“BecauseĀ  you are not fully enlightened, your mind clings to the illusion of objection perception, of concepts.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

All knowledge is of concepts, which are language-oriented tensors. A tensor is a locus of relations.

No concept exists in isolation. Concepts are always related to one another. Thus, understanding is a tensor network.

The nature of language is to pin labels on concepts; in other words, the coining of nomenclature. A concept may refer to an object, an attribute, an event or process, or an abstraction. But then, concepts are always abstractions; as is everything.

However real the world may appear, all you’ll ever know of it are the symbolic representations that form in your mind. Life is a flowing experience of concepts, with only tangential fidelity to reality, which is beyond concepts.

To express concepts in specific areas of interest, various terminologies arose. More broadly, but along the same lines conceptually, a language is a cultural nomenclature.

Learning is nothing more than acquiring terms, and the concepts which they represent. The more the merrier, because the more you know, the more you grow to appreciate Nature. What a concept.

Just don’t believe in concepts, especially those that have no relation to observable Nature. Such obscene abstractions are not only unreal, but also delusional. Examples include concepts commonly found in religions and politics, such as “God” and “freedom.” These are nothing more than nonsense. Anyway, belief is the royal road to mental illness. But that’s another blog entry….