Clarity {12} Ĉonsciousness


“All is pure Ĉonsciousness and nothing but that. Everything – form, diversity, and appearance – is actually Ĉonsciousness and in fact non-material.” ~ Indian guru Anandamayi Maa

Ĉonsciousness is the enveloping field from which holofractals are produced to populate the consciousnesses of life forms. Every localized consciousness is an allotment of Ĉonsciousness.

“This vast panoramic world is the reflection of the Ĉonsciousness.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Localized consciousnesses are self-similar holofractals, not identical holograms, of Ĉonsciousness, as each entity consciousness has its own flavor: quality of awareness, in being attuned to a resident mind-body, and individually differing by awareness acuity. From the unity of Ĉonsciousness arises a seeming diversity of consciousnesses.