Mental Health Apps

Mental health apps are designed to help treat stress, anxiety, and depression. They work so well that almost everyone stops using them shortly after trying them out.


The mind is a pattern processor. The mental ability to discriminate is based upon contrast. As such, a reference pattern affords finer acuity.

The Mind-Body

The mind affects the body and vice versa. What is their interface? From antiquity, the mind-body problem has been the quintessential issue of natural philosophy and science, as it addresses the fundamental nature of existence.


18th-century Scottish social philosopher and political economist Adam Smith well stated that “the theory that can absorb the greatest number of facts is the one that must rule all observation.” That theory is energyism.


As American president, Donald Trump has irrefutably had a detrimental effect on all fabrics influenced by him: economic, political, diplomatic, military, environmental, societal. Yet this pathological liar is still believed by a loyal following. This extreme example demonstrates a more pervasive point.

The Doom of Dumb Animals

The operational definition of intelligence is a consistent display of appropriate behavior. Behind the behavior is a mental construal of how the world works. Failing to comprehend the environment invariably has negative consequences. In the instance of humans on planet Earth, the diagnosis is clear and the outcome apparent. These creatures face impending extinction and are taking much other life out with them.


The mind is a symbolic processor, incessantly shuffling concepts. All that we experience or know are nothing more than the play of concepts.

On Purpose

Teleology posits that natural phenomena exist for a purpose; that is, nature has goals. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato (423 – 347 BCE) was a dyed-in-the-wool teleologist. But since the time of British natural philosopher Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626), empiricism supposedly trumped teleology in scientific circles. Scientific canon is that existential facts do not support purpose as intrinsic to the natural world. To that scientists agree, at least in concept. What they intuitively believe is something else.


Introspection is essential to mastering life. The quality of involvement in activity, and connections that come by interactions with others, cannot be assessed without careful self-reflection.


The mirror mechanism is a part of intelligence systems; stimulated when an animal acts or observes another performing the same action. Many animals have mirror mechanisms, including birds and primates. The mechanism provides the basis for empathy, as well as driving status-seeking.

Going To The Dogs

It is an axiom of human psychology that choice of association both defines and describes a person. One’s choice of a pet says a lot about the person. The plethora of dog breeds provides a perfect opportunity to make a personal statement. Dog owners invariably do.

Men Under Stress

The “fight-or-flight” response to stress is well known. But human reaction to social stress has a somewhat different dynamic. Women have a “tend-and-befriend” response: an accommodating protective and friendly reaction. Men were long assumed to become aggressive under stress. But that tends to be a last resort, at least for those lacking anger issues. Instead, men also seek social support when stressed.