Covid-19 Pandemic: Daily World Report

This daily world report dates to 18:30 GMT on Tuesday 18 January 2022.

Globally, the current Omicron wave is near its peak, and may soon recede.

The virus V2 causes covid-19, which is a mild cold at worst in healthy people, most of whom never even know they were infected if they don’t get tested. Indeed, some 60% of V2 transmissions are by carriers who feel fine: 35% presymptomatic (before getting sick) and 25% asymptomatic (never getting sick). Only unhealthy children are at risk of covid.

Serious covid is a lifestyle disease, largely confined to fat folk. With statistical exception, covid is hazardous only to those who chose not to keep themselves in good health via bad lifestyle decisions: overeating, poor diet, and lack of exercise. That situation applies to the vast (both in number and girth) majority in many nations. Over 80% of Americans and Brits are fat and out of shape. Covid death rates are 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight, such as the US and Britain. V2 vaccines don’t work in fat folk.

Being fat is a covid liability because V2 infects fat cells. Fat serves as a ready reservoir for viral production. The fatter one is, the more territory for the virus to infect. Overweight people are also physically out-of-shape, with lamed immune systems. It’s altogether a perfect formula for covid mortality.

Smokers are 70% more likely to have severe covid and die from it than the average person (who isn’t in very good health).

Covid is a public health crisis only because the public is not in good health – by choice. This seminal fact is universally ignored by the sensationalist mainstream press, which milks the tragedy story.

People who eat meat are significantly more likely to develop severe covid. Pescatarians (fish eaters) had 59% lower odds of developing serious illness from covid, while those on a plant-based diet (vegans) were 73% less likely.

V2 continually adapts, primarily to facilitate infection and contagion. New V2 varieties keep being discovered. Viruses mystically transmit among compatriots worthy innovations. Several of the variants are converging on the same solution to improved contagion (convergent evolution), thereby illustrating that adaptation is teleological (goal-oriented). A recently seen variant had a combination of traits only previously seen singularly in other variants.

New Zealand physician Ashley Bloomfield: “Influenza was first recorded in 1172 in Europe. These viruses don’t die out. They change over time. What we are seeing with these new variants with the covid-19 virus is that they become more transmissible and less deadly over time.”

Most people in the world – likely over 85% – have already been exposed to V2. In many nations, such as the USA and most of Europe, over 90% have encountered V2.

V2 variants may sicken more or less. Varieties are likely more hazardous by dint of being able to ramp viral load quicker, sending the immune system into a terrible tizzy. Severe covid is, after all, an autoimmune disease, not a viral disease per se.

The recent coronavirus variant Omicron (B.1.1.529) has been spreading across the world at unprecedented speed, provoking a new huge wave in the pandemic. Globally, new cases are more than double the last peak in spring 2021, while deaths are half of the peak a year ago.

Omicron is pushing out Delta, which cannot compete with Omicron’s greater savvy. Omicron has been in Europe since early November 2021. Omicron was first spotted in Botswana and then South Africa.

Common symptoms of sickness from Omicron include runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and a sore throat.

Omicron is a milder virus than Delta and its other antecedents. Data from South Africa suggests Omicron averages 75% less severe covid than the Delta variant. The relative mildness owes to the immune system causing less lung damage from Omicron than earlier variants. Omicron instead prefers the throat. Despite this mildness, the World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading disinformation about Omicron, calling it “a dangerous virus.” (12 January 2022)

Determined to dominate, Omicron has numerous mutations which look to improve infectiousness and abet viral escape from the vaccines currently in use. Omicron multiplies 70 time quicker in the body than the original and Delta variants. Yet, to lessen sickness, Omicron grows 10 times slower in lung tissue. Omicron is estimated to be 3-6 times more contagious than Delta. Omicron was found to have some genetic bits that are shared by the common cold coronavirus. This may abet infection and contagion.

