Covid-19 Pandemic: Daily World Report

This daily world report dates to 19:00 GMT on Saturday 28 May 2022. First began in January 2020, this daily posting is no longer being updated.

Globally, covid pandemic active infection numbers are about the same as a week ago.

The virus V2 causes covid-19, which is a mild cold at worst in healthy people, most of whom never even know they were infected if they don’t get tested. Indeed, some 60% of V2 transmissions are by carriers who feel fine: 35% presymptomatic (before getting sick) and 25% asymptomatic (never getting sick). Only unhealthy children are at risk of covid.

Serious covid is a lifestyle disease, largely confined to fat folk. With statistical exception, covid is hazardous only to those who chose not to keep themselves in good health via bad lifestyle decisions: overeating, poor diet, and lack of exercise. That situation applies to the vast (both in number and girth) majority in many nations. Over 80% of Americans and Brits are fat and out of shape. Covid death rates are 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight, such as the US and Britain. V2 vaccines don’t work in fat folk.

Being fat is a covid liability because V2 infects fat cells. Fat serves as a ready reservoir for viral production. The fatter one is, the more territory for the virus to infect. Overweight people are also physically out-of-shape, with lamed immune systems. It’s altogether a perfect formula for covid mortality.

Smokers are 70% more likely to have severe covid and die from it than the average person (who isn’t in very good health).

Covid is a public health crisis only because the public is not in good health – by choice. This seminal fact is universally ignored by the sensationalist mainstream press, which milks the tragedy story.

People who eat meat are significantly more likely to develop severe covid. Pescatarians (fish eaters) had 59% lower odds of developing serious illness from covid, while those on a plant-based diet (vegans) were 73% less likely.

Primary school-aged children produce ~4 times fewer aerosol particles when breathing, speaking or singing compared with adults – hence, kids are less V2 contagious than adults.

V2 continually adapts, primarily to facilitate infection and contagion. Viruses mystically transmit among compatriots worthy innovations. Several of the variants are converging on the same solution to improved contagion (convergent evolution), thereby illustrating that adaptation is teleological (goal-oriented). A recently seen variant had a combination of traits only previously seen singularly in other variants.

New Zealand physician Ashley Bloomfield: “Influenza was first recorded in 1172 in Europe. These viruses don’t die out. They change over time. What we are seeing with these new variants with the covid-19 virus is that they become more transmissible and less deadly over time.”

Most people in the world – likely over 90% – have already been exposed to V2. In many nations, such as the USA and most of Europe, over 95% have encountered V2.

V2 variants may sicken more or less. Varieties are likely more hazardous by dint of being able to ramp viral load quicker, sending the immune system into a terrible tizzy. Severe covid is, after all, an autoimmune disease, not a viral disease per se.

The recent coronavirus variant Omicron (B.1.1.529) has been spreading across the world at unprecedented speed, provoking a new huge wave in the pandemic. A survey in Britain found that 2/3rds of those catching Omicron previously had covid.

A wilier variant of Omicron, BA.2, is slightly more contagious than the 1st Omicron variant. BA.2 rapidly spread. BA.2 became dominant worldwide.

Omicron keeps evolving, to abet contagion and infection. There are multiple descendants of Omicron, collectively called Omibabes. Omibabes are now dominating the USA and Europe.

Whereas earlier variants had differed from the original Wuhan coronavirus by a dozen or two mutations, Omicron had over 60. This was a saltational (innovative) leap in viral evolution. 13 of those mutations were rarely, if ever, found in other coronaviruses. Acting in concert, these mutations appear to be key to some of Omicron’s most essential functions. “It’s not just one thing,” structural biologist Priyamvada Acharya said. “It’s multiple properties that confer an advantage to Omicron.”

Omicron pushed out Delta, which cannot compete with Omicron’s greater savvy. Omicron has been in Europe since early November 2021. Omicron was first spotted in Botswana and then South Africa.

