Insect Decline

By far the most varied and abundant of animals, insects are vital to the biological integrity of macroscopic life on Earth: serving as pollinators of plants (and their corpses fertilizer), food for many animals (notably birds), and ecosystem cleaners.

Goby Domination

Some widely successful species, sometimes called “invasive”, outcompete by being versatile, such as having a broad diet. In being euryhaline – able to withstand wide-ranging salinity, the round goby is that. But what got the goby its widespread presence is an inner strength.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are so called because they tuck themselves into sea shells for protection. The crabs themselves are quite social when the occasion arises, such when new real estate becomes available.


Tardigrades are tiny, nearly translucent aquatic animals, found all over the world. Tardigrades are commonly known as water bears.