The risk of reinfections (of people previously exposed to V2) is over 5 times higher in Omicron than in Delta, the previous dominant variant. Microbiologist Anne von Gottberg (on 3 December 2021): “Previous infection does not provide protection from Omicron.”

A stealthy variant of Omicron is harder to spot via the commonly used PCR lab tests.

V2 vaccines are not as effective against Omicron as earlier variants. A study in South Africa found that the Pfizer jab was only 33% effective against symptomatic infection, but 70% effective against hospitalization. (15 December 2021)

Instead of improving their health care systems, governments instead imposed harsh restrictions which are known to be ineffectual: purely a political ploy to promote the lie to a gullible populace that the domestic epidemic is being “controlled.” Only China has managed to stem covid spread somewhat – but only through severe measures that no other government could muster.The map below is per capita.

(Map of the Americas is in that section.)

Numerically, deaths lag new cases by around a fortnight. In the chart below, the sharp dip near the end of 2020 owed to lax reporting during holidays.

The numbers reported for active covid cases are gross under-counts: at most, only 6% (1 in 16) of those infected. Covid deaths are likely 1.5 to 7 times larger than reported, depending on country.

Further, reporting follows patterns depending upon the day of the week. Low numbers are reported over the weekend and Monday, then rising as the week wears on. The graphs below are global.

Not reporting from lack of testing or government incompetence is the benign cause of under-counts. Such is the case in the USA, Indonesia, and much of Africa. Some countries fudge their numbers to make their epidemics politically less damaging – Russia and India are exemplary. India’s death toll from covid is over 10 times the official tally. China smartly only reports covid cases (sickness), not asymptomatic V2 carriers.

Countries reporting 50,000 or more new covid cases on Monday 17 January: USA 389,553 | India 238,018 | Spain 110,489 | Argentina 102,458 | France 102,144 | UK 84,429 | Italy 83,403 | Brazil 76,345 | Australia 74,612 | Turkey 64,935 | Germany 53,916. Below are countries tallying over 10,000 active cases.