Hybrid variants of Omicron and Delta – called Deltacron – have been spotted in Europe and the US. Deltracron is no match for the Omibabes, and has faded. Gamma, Iota, and Mu are other variants that have petered out.

Common symptoms of sickness from Omicron include runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and a sore throat.

Omicron is a milder virus than Delta and its other antecedents,. Data from South Africa suggests Omicron averages 75% less severe covid than the Delta variant. The relative mildness owes to the immune system causing less lung damage from Omicron than earlier variants. Omicron instead prefers the throat. Despite this mildness, the World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading disinformation about Omicron, calling it “a dangerous virus.” (12 January 2022)

Determined to dominate, Omicron has numerous mutations which look to improve infectiousness and abet viral escape from the vaccines currently in use. Omicron multiplies 70 time quicker in the body than the original and Delta variants. Yet, to lessen sickness, Omicron grows 10 times slower in lung tissue. Omicron is estimated to be 3-6 times more contagious than Delta. Omicron was found to have some genetic bits that are shared by the common cold coronavirus. This may abet infection and contagion.

The risk of reinfections (of people previously exposed to V2) is over 5 times higher in Omicron than in Delta, the previous dominant variant. Microbiologist Anne von Gottberg (on 3 December 2021): “Previous infection does not provide protection from Omicron.” But catching the Omicron variant does confer some immunity to the prior variants.

The map below is per capita. (Map of the Americas is in that section.)

Numerically, deaths lag new cases by around a fortnight. In the chart below, sharp dips indicate lax reporting during holidays. Further, reporting follows patterns depending upon the day of the week. Low numbers are reported over the weekend and Monday, then rising as the week wears on. China only reports covid cases (sickness), not asymptomatic V2 carriers. The graphs below are global.The numbers reported for active covid cases are gross under-counts: at most, only 6% (1 in 16) of those infected. Covid deaths are likely 1.5 to 7 times larger than reported, depending on country. India’s death toll from covid is over 10 times the official tally.

Countries reporting 20,000 or more new covid cases on Friday 27 May: North Korea 100,470 | USA 98,249 | Taiwan 94,610 | Brazil 40,633 | Australia 38,954 | Japan 31,542 | Italy 20,033.

Below are countries tallying over 10,000 active cases.

9South Korea488,24816,56718,053,28717,540,93624,103
17North Korea233,091100,4703,270,8503,037,69069
30French Guiana71,30182,95211,254397
33New Zealand49,2296,9591,136,7081,086,3921,087
34South Africa48,9423,2743,948,1193,798,049101,128
49Costa Rica28,117891,038854,4268,495
57Cayman Islands15,89624,4778,55328

Public health authorities around the world, notably in Europe and North America, ignored for months early signs that covid was spreading, thus fostering the worldwide pandemic. Even now, effective measures – mass testing, enforced quarantine – are ignored for ineffectual social restrictions which deny basic human rights and impoverish people.Rates of stillbirth and maternal death have risen by 1/3d during the pandemic, with the impact most acute in poor and developing countries.A doctor from the Wuhan hospital hit hardest in the initial outbreak said he and colleagues suspected the virus was highly transmissible in early January 2020, weeks before Chinese authorities admitted it, but were prevented from warning anyone. The count of those infected during that initial outbreak was 10 times larger than reported at the time. The Chinese simply did not know the extent of the rapid spread. China imposed severe extended lockdowns shortly after the epidemic began there.The V2 virus most likely migrated to humans from bats through an intermediary animal. The pangolin has been suspected as the intermediary host, but that remains uncertain. The V2 virus was not created in a lab.


Because of its surreptitious infectiousness (asymptomatic transmission), V2 proved unstoppable. No country contained their epidemic. Lockdowns at best barely slow viral spread. A study of 149 countries found lockdowns and social distancing restrictions correlated with only a 13% reduction in reported cases – statistically insignificant.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended 20 January 2022 lifting or easing international travel bans, citing the ineffectiveness of the measures to suppress the spread of Omicron.

