unified reality.

Energyism is a monism, which means that reality is unified. The copious variety in Nature belies an underlying unity of reality.

The coherent energy which creates the ever-emergent cosmos produces spacetime, in which diversity exists and time flows. The cosmic play of spacetime – Nature – is a theater of entertainment: filled with wonder, drama, and a sprinkling of comedy. These characterizations of entertainment, and the theater itself, are mental fabrications.

You share the world with others because Nature is a shared venue, courtesy of Cönsciousness. As the mind of Cönsciousness, coherence concocts existence, creating showtivity.

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The idea of a unity in monism seems instantly abused by referring to various aspects, such as Cönsciousness, coherence, Nature, minds, et cetera, as if they were real. Instead, these are just labels. Atomization is how we learn. We comprehend any system by examining aspects: dissecting, discrimination, grouping – the process of categorization. That classifying comes so naturally explains why it is so easy for the mind to dupe the gullible into believing that reductionist, matterist science is exposing reality: it’s right before me, I can understand it, it must be real.

All you can comprehend are concepts. Unity is an idea which is essentially beyond concepts, as it refers to a singularity, when all that your mind is equipped for is diversity (and its parsing via categorization).

Eternity and infinity are other singularity concepts that the mind cannot get a handle on. Though they knew of the number zero, and its utility in geometry and algebra, ancient Greeks rejected incorporating zero into their number system, as it represented the terrifying idea of a non-phenomenal void which was philosophically antithetical to existence, and so incomprehensible. Matterism was as mainstream in ancient Greece as it is now. Matterists today are just as afraid of the prospect of an ethereal force ruling Nature as ancient Greek philosophers were.

Now you see how the truth of reality is beyond concepts.

While continuing the discourse by referring to fractions, bear in mind that all the described pieces are functionally indivisible: a unified reality which necessarily must appear diversified to fabricate actuality and thereby display Nature.