Microbial Immunity

There are at least as many microbes in the human body as there are cells. These naturalized commensal citizens guide development, provide nutrition, and help fight infection. Indeed, by way of resident bacteria, diet may be a significant determinant of susceptibility and virulence of the virus which causes covid-19.


Clean water is the elixir of life – as essential for keeping clean as for drinking. Its shortage during the covid-19 pandemic is putting more than half of the global population at risk.

Staying Fit

For our muscles to stay in shape, we must exercise them. Rodents face a similar situation. But the need for physical exercise to stay fit is not the norm among animals.

Produce Nutritional Quality

Studies in the UK and US found declines in the nutritional quality of commercial produce since the mid-20th century, when agriculture became more industrialized in the wake of the so-called Green Revolution.