The toll of trash from covid-related ‘treatment’, including masks, has been horrendous. Advocates of covid restrictions and mask-wearing ignore the environmental and societal impacts of their positions. WHO finally acknowledged the problem 1 February 2022.

Epidemiologists don’t understand the nature of covid waves. Restrictions, masks, and mass vaccinations have proven ineffective. The virus seems to have its own rhythms. Many nation’s epidemics, such as Japan, withered of their own accord. In others, such as the USA and Mongolia, the virus has hung on with ferocity.

Governments around the world failed to prepare for the inevitable pandemic. The initial panic and woefully pitiable response to the pandemic exemplifies the incompetence which spells inexorable doom in addressing self-extinction caused by industrial pollution, overpopulation, and unsustainable resource consumption.

Few countries bothered with more than limited, selective testing. Hence the virus readily moves through populations surreptitiously via asymptomatic transmission. Rapid antigen tests are increasingly popular as Omicron dominates.

There is no correlation between V2 vaccination and infection. Those jabbed as as likely to be infected, and to be contagious. A V2 jab may only lessen the risk of severe covid, at the considerable risk of severe – and possibly permanent – side effect (a risk which is largely ignored by mainstream media, as they are a promotion tool for the authorities).

The focus on covid has let other infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria, revive.

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said 9 October 2020 that authorities should “avoid these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else.” Ryan linked soaring covid cases in the northern hemisphere to the failure to quarantine people exposed to the virus. Nations did not taken the lesson.

At least 200 million people globally are expected to remain unemployed in 2022, well above pre-pandemic levels, with a weak labor market recovery exacerbating existing inequalities. Migrant workers have especially struggled.

The extended and extensive covid restrictions have resulted in supply chain shortages which are hobbling manufacturing in the West. The economic toll of covid restrictions, including inflation, unemployment, and civil unrest, will last for years. On 17 January, the UN predicted that covid restrictions will mean years of high unemployment.

Social restrictions and their attendant stress resulted in weight gain and greater obesity in populations (from stress eating and lack of exercise). Since fat is the greatest risk factor for covid sickness, social restrictions have abetted covid severity.

2/3rds of nations have used covid to clamp down on the news media and suppress personal expression as well curb natural human rights with restrictions. “The global state of freedom of expression continues to deteriorate,” reported human rights organization Article 19. (27 August)

Most masks worn as an anti-covid measure may instead heighten the hazard of V2 infection. Such masks reduce airflow and may trap viral particles, giving the virus more time to be inhaled.

The anti-covid barriers that have become so common instead foster infection by limiting air flow, thereby allowing higher viral concentration. “If you have a forest of barriers, it’s going to interfere with proper ventilation of that room,” observed American environmental engineer Linsey Marr.

The response to the covid pandemic has deepened global hunger. 1/3rd of the world’s people are not getting enough to eat. The useless restrictions imposed have been a hardship to all but the rich.

WHO noted 22 July 2021 that the mental health impact from covid restrictions will be “long term and far reaching.” Subsequent reports from the US and UK confirm widespread distress, especially among young people.

In the Americas and other parts of the world, the extended closure of schools has left students bereft of education. “This is a generational crisis,” said Emanuela Di Gropello of the World Bank. On January 24 2022, Robert Jenkins, the chief of education at UNICEF, said, “Quite simply, we are looking at a nearly insurmountable scale of loss to children’s schooling. The disruptions to learning must end. Just reopening schools is not enough. Students need intensive support to recover lost education.” That extra educational support is simply not going to happen. There has been a lost generation educationally because of covid restrictions.

With foreigners perpetually unpopular, governments worldwide are keeping travel restrictions which were ostensibly set to limit covid spread (but did not work as intended).

Whereas social media is regularly denounced for covid misinformation, instead the corporate mass media daily reports myths about covid and especially V2 vaccines.

