Clarity {15} Theory Synopsis


“This is the primordial illusion: that the world is ancient. Actually, it rises with your consciousness.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

The physical world – actuality – is unreal. Materiality is just a convincing feint. Objects are processes in disguise. We know this because matter has been shown to be made of energy, and energy is nothing but an idea: a way to explain observed transformations of matter. Reality is immaterial and a unity, not the palpable duality by which you experience an imagined world.

Nature is an exhibition of entertainment for Cönsciousness, of which your consciousness is a piece (holofractal). Via unified Ĉonsciousness, localized consciousnesses may share adventures in showtivity, creating a mirage of objectivity for those who communicate their experiences with each other; whence events as we experience them.

The difference between your consciousness and Cönsciousness is a matter of scale. As your consciousness is a holofractal of Cönsciousness, whatever joy you feel in your life reflects the enjoyment that Cönsciousness experiences in witnessing Nature. You feel bliss when the conduit between your consciousness and Cönsciousness is not obscured by nattermind. Beyond feeling the sheer joy of being alive, this bliss is an inducement to enlighten yourself (yet another ploy, but an enjoyable one).

Showtivity is set up for life to nominally exist in ignorance, which may be overcome by mastering the mind. The mind creates and maintains ignorance by 1) thinking in terms of objects, not process, 2) using emotions to create concrete experiences which feel real, and 3) engendering attachments to the symbolic representations called beliefs.

As the mind programmatically promotes ignorance, its illusions are intentional deception. Pignorance is a proclamation of gullibility.

Nature maintains order via coherence. Coherence is the continual process of producing actuality, including the perceived harmony in Nature. As exemplified by the wild varieties of life on Earth, coherence is an unimaginably creative force.

Scientists have discerned rough sketches of some of coherence’s ways, calling them “laws of Nature.” These sketches are typically expressed mathematically. Math is the ultimate in abstraction – the furthest divorce from actuality.

“One can never do justice to a theory when words have to be substituted for mathematics.” ~ American particle physicist and philosopher Victor Stenger, who foolishly believed in the power of math to reveal reality.

The experience of living is a flowing mental fabrication: a shadow play of representation. All that your senses deliver are symbols which are digested in concepts which have some significance to you. Nonetheless, these depictions are compelling. The Collective believe in them unreservedly.

Comprehending reality in no way takes away from the necessity of dealing with actuality. Life may be a mirage, but it’s a persistent one. Your task is to make the most of it.

Just as Cönsciousness relishes all of Nature, you should savor your world for its delights. Overcoming your mind’s doling out distress takes discipline. Achieving abiding bliss is an act of skill.

Whereas your body is subject to pain, suffering is entirely in the mind. Mental misery is a prod to drive you toward enlightenment: to find a way to end the ordeal. You can terminate your suffering by quieting your mind, thereby strengthening the connectivity of your consciousness with Cönsciousness.

“Suffering is sent to remind you to turn your thoughts toward that which is real.” ~ Anandamayi Maa