Clarity {14} Concepts


“Ignorant current opinion resolves into mechanical causes; whereas, in truth, there is no other agent or efficient cause than spirit, it being evident that motion and all other ideas are perfectly inert.” ~ Irish philosopher George Berkeley

All you will ever know are concepts. The bulkiest ideas don’t even bother with individuality. These are categories.

The concepts you care about are beliefs. As ideas and ideals are not real, all beliefs are false.

Cönsciousness and coherence are just concepts about universal processes: a way of making sense of what is beyond existence, but which may be inferred by what is known about Nature.

Nature exhibits order; hence, there must be a process behind this apparent order. Coherence is most apparent in evolutionary adaptation: the process by which organisms adapt to their environment. This goal-directed (teleological) adaptability is a wondrously creative facet of coherence.

Adhering to a woolly idea from 19th-century English naturalist Charles Darwin, matterist evolutionary biologists label the supposed mechanism behind evolution natural selection – a vacuous term, as it explains nothing, on top of “survival of the fittest” being disproven. Despite copious evidence to the contrary, Darwinists deny that adaptation occurs, because the adaptive process necessarily involves teleology: evolution with an aim. Darwinism is a hollow discredited faith.

The mind is a minter and dealer of ideas: it’s what the mind does for a living. Most of the mind’s fabrications are best disregarded. None of the mind’s manufactures are real. Perceptions are only symbols assigned significance. Emotive input adds convincing oomph to the production.

Like memories, the only value of concepts is the acquisition of skill – to let you think you comprehend your world, so you can better achieve your desires and entertain yourself. The tricky part is having the right desires.

“Reality transcends every concept.” ~ Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhat Hanh