Homo erectus discovering how to control fire would not have happened, and been for naught, had it not been for wood. Historians claim no Wood Age only because no such archaic artifacts remained to show wood’s importance; hence, prehistory begins with the Stone Age.

China Mined

Industrialization has furnished a wondrous plethora of consumer products. The materials for these conveniences have come from gouging the earth for its metals and minerals. The costs of this environmental desecration include pollution that maims and kills life for miles around. China exemplifies the Faustian bargain of consumerism.

The Gulf Stream

The oceans have absorbed ~90% of the warming from man-made pollution. Several trend changes in ocean currents have resulted. Among them is that the Gulf Stream is slowing. The mainstream media has reported this slowdown as a source of impending calamity in weather events, including warmer southern American winters and colder European winters. There is no such consensus among climatologists.

Sea Rise & Ice Melt

Warm water expands. The rate of sea level rise depends upon both how quickly the oceans warm and how fast polar ice melts. Recent historical research of the Greenland ice sheet discovered that melting has as much to do with how sustained warming is as how quickly it warms.

Plastic Pollution

In 1955, when 2 million tonnes of plastic were produced globally, Life magazine celebrated the dawn of “throw-away living,” thanks to disposable plastics. 60 years later, in 2015, 406 million tonnes of plastic were produced worldwide; a figure that keeps rising at a meteoric rate.

Farm Subsidies

Farming has long had outsized political pull, owing to the disproportionate electoral power of rural areas over cities in ostensible democracies. Farm subsidies and tariffs on agricultural imports are common throughout the world; highlighting the hypocrisy of capitalists, who proclaim free trade as a cardinal virtue.


In his continuing campaign to pull the wool over the flock’s eyes, evil shepherd Trump destroyed the map of the egregious pollution produced by his cohorts. Unchecked pollution has a checkered American history.

Climate Models

Mathematical modeling of physical dynamics is the nebulous craft of creating equations which capture complex, often entangled, gyres. Climate models face difficulties in both modeling technique and data acquisition.

Wind Power

Reaping the wind has come quite a way from the windmills of yore that provided the power to grind grain. Wind power now consists of spindly propeller-driven turbines that generate electricity from gusts.


In 1956, American geologist Marion King Hubbert presciently predicted that American oil production would peak in 1970, based upon his idea that oil production through time resembled a bell curve. Almost 4 decades later, a technology discovered in the 1940s pummeled Hubbert’s peak oil theory.