Nonlinear entanglement is identicality between quanta at a spatial distance. It is a phenomenon that has confounded physicists since its discovery. Here is how it happens.

Fractional Charges

An electron is an elementary particle with a negative elementary charge. That supposed integral negativity is positively compensated by protons, thereby providing the balancing incentive for atomic matter. This fundamental physical charge constant is now known to be violated in everyday matter. Fractional charges have been found.


Sound is the mechanical propagation of vibrational waves from the jostle of atoms. From a physiological and psychological standpoint, sound is the sensation of such waves in an audible frequency range.

Electric Earth

In a planetary circuit, electricity courses throughout Earth’s atmosphere and its surface. By 1749 Benjamin Franklin concluded that the properties of lightning were similar to those found in machines. This is also true of organisms on Earth, right down to their cells.

Quantum Relativity

Properly incorporating relativity into quantum theory resolves a principle paradox: deterministic relativity facilitates quantum uncertainty.

Quantum Entanglement

The seeming coordination between entangled quanta lurks as a mystery of physics, much as accounting for the teleology of adaptation has bedeviled evolutionary biologists. The two conundrums have the same answer.


Certain localized energy fields quantize into the phenomenal form called “matter,” which is Nature’s sublime deception. As Nature is flagrant display of diversity, among the zoo of quanta are particles whose seeming existence is merely mathematical, but with behavior that has material effect. These are quasiparticles.


Physicists universally agree that existence emergently appears from the quantum level up. Now, quantum physicists have shown that objectivity is an illusion, thereby experimentally proving showtivity, an aspect of Ishi Nobu’s teachings.

Quantum Confusion

I tried to teach American physicist Sean Carroll about quantum mechanics and the nature of reality. He was too arrogantly stupid to pay attention and learn. Now, to celebrate his continuing befuddlement and breathe life into the infinite monkey theorem, Sean has written a new book.


Solitons are standing waves which may appear in many media, including liquids and light. Their earliest known recording was in 1834, when Scottish engineer John Scott Russell watched a solitary wave in a canal travel over 8 miles without changing shape or amplitude.

Energy & The Theory of Anything

All that exists is made of matter, but existence is not made of matter. Instead, Nature is defined by the motion of matter, not matter per se. It is the energy that moves and transforms matter that renders the phenomenal exhibition we call Nature. Without energy, matter would not exist. Indeed, matter is made of energy. Though there are several proofs, atomic bombs most poignantly make that point.