Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are so called because they tuck themselves into sea shells for protection. The crabs themselves are quite social when the occasion arises, such when new real estate becomes available.


Tardigrades are tiny, nearly translucent aquatic animals, found all over the world. Tardigrades are commonly known as water bears.

Seashore Crabs

Crabs are an eminently successful group of thick-shelled, decapod crustaceans with a single pair of claws which are used like hands. Crabs live in all the world’s oceans, in fresh water, and on land. Despite having tiny brains, crabs are quite cagey.

The Entanglement of Life

Life on Earth emerged many times. Cells of several sorts arose, their chemistry and structures confined to certain parameters of potentiality. The possibilities were delimited by efficiencies and data facility. Indeed, information has always been the defining feature of life, as has been sharing.


Animals in the same circumstance of being a potential meal for some predator take the advantage of eavesdropping. Danger calls are understood as such by many animals who have no biological relation to the caller.

Plant Consciousness

No serious student of botanical life doubts that plants are aware of and responsive to their environment. By definition, awareness requires consciousness, as consciousness is the ability to be aware. Yet religious fanatics claim that plants lack consciousness.

Winter Song

Male birds sing in the spring to defend territory and attract a mate. Vocal virtuosity during breeding season makes the difference in drawing a prime partner and intimidating rivals who recognize skill as a generalized competency. When there’s no apparent reason, what are males singing for during the winter?

Unicellular Smarts

In 1906, American zoologist Herbert Spencer Jennings reported on complex decision-making in an archaic, single-celled protozoan. Jennings claims drew widespread interest but were later discredited: tarred by the brush of matterist orthodoxy. Some fascinated biologists have now confirmed Jennings’ findings.

Vulturine Guineafowl

A native of northeast Africa, the vulturine guineafowl is the largest bird in its genus. Taxonomically, this bird is more dinosaur than guineafowl. But its sociality is post-modern.

Sessile & Sensitive

Plants are sensitive to touch and respond according to what is touching them. The feel of a neighboring plant receives a distinct reaction from that of an herbivore or falling rain.