Country Active New Total Recovered Dead
1 USA 23,591,203 389,553 67,631,191 43,165,667 874,321
2 France 4,947,974 102,144 14,274,528 9,199,291 127,263
3 UK 3,655,733 84,429 15,305,410 11,497,602 152,075
4 Spain 3,002,335 110,489 8,424,503 5,331,175 90,993
5 Italy 2,555,278 83,403 8,790,302 6,093,633 141,391
6 India 1,736,605 238,018 37,618,271 35,394,882 486,784
7 Australia 1,136,011 74,612 1,802,455 663,745 2,699
8 Germany 928,937 53,916 8,045,348 7,000,000 116,411
9 Argentina 885,619 102,458 7,197,323 6,193,473 118,231
10 Brazil 751,205 76,345 23,083,297 21,710,831 621,261
11 Turkey 699,569 64,935 10,522,099 9,737,610 84,920
12 Netherlands 644,604 42,352 3,611,351 2,945,589 21,158
13 Russia 633,899 30,726 10,834,260 9,878,371 321,990
14 Mexico 623,020 19,132 4,368,314 3,443,884 301,410
15 Switzerland 543,946 8,452 1,726,949 1,170,390 12,613
16 Belgium 470,942 23,624 2,461,136 1,961,548 28,646
17 Ireland 458,342 6,329 1,109,818 645,441 6,035
18 Norway 433,090 11,031 523,424 88,952 1,382
19 Poland 421,122 10,445 4,323,482 3,800,051 102,309
20 Finland 345,599 22,217 393,352 46,000 1,753
21 Canada 331,371 23,586 2,801,446 2,438,396 31,679
22 Portugal 331,158 21,917 1,906,891 1,556,399 19,334
23 Sweden 305,357 1,560,363 1,239,536 15,470
24 Denmark 297,906 26,965 1,120,943 819,532 3,505
25 Greece 291,293 18,834 1,679,705 1,366,325 22,087
26 Philippines 290,938 37,070 3,242,374 2,898,507 52,929
27 Vietnam 262,040 16,378 2,045,290 1,747,462 35,788
28 Israel 253,103 1,792,137 1,530,716 8,318
29 Honduras 247,604 700 385,089 127,029 10,456
30 Colombia 178,734 24,272 5,568,068 5,258,204 131,130
31 Bulgaria 160,761 9,996 830,604 637,596 32,247
32 Serbia 152,018 12,797 1,449,192 1,284,076 13,098
33 Austria 141,381 15,717 1,459,306 1,304,003 13,922
34 Hungary 137,951 21,219 1,348,233 1,169,775 40,507
35 Bolivia 136,864 5,265 754,335 597,217 20,254
36 Lebanon 133,905 6,109 826,279 682,977 9,397
37 Japan 125,497 26,881 1,879,839 1,735,909 18,433
38 Czechia 123,896 7,244 2,603,851 2,443,056 36,899
39 Laos 117,176 602 125,333 7,660 497
40 Bosnia 111,633 1,442 317,692 192,218 13,841
41 South Korea 105,162 3,858 696,032 584,537 6,333
42 Ukraine 105,007 5,072 3,759,530 3,556,162 98,361
43 Cyprus 103,827 3,143 228,881 124,370 684
44 Chile 94,984 8,930 1,885,540 1,751,130 39,426
45 Mongolia 93,873 1,673 409,215 313,256 2,086
46 South Africa 91,611 1,691 3,560,921 3,375,859 93,451
47 Uruguay 83,392 7,981 520,822 431,182 6,248
48 Thailand 82,207 6,929 2,331,414 2,227,266 21,941
49 Rwanda 78,635 402 125,568 45,522 1,411
50 Romania 76,167 8,118 1,911,546 1,776,122 59,257
51 Kazakhstan 75,856 11,524 1,061,432 972,495 13,081
52 Ethiopia 75,688 881 458,203 375,353 7,162
53 Guadeloupe 70,956 73,959 2,250 753
54 Slovenia 70,772 4,967 538,325 461,848 5,705
55 Algeria 65,134 692 226,749 155,192 6,423
56 Martinique 58,684 59,583 104 795
57 Tunisia 58,179 7,266 788,012 704,030 25,803
58 French Guiana 57,776 2,106 69,381 11,254 351
59 Morocco 57,568 3,177 1,051,830 979,268 14,994
60 Panama 57,203 5,468 580,324 515,593 7,528
61 Uganda 56,295 438 158,676 98,957 3,424
62 Georgia 53,355 3,656 999,343 931,507 14,481
63 Croatia 48,441 1,397 818,832 757,234 13,157
64 Costa Rica 47,796 2,825 620,587 565,370 7,421
65 Lithuania 46,103 2,603 570,602 516,839 7,660
66 UAE 44,829 2,989 808,237 761,213 2,195
67 Egypt 44,500 1,232 401,308 334,629 22,179
68 Jamaica 43,630 1,220 113,438 67,272 2,536
69 Kuwait 43,356 5,147 470,478 424,645 2,477
70 Bangladesh 42,913 6,676 1,624,387 1,553,320 28,154
71 Saudi Arabia 42,731 5,505 620,935 569,296 8,908
72 Qatar 41,717 3,998 303,240 260,896 627
73 Malaysia 40,619 2,342 2,810,689 2,738,262 31,808
74 Dominican Rep. 37,866 6,331 504,914 462,779 4,269
75 Paraguay 35,730 3,191 504,380 451,806 16,844
76 Pakistan 35,677 4,340 1,328,487 1,263,791 29,019
77 Burundi 35,446 36,257 773 38
78 Slovakia 34,682 1,015 880,671 828,637 17,352
79 Mayotte 31,405 798 34,555 2,964 186
80 Estonia 31,132 2,104 269,199 236,083 1,984
81 Nepal 30,877 5,747 859,485 816,985 11,623
82 DRC 30,776 678 82,984 50,930 1,278
83 Jordan 30,360 5,039 1,106,006 1,062,642 13,004
84 Mozambique 28,189 309 219,390 189,069 2,132
85 Latvia 28,178 1,560 305,354 272,442 4,734
86 Kenya 26,731 223 317,857 285,627 5,499
87 Réunion 25,838 102,216 75,943 435
88 Iran 25,282 3,163 6,224,196 6,066,819 132,095
89 Iraq 24,055 4,466 2,118,779 2,070,472 24,252
90 Guatemala 23,981 384 653,555 613,395 16,179
91 Nigeria 23,439 249 251,178 224,629 3,110
92 Luxembourg 22,426 4,425 127,765 104,401 938
93 Bahrain 21,185 2,898 310,906 288,323 1,398
94 Albania 20,928 1,017 233,654 209,455 3,271
95 Cuba 17,502 3,306 1,002,499 976,656 8,341
96 Trinidad 16,566 382 101,376 81,602 3,208
97 North Macedonia 16,397 766 245,398 220,886 8,115
98 Malawi 14,797 73 82,792 65,521 2,474
99 Zambia 13,629 685 296,817 279,322 3,866
100 Suriname 13,518 435 63,878 49,147 1,213
101 Sri Lanka 13,444 688 597,035 568,373 15,218
102 Nicaragua 13,124 17,563 4,225 214
103 Moldova 13,091 1,783 390,742 367,199 10,452
104 Zimbabwe 13,090 382 226,460 208,112 5,258
105 Syria 12,995 38 50,748 34,803 2,950
106 Montenegro 12,933 1,116 204,862 189,450 2,479
107 Venezuela 12,536 1,618 456,641 438,722 5,383
108 Curaçao 11,965 168 33,942 21,771 206
109 Mauritania 11,861 404 55,395 42,625 909
110 Guyana 11,369 892 52,095 39,630 1,096
111 Lesotho 11,132 31,734 19,915 687
112 Botswana 10,312 2,209 239,887 227,041 2,534

