America’s Republican Courts

Historically, US courts have vacillated between relative political balance and extreme partisanship. In the 21st century, despite the interlude of Democratic President Obama, the federal appeals courts are thoroughly Republican.

Asset Seizure

American police are little more than uniformed gangs of thieving savages. Every year they illicitly steal well over a billion dollars of innocent peoples’ property. Because they are law enforcement, they get to keep the loot.

China Mined

Industrialization has furnished a wondrous plethora of consumer products. The materials for these conveniences have come from gouging the earth for its metals and minerals. The costs of this environmental desecration include pollution that maims and kills life for miles around. China exemplifies the Faustian bargain of consumerism.

Farm Subsidies

Farming has long had outsized political pull, owing to the disproportionate electoral power of rural areas over cities in ostensible democracies. Farm subsidies and tariffs on agricultural imports are common throughout the world; highlighting the hypocrisy of capitalists, who proclaim free trade as a cardinal virtue.

Fueled for Doom

Nations’ pledges under the 2015 Paris climate agreement fell well short of keeping global air temperature below 2 °C, the supposed threshold at which the prospect for humanity’s continued survival badly dims. Even those meager promises are being broken.

Flight from Decency

In 2017 Boeing opened a museum for its employees dedicated to aviation safety. The artifacts intend to show how tragic accidents in the company’s history advanced airplane safety. Instead, they illustrate a pattern of cover-up.

Survival Imperiled

A Republican president, Richard Nixon, begat the Environmental Protection Agency by executive order in 1970. Since then, Republicans have increasingly forsaken all survival instincts by being against clean air and water, and for the continuing rape of Nature until self-extinction finishes humanity off. What to make of this should be clear, but dullards for democracy ignore the obvious as much as Republicans do environmental desecration.

Political Pollution

The plutocratic corruption of American politicians is ruining the country’s health and accelerating humanity’s extinction. The obliteration of science under Republican President Donald Trump is only the sad conclusion to a trend which was notably pronounced under President George W. Bush and earlier Republican administrations (with one notable exception). Even Democratic President Barack Obama ignored science to benefit business.

Authoritarian Inequity

Capitalism is a system for unbridled evil: responsible for the rape of Earth and the financial enslavement of most of the members of societies which embrace the economic regime, which is practically the entire world. The gross inequity which is the invariable result of a mature capitalist state inspires the simpletons in the underclass to wish for a strongman in whom they can vest hope of some salvation.

Nothing Doing

The devastation of climate change is becoming more pronounced. This progression will accelerate during the 2020’s, with deaths from extreme weather, as well as water and food shortages, rising precipitously. Yet the trend of governments worldwide largely paying lip service to the growing crisis will also continue. Here’s why.