Pfizer and Merck have antiviral pills aimed at lessening covid severity by thwarting viral replication. Pfizer’s is called paxlovid; Merck’s is molnupiravir. To have any hope of being effective, treatment must begin when symptoms appear. The pills are taken for 5 days in a row. These pills can cause birth defects, so are not for pregnant women. Pfizer’s pill works much better than Merck’s, which may not even receive EU approval, citing “problematic data.” These antiviral pills are more effective than antibody treatments.


The Omicron wave in Asia has passed its peak. Most Asian countries have eased their covid restrictions.

China‘s modes Omicron wave is rapidly receding. Omicron has demonstrated that China’s “zero” covid policy is no longer sensible. The economy is suffering from attempted containment. Shanghai will be relieved of its 6-week lockdown 1 June. Millions are out of work because of covid restrictions. The government has promised stimulus to alleviate its restrictive policy.

China is maintaining its covid-prevention border restrictions indefinitely. New visas to enter China are mostly restricted to those who have received a Chinese jab, while arrivals also have to spend at least a fortnight in hotel quarantine. China has not yet approved any of the WHO-approved western vaccines, and vice versa.

North Korea is having a horrid covid epidemic. The North Korean government has shunned offers of help from other countries.

South Korea‘s Omicron wave is spent, though the virus continues its hold in low numbers. The government removed restrictions 18 April. Masks must still be worn in public spaces. Vaccinated travelers may now enter without quarantine.

Japan‘s Omicron wave appears only slowly receding, though that nation does not have a good idea how extensive covid is.  Japan eased its border controls at the end of February, but only for business travelers. Tourists will be welcome again in June.

Covid is practically past tense in India.


Omicron is holding on in Europe. Neither mass vaccination nor restrictions made a difference in the number of new cases. As such, most EU nations dropped their jab mandates and social restrictions. The EU is abandoning its mask mandate for air travel.

Britain and Denmark are no longer studiously tracking V2 evolution. This lessens the information base to spot new virus variants.

The map below is per capita.

The British Isles‘ covid caseload now signifies covid as a mild cold virus. There are no covid restrictions.

The Omicron wave in Germany continues its slow recession. There are no restrictions.

Omicron is down in France.


Covid in the Americas is at a modest level at worst. The map below is per capita.

America youth continue to shun going to college. American educator Doug Shapiro said, “It’s more than just the pandemic; it’s more than just low-income communities that are primarily served by community colleges. It suggests that there’s a broader question about the value of college and particularly concerns about student debt and paying for college and potential labor market returns.”

The covid situation in Canada continues to be numerically uncertain owing to spotty data, but reported caseload is as low as it has been this year.

Statistics are sketchy in the USA. There has been a recent uptick in new cases. US case tallies are mostly from hospitalizations. Several states are not reporting new cases on a daily basis. The map below is per capita.The US has not tracked the extent of V2 infections among the vaccinated. The US has led the world in covid cases and health system mismanagement throughout the pandemic.

Showing their poor health (especially the commonality of being fat and out of shape), Americans have died of covid at higher rate than Europeans. The only large European countries to exceed America’s covid death rates this winter have been Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, and the Czech Republic: poorer nations, where the best covid treatments are scarce.

California and many other states lavished federal covid relief funds on police. This amply demonstrates how powerful the police state is in the USA: to siphon monies from public health to further militarization and repression.

The US disease control agency (CDC) reversed itself on Friday 25 February by saying it was okay not to wear masks. On Monday 18 April, a national judge ended the national mask mandate for passengers on mass transit (planes, trains), finding that it had no legal basis in statute. The national government did not appeal the ruling.

The US government has officially given up on worrying about cruise ships being incubators for covid outbreaks. The advisory caution was lifted Wednesday 30 March. Early in the pandemic, cruise ships were the sites of some of highly publicized covid outbreaks, with infection spreading rapidly among guests and employees.

US infection statistics show that V2 jabs are not effective in preventing infection. “Remember when the early vaccine studies came out, it was like nobody gets hospitalized, nobody dies,” said Dr. Robert Wachter, chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. “That clearly is not true.”

