Cell Nucleus Cushioning

Cells sometimes need to squeeze through tight spaces. Such maneuvers might squash a cell’s precious nucleus, which holds vital DNA. So, nucleus bubble-wrap evolved in such cells.

Vimentin is a filamentous protein found in animal and bacteria cells which make their living by being mobile. As a team effort, vimentin anchors and cushions organelles, including the nucleus, in a cell’s cytosol (cell fluid). Vimentin is most extensively employed in animal fetal cells during early development, when the flow and jostle of cells is especially vigorous.

A protein is large, complex biomolecule with a mind and consciousness – necessary requisites for any life form which must be aware of its environment and make decisions. Proteins comprise the workforce of every cell and are gregarious in interacting with many types of molecules, including other proteins. Enzymes are proteins which supervise or cheerlead (catalyze) other proteins.


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