The V2 virus most likely migrated to humans from bats through an intermediary animal. The pangolin has been suspected as the intermediary host, but that remains uncertain. The V2 virus was not created in a lab. But V2 may have leaked from a virus lab in Wuhan, China.A doctor from the Wuhan hospital hit hardest in the initial outbreak said he and colleagues suspected the virus was highly transmissible in early January 2020, weeks before Chinese authorities admitted it, but were prevented from warning anyone. The count of those infected during that initial outbreak was 10 times larger than reported at the time. The Chinese simply did not know the extent of the rapid spread. China smartly imposed severe extended lockdowns shortly after the epidemic began there. The takeaways from this story are that even the tightest restrictions did not prevent the virus from spreading, and that tracking infection numbers on the fly is impossible.

Public health authorities around the world, notably in Europe and North America, ignored for months early signs that covid was spreading, thus fostering the worldwide pandemic. Even now, effective measures – mass testing, enforced quarantine – are ignored for ineffectual social restrictions which deny basic human rights and impoverish people.

Rates of stillbirth and maternal death have risen by 1/3d during the pandemic, with the impact most acute in poor and developing countries.


Because of its surreptitious infectiousness (asymptomatic transmission), V2 proved unstoppable. No country contained their epidemic. Lockdowns at best barely slow viral spread. A study of 149 countries found lockdowns and social distancing restrictions correlated with only an average 13% reduction in reported cases. Countries lauded for their handling of covid in the spring have had uncontrolled resurgences during the autumn.

Epidemiologists don’t understand the nature of covid waves. Restrictions, masks, and mass vaccinations have proven ineffective. The virus seems to have its own rhythms. Many nation’s epidemics, such as Japan, withered of their own accord. In others, such as the USA and Mongolia, the virus has hung on with ferocity.

Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have canceled several cruise ship trips as the Omicron variant continues to wreak havoc with the cruise industry. (18 January)

Governments around the world failed to prepare for the inevitable pandemic. The initial panic and woefully pitiable response to the pandemic exemplifies the incompetence which spells inexorable