The US government acknowledged 28 July 2021 that V2 vaccines do not prevent covid spread. Still, the US mass media is using scare tactics against those not V2 jabbed – falsely publicizing that vaccines prevent covid or its spread, which they don’t. Corporate mass media in the US have been the #1 source of covid misinformation during the pandemic.

President Biden has kept in place the illicit order by predecessor Trump to expel migrants without granting them the opportunity to seek asylum. Biden, like Trump, is using covid as an excuse to do this. The US does not provide adequate medical care in its detention centers – an international crime. Biden has ordered that new arrivals from Mexico be jabbed.

Black Americans have been discriminated against in covid treatments and inclusion in vaccine and drug treatment trials.

Research found that American children born during the covid epidemic there have lower intelligence. The suspected culprit is bad parenting. “It’s not subtle by any stretch,” said study author Sean Deoni.

Many parents in the US needlessly took their children to hospital for covid. Parents may be unsure how to care for their children, thanks to the idiot-led US government not publicizing proper treatment information. In short, ensure hydration. If breathing becomes difficult, lying face down can be helpful. Fever can be brought down by less clothing, exposing the feet, and lukewarm sponge baths that engender thermal wicking.


New Zealand‘s modest Omicron wave continues holding at half its peak.

Omicron is holding on in Australia.


Epidemiologists predicted that Africa would be ravaged by covid absent mass vaccination. They were badly wrong. Relative to other populated continents, Africa never had much of a covid pandemic, even as WHO said on 8 April 2022 that over 2/3ds of Africans had been exposed to V2. This exposure rate is nearly 100 times that reported.

South Africa is having a modest 5th covid wave. Its sickness and death toll have been relatively low, as was its vaccination rate. Epidemiologists speculate why (e.g., relative youth, lack of obesity), without answers. The virus is of scant concern there now. South Africa dropped its covid restrictions 23 March.


The etymology of “jab” for injection dates to the early 20th century in Britain, where the term meant injection of an illicit drug. That usage descends from boxing, where “jab” means a straight punch with the non-dominant hand. The use of jab as mockery or raillery (a verbal jab) descends from the boxing term. The verb “jab” derives from 16th century Scottish, where “job” was used to describe the pecking of birds, and then for any poking or thrusting action. Romantically, to “job faces” meant to kiss ardently.

Government officials had hoped that vaccines will take the sting out of the covid pandemic. That prospect is being disproven. “Vaccines do not equal zero covid,” said WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan. “Vaccination will add a major, powerful tool. But by themselves, they will not do the job.” Immunologists around the world have repeatedly warned that vaccination programs will not create herd immunity, which is a chimera.

You should be tested for V2 before being vaccinated. There is no reason to get jabbed if you have been exposed to V2. The elderly and frail should also avoid vaccination, especially with the radical mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, which pose the hazard of a significant side effects. For instance, the mRNA jabs are known to cause heart problems which are otherwise rare. Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, is a serious hazard, especially for young men.

Current V2 vaccines are not as effective against Omicron as they were earlier variants. This is proving a great profit to vaccine makers, who recommend frequent useless booster jabs.

Women typically have worse side effects from V2 jabs than men. One reason is that the jabs are too potent for women – the dosages decided in a sexist manner in being calibrated toward men. Among other hazards, menstrual disorders often occur from V2 jabs (unlike many other vaccinations).

Many health professionals are advising that pregnant women not get V2 jabbed. V2 jabs are known to disrupt hormonal cycles in women. Despite the known danger, the US and EU disease control agencies recommend that pregnant women risk their unborn children to V2 jabs.

The big lie about V2 vaccines is that the risk of severe covid is worse than the jabs – not true. A V2 jab will make you sick, and you risk severe reaction. By contrast, covid is a mild cold at worst for healthy people.

There is no standard for vaccine efficacy. Western commercial V2 jab makers rigged their initial numbers and regulators were too mathematically and scientifically ignorant to object. For one, the sole metric – antibody counts – do not fully reflect effective immune system response to the virus.

