Terminal Inertia

Political leaders have known since the late 1960s that humanity was facing an existential crisis. They did nothing. Now, with extreme geophysical events occurring more frequently, a growing segment of the public is belatedly demanding remedy. All they may hope to see is “too little too late.”

Going Down Duped

Droughts. Floods. Severe storms. Heatwaves. Raging wildfires. Foul air & water. Inflation. Unemployment. The litany of the end times will only intensify in the coming years. And so the pressure on political leaders to “do something” will intensify. The easiest way to mollify is the path well-trod by politicians since democracy arose and “the people” felt entitled to an answer to their concerns.

Political Leadership Vacuum

The demise of humanity from accelerating climate change seems certain before the next century dawns and may come within the next 50 years. Those who dispute this prediction are riding a legacy of dither and denial championed by the political establishment for the past 6 decades.

US Insurrection Law

Recent widespread police brutality against those protesting police brutality vividly illustrates that self-preservation is the state’s predominant priority, with justice an anachronism.

America’s Republican Courts

Historically, US courts have vacillated between relative political balance and extreme partisanship. In the 21st century, despite the interlude of Democratic President Obama, the federal appeals courts are thoroughly Republican.

Asset Seizure

American police are little more than uniformed gangs of thieving savages. Every year they illicitly steal well over a billion dollars of innocent peoples’ property. Because they are law enforcement, they get to keep the loot.

China Mined

Industrialization has furnished a wondrous plethora of consumer products. The materials for these conveniences have come from gouging the earth for its metals and minerals. The costs of this environmental desecration include pollution that maims and kills life for miles around. China exemplifies the Faustian bargain of consumerism.