Clarity {2} Theory


“The obscure takes time to see, but the obvious takes longer.” ~ American broadcast journalist Edward Murrow

This chapter is titled theory because truth is beyond concepts, and concepts are all that may be conveyed. That, and a theory is a principle which affords a plan of action, which is precisely what this chapter aims at: giving you a foundation for living fulfilled, by understanding reality as it is, as contrasted to how it appears.

Worldviews are built by fitting theories together. Theorization is the modus operandi of philosophy and science.

Facts are fodder for theory, and theory the foundation for fact. A fact is formed though a construal. Facts are manufactured through the application of theories.

“Observations always involve theory.” ~ American astronomer Edwin Hubble

Your approach to solving life problems emanate from your worldview, which is your ideology of life. Worldview derives from an accretion of construals that begins in infancy and evolves in light of experiences and social intercourse.

You have encountered people with strikingly different worldviews and seen how differently they treat the world, and how the world treats them. Some worldviews work better than others.

Few people consciously chose their worldview. To improve your own world, insist on being exceptional.

Driven by discontent with their internal state, spiritual seekers search for answers that ring of truth. As you now know, you are going to have to settle for theory – at least until you cage that animal mind of yours and hear the truth that will come to you in silence: the truth that is beyond concepts.