Clarity {8} Localization


Quantization of energy to manufacture matter is not the only maneuver that Nature employs to fabricate actuality. The very properties that matter takes on comes from localized energy that emanates from a universal field. Localization precedes quantization. A gentle injection of quantum physics explains.

The first and most obvious quantum discoveries were light and electricity. Photons and electrons behave in waves, but they also act like objects: the wave/particle duality that physicists are still arguing about.

With the invention of atom smashers, physicists got a decent look at some subatomic action. From this they noodled with their equations and came up with a menagerie of elemental particles, some of which make up matter (fermions), and others which animate matter (bosons). For instance, photons (bosonic light particles) keep electrons (fermionic electricity particles) dancing.

The last particle to be seen on the concocted card of fundamental particles was the Higgs boson. To sense it, physicists had to ramp the juice in their accelerators well beyond what they had ever done before. First suspected in 1964, the Higgs boson wasn’t sussed until 2012.

The point of this story is not that subatomic particles can be hard to spot, but what the Higgs mechanism itself is. The theory behind the Higgs boson is that there is a universal Higgs field which interacts with all particles. The interaction localizes to impart certain properties to particles bathing in the Higgs field. In short, a universal field imbues quanta with attributes through a localization mechanism.

A quantum is a localized coherent field, and mostly vice-versa. The vice-versa is not 100% because some fields localize but don’t become bits of matter. Instead, these field agents just act on local particles/waves (e.g., thermodynamics).

The accepted quantum paradigm, courtesy of Max Planck’s initial discovery, is that everything quantizes (including heat and spacetime), including some phenomena which act like particles even though they aren’t recognized as particles (quasiparticles). But then, the accepted paradigm is matterism, which is why the profuse expressions of energy are so difficult for physicists to explain. All that their equations speak of are localized fields at spacetime points. To get to quanta, the symmetry inherent in the equations must be broken – actualizing quanta only through defect.

The easiest way to think of quantization is that some localized energy fields fabricate a mirage of matter. Quantization is localization with a material end product.

Field localization and matter quantization are the basic mechanisms of energyism, which is how even matterist physicists admit Nature works. A universal field localizes. The resultant provincial field quantizes, producing the appearance of a particle. Illusory quanta are the stuff of which matter is made.

Localization is a different dimension of entanglement than that of interactivity among quanta. Quantum entanglement is behavioral simultaneity between particles. Localization is holofractal behavior at different scales. A holofractal is a compositionally complete, self-similar pattern to others of its kind.

Localization is how the universal field of Cönsciousness populates individualized consciousness in all sentient matter. Analogous with the localization of consciousness is the quantization of a mind – quantization in that a mind has an entangled physical correlate (a body).

Though similar in many respects, quantized minds differ from coherence. Unlike Cönsciousnessand consciousness, coherence and quantum minds are not holofractals.

Whereas coherence is a process of imaginative creation and algorithmic regulation, your mind is a helpful tool and harmful miscreant rolled into one: serving your problem-solving needs and abetting your ignorance. Further, mind is an object-oriented misnomer for the process of mentation (mental activity) but mind is too convenient and common a label to be discarded.


“Physical concepts are free creations of the mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world.” ~ German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein

Every phenomenal quantum of matter is a facade for a localized energy field. The information content within a field includes the characterization of manifest appearance and parameters of behaviors that a quantum may have. The so-called ‘laws of Nature’ are codified in local energy fields.

Behaviors are often contextual: matter acts or reacts a certain way in one environment, but distinctly differently in another environment. So too life forms of all sorts. Bacteria behave much differently when they are on their own versus when communing together in a biofilm.

“The simple things you see are all complicated.” ~ English musician Pete Townshend in the song “Substitute” (1966)