V2 vaccines have universally proven less efficacious than stated by their makers. Governments are approving V2 jabs without adequate reliable data.

Even after massive application, epidemiologists remain uncertain how effective vaccines are, especially against variants for which they were not designed. Jabs often help prevent severe covid among those most at risk: the obese and those in bad health due to lifestyle choice. The paucity of data owes to not tracking outcomes.

The salient point about V2 vaccines is that there is no established correlation between antibody levels and (covid) disease prevention – yet this is the false assumption behind hypothetical efficacy of V2 jabs. Immune system protection is much more sophisticated than just antibody counts.

V2 vaccines are designed to prevent severe prolonged disease – at the cost of mild disease for days. Jabs are not intended to limit covid spread, nor are they effective in doing so. Recent studies have repeatedly show that V2 viral levels are similar regardless of vaccination status. The Guardian on 28 October 2021, based on a study published in The Lancet: “People who are fully vaccinated against covid yet catch the virus are just as infectious to others as infected unvaccinated people.”

An Israel study discovered that mRNA jabs give 7 times less protection against covid from Delta V2 than natural immunity from a previous V2 infection. “Natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the Delta variant,” the researchers reported. (27 August)

The bottom line of V2 vaccination is that people not in exceptional physical shape – especially those overweight – should get jabbed. This applies to most people in Western nations: perhaps 80% of American or British adults, and especially older folk (though not the frail). For this majority, the risk of severe covid is greater than the risk of jab severe reaction.

Vaccines that are in wide use include China’s Sinopharm (CoronaVac) and Sinovac, Russia’s Sputnik V (Gamaleya), Germany’s Pfizer-BioNTech, USA’s Moderna, Britain’s AstraZeneca-Oxford, India’s Covaxin (Bharat Biotech), Belgium’s Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), and Cuba’s 3-jab Abdala vaccine. China has 5 locally developed V2 vaccines approved for public use; Russia 3. Numerous other vaccines are being tested and under development. Turkey has its own domestic V2 jab – Turkovac – which uses the same technology as China’s CoronaVac (a modified adenovirus).

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are developing their home-grown vaccines as supply shortages persist.

Cuba has 3 domestically developed V2 jabs, Abdala, Soberana 2, and Soberna Plus. All use conventional vaccine techniques. Cuba is inoculating toddlers as young as 2 years. On 1 December 2021, Cuba announced it is upgrading its jabs to protect against Omicron.

Sanofi-GlaxoSmithKline has a new V2 2-jab vaccine which it claims has high efficacy against covid. Sanofi and GSK were expected to seek authorization for their vaccine last year, but shelved those plans after clinical trials showed disappointing results in older adults. They then developed a stronger version of the vaccine and tested it in new trials. The vaccine uses a traditional protein-based method, not the radical mRNA approach.

The European Union has not approved Russia’s Sputnik V jab for political reasons. But Australia recognizes Sputnik V as a valid jab for passport purposes. Sputnik V has proven a more effective jab against V2 than Pfizer’s radical mRNA vaccine, and is safer. Sputnik V is a conventional adenovirus vaccine. With a proven track record, Sputnik V is now gaining acceptance in other nations (besides Russia).

On 30 October 2021, China’s president, Xi Jinping, called for mutual recognition of V2 vaccines based on WHO’s emergency use list. To promote their own corporate concoctions, rich Western nations have shut out lower cost vaccines from China. China has also not approved any Western jabs, but Western vaccine makers have not applied.

Countries often dispense vaccines by different makers for the 2 jabs.

Covid has been a boon to commercial vaccine makers, which have raked in tremendous profits from V2 jabs.

Over 5.18 billion people have been jabbed against V2 worldwide, with by far the most in China. Only 15% of people in Africa have got even a single V2 jab. The rate of those getting their first jabs has stalled.

Months ago, many governments worldwide demanded V2 vaccines for adults to be in public spaces. With the global pandemic receding, many countries are dropping their jab mandates.

