Terminal Inertia

Political leaders have known since the late 1960s that humanity was facing an existential crisis. They did nothing. Now, with extreme geophysical events occurring more frequently, a growing segment of the public is belatedly demanding remedy. All they may hope to see is “too little too late.”

Global Shortage

Insensible governmental response to the covid pandemic had scant benefit but many negative repercussions, ranging from public health to culture to economic malaise. The economic anarchy called capitalism is struggling back to its feet, crippled by its own inadequacies.

Shredded Chicks

Worldwide, eggs are a favorite food item. Over 77 million metric tons of eggs were produced in 2019. There’s a heavy hidden toll behind that production.


Men have long admired grandeur of their own making. Industrialization magnified the scale which could be attempted. As the hoary proverb goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Farm Subsidies

Farming has long had outsized political pull, owing to the disproportionate electoral power of rural areas over cities in ostensible democracies. Farm subsidies and tariffs on agricultural imports are common throughout the world; highlighting the hypocrisy of capitalists, who proclaim free trade as a cardinal virtue.

The Last Depression

The last recession spelt a titled recovery: the rich rapidly recouped and got richer while the working class struggled to keep their economic footing. Now, over a decade later, the world economy is inexorably heading toward another downturn. It may be the last depression.


The world economy is grinding down. The protracted trade war started by President Trump is sapping economic vitality. A recent demonstration of inter-bank mistrust forced federal intervention. American employment and consumer spending are slipping. The economy of Germany, the stronghold of Europe, is sputtering. Growth in China is slowing. Climate change is taking an increasing toll as a harbinger of self-extinction. Yet stock markets, especially America’s, generally remain buoyant. How?

Flight from Decency

In 2017 Boeing opened a museum for its employees dedicated to aviation safety. The artifacts intend to show how tragic accidents in the company’s history advanced airplane safety. Instead, they illustrate a pattern of cover-up.


Humanity is sleepwalking to its own demise. Worldwide, there is no decent political leadership; instead, daily doses of petty politics and slimy sloganeering as usual. On the economic front, English economist Mervyn King reminds that the sleepwalking is likely to catch up with us soon.

Tight Housing

Oligopoly is the natural state of a mature capitalist market. That state was attained by American home builders after the Great Recession of 2008, in the wake of the crunch caused by a housing financial free-for-all that went into free-fall.

Authoritarian Inequity

Capitalism is a system for unbridled evil: responsible for the rape of Earth and the financial enslavement of most of the members of societies which embrace the economic regime, which is practically the entire world. The gross inequity which is the invariable result of a mature capitalist state inspires the simpletons in the underclass to wish for a strongman in whom they can vest hope of some salvation.