Vehicles are a major contributor to polluting emissions which damage health and foster global warming. So too are the asphalt roads which they ride upon.

Climate Sensitivity

There is no simple formula for how fast Earth is hotting up. If there were, 2 key components in the equation would be greenhouse gas emissions and temperature sensitivity to those emissions. Those 2 factors suggest that Earth is racing toward hellish heat.

Soil Carbon Loss

Soil is a significant store of carbon. Warming soils will release more CO2 into the atmosphere than previously supposed, accelerating global warming well beyond what current climate models predict.

Climate Model Lowdown

Global warming is just one aspect of the man-made major mass extinction event underway but is the facet upon which the most attention has been paid. Here’s a summary of the modeling effort and a prediction of fate.

Pollination Decimation

In northeastern North America over the past 30 years, habitat destruction and man-made pollution, including pesticides, have annihilated the intimate networking between plants and pollinators. 94% loss of plant-pollinator networks were disrupted.


2 types of advanced-technology refuse are especially noxious to the environment: plastic and electronic waste. Both are unsustainably burgeoning.

Deep-Sea Plastic

Plastic debris concentrates on the surface of the ocean via the currents of ocean gyres, with agglomerations shockingly visible from space. Plastic pollution further flows into the deep sea, following the same currents that historically have provided nutrients.