Jabbing did not make a difference in V2 infection numbers.

Omicron achieved viral escape: evolving to elude vaccination. “The virus is traveling in a direction that is causing it to escape from our current vaccines and therapies that are directed against the viral spike,” immunologist David Ho on 8 March 2021. In August 2021, researchers found that the power of V2 jabs to prevent covid in the US dropped 25% since the Delta variant became dominant. The figure now sits at 66%. That said, news reports continue to claim that the jabs being given are effective against severe covid.

Further, mass jab campaigns inspire V2 to accelerate its evolution to more smartly evade the immune system – an obvious evolutionary move-countermove dynamic which is being ignored. A savvier strategy would be to only vaccinate at-risk people.

In the US, over 75% of those freshly infected had been fully vaccinated against V2. As a way to encourage regular cash injections, jab makers are publicizing that vaccine efficacy wanes in less an a year.

Rich nations are now mass vaccinating children against V2 – an unnecessary and imprudent gesture, as covid is nothing to a healthy child, whereas the V2 jabs are a decided hazard.

Tens of millions of asylum seekers, migrants, refugees and internally displaced people around the world have been excluded from national vaccination programs.

Covax is an initiative by WHO to get V2 jabs to all countries. WHO has agreed a no-fault compensation plan for claims of serious side effects in people in 92 poorer countries who get jabbed.

On 8 December 2021, Pfizer claimed that 3 jabs of its vaccine could “neutralize” Omicron. This lie was based on a high antibody count in a lab test. Antibody counts have not been reliable indicators of V2 efficacy against infection, as other immune system activity is involved. On 17 December, after a study showing Pfizer’s jab did not provoke a vigorous antibody response against Omicron, Pfizer changed its story, and claimed that T cell protection was the saving grace of its jab. Clinical trials of the Pfizer jab have shown it worthless or worse for 2- to 5-year-olds. Pfizer is now testing a vaccine which has been tweaked specifically for Omicron.

Unlike other vaccines, which present viral components to the body for an immune reaction, the mRNA jabs deliver genetic instructions for the body to make its own spike protein (and then react to it).

Side effects to V2 vaccines are a serious problem. Jabs from AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson are especially prone to serious side effects. For the 2-jab vaccines, side effects from the 2nd jab is worse than the first.

Sweden and Finland stopped jabbing people 20 or younger with the Moderna vaccine due to side effects, especially myocarditis and pericarditis.

Side effects are more common in those who have already been infected with V2. For those with long covid, a jab may jolt the immune system into reconsidering its attack on the body. Chronic covid is an autoimmune disease.

The most common reported symptom (15%) that is considered long covid is anxiety or depression. That is nonsensical misdiagnosis. Mental illness is not caused by the V2 virus.

In the UK, 330 million doses of the Pfizer jab resulted in severe sickness in 244,807 people and 4,198 deaths.

Novavax developed a  2-jab V2 vaccine that is just now becoming available. Brand names include Nuvaxovid, Covovax, and TAK-019 (in Japan, where the vaccine is manufactured). Sickness and other side effects are common.

Unlike other V2 jabs, the Novavax jab has a protein subunit. This owes to the way the vaccine is made: creating an engineered baculovirus containing a gene for a modified V2 spike protein. The vaccine is harvested off infected moth cells. That the Novavax has a protein subunit means nothing medically. The Novavax jab is no more effective than others.

Janssen, a Belgium-based subsidiary of the US-based company Johnson & Johnson (J&J), developed a single-jab V2 vaccine. This inactivated-virus only needs near-freezing refrigeration. Like other adenovirus-based vaccines, many people have already been exposed to this cold virus. To make the vaccine effective, the novel V2 spikes have been added to the adenovirus base. Though only a relative few cases of severe allergic reaction have been reported with the J&J jab, this vaccine can cause blood clots and nerve disorders which are otherwise exceedingly rare. Women are more susceptible – as they are for all side effects, as the vaccine doses are set too high. Having got a bad reputation, the J&J jab has been a bust in the USA. The J&J jab is much less effective against evolved variants than it was against the original virus.

In the AstraZeneca and J&J jabs, an adenovirus is employed to present the coronavirus bits to the immune system. The jabs are delivered to muscle tissue, which are nonetheless fulsome with blood vessels. Blood clots in V2 jabs happen when an adenovirus makes its way into the bloodstream. Blood cells respond by releasing a protein (platelet factor 4 or PF4) which invokes clotting.

To put the V2 jab blood clot issue in proportion: people who get severe covid are more likely to get blood clots in the brain. A study found 0.000075% of those with covid got brain blood clots. That is 9 times the rate seen so far in V2 jab victims. The European Union drug regulator considers death by blood clot from a J&J jab an acceptable side effect.

Johnson & Johnson discovered a year after its V2 vaccine release that a 2nd jab ramps antibody levels dramatically. This discovery shows that J&J did not perform adequate testing on its jab before release. What has also been discovered, only after extensive employment, is that a single jab of J&J is as effective in preventing severe covid as 2 jabs of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

South Africa refused to approve the Sputnik V jab, citing concerns about its safety for people at risk of HIV. South Africa has one of the world’s highest HIV rates. Studies have suggested that vaccines using the Adenovirus Type 5 (Ad5) vector – which Sputnik V does – may lead to higher susceptibility to HIV in men.

For healthy young people especially, V2 jabs may cause worse symptoms than infection by the V2 virus itself. This is because viral loading in the body is gradual (if the virus is not defeated early on), whereas a vaccine is a viral shock treatment.

The mRNA jabs – by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – may kill people in frail health and cause heart problems in the young. Europe’s and US’s drug regulators have acknowledged this. The US drug safety agency (FDA) has mandated a warning label to these jabs as risky: known to cause circulatory problems, especially in the young. US military personnel, in excellent health, have had chest pain and heart inflammation from mRNA jabs. mRNA jabs are have also caused erythema multiforme, an allergic skin reaction, and glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, disorders related to kidneys. The US CDC is now recommending that mRNA booster jabs be spaced further apart to lessen the risk of lasting side effect damage.

Pfizer knows its V2 jab is not “safe.” Pfizer requires that country’s using its jab give the company complete immunity for side effects. Brazil’s vaccine supply from Pfizer was held for 3 months over this issue – until Brazil capitulated.

A study reported 11 September found the Pfizer/BioNTech V2 jab was more dangerous for teenage boys than V2 infection itself. That has not stopped Pfizer from claiming that a low-dose version of its jab is “safe and effective” for children ages 5-11.

On Monday 23 August 2021, the US granted approval of the Pfizer jab as a political gesture, without scientific evidence that the jab was either safe or effective. General authorization was made behind closed doors based on 6 months worth of data despite trials being designed for 2 years, making it an extremely rare case for a mass use vaccine. “There was no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed,” observed Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate. The British Medical Journal reports that transparency advocates criticized the FDA’s decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval, despite last year committing to it. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, said “It’s obvious that the FDA has no intention of hearing anyone else’s opinion.” US president Joe Biden tweeted: “this FDA approval should give added confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective.” Yeah Joe, the rubes believe. That’s what fools do. 1/3rd of drugs approved by the FDA are later recalled as dangerous.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab has been dogged by controversy as to its effectiveness and safety. Countries abandoned interest in the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab after a study indicated that the vaccine was ineffectual against new variants. The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab can cause blood clots. That jab has also caused rare neurological infirmities. Indonesia halted using the AstraZeneca vaccine after it killed a 22-year-old man the day after he was jabbed.

Cats and dogs are susceptible to covid – and are a likely source of contagion. People spread covid to their pets. Russia was the first country to have a V2 vaccine for animals.

AstraZeneca has an antibody cocktail, called AZD7442 or Evusheld, which acts as a vaccine, but without the side effects. The treatment is primarily intended for those who do not respond well to vaccines, such as cancer patients.

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