Physical Forces

One of the miracles of life is the symphony of coherence during the development of complex organisms. Biologists misapprehend this miracle because they embrace the wrong paradigm of reality. The idea of “physical forces” is a conflation of impetus and artifact.


The process of living boils down to data processing. To render the mirage of physicality, symbolic processing fabricates physical correlates. Genetics is just the beginning.

The Mind’s Eye

The distinction between what the eye sees and what the mind perceives is a hoary philosophical debate. Do we infer a 3D world from the 2D snapshots our eyes take, as Enlightenment philosophers John Locke and David Hume posited, or is the 3D “objective” world before us, as more contemporary psychologists Hermann von Helmholtz and James J. Gibson presumed?


Physicists universally agree that existence emergently appears from the quantum level up. Now, quantum physicists have shown that objectivity is an illusion, thereby experimentally proving showtivity, an aspect of Ishi Nobu’s teachings.


As American president, Donald Trump has irrefutably had a detrimental effect on all fabrics influenced by him: economic, political, diplomatic, military, environmental, societal. Yet this pathological liar is still believed by a loyal following. This extreme example demonstrates a more pervasive point.

The Teachings (& The Teacher)

In his books, Ishi Nobu conveys a system of knowledge: a consilience of all that humanity has garnered about Nature and the nature of reality. That system upends the philosophic matterism that has the scientific community in thrall. It also dispels the dogma that religions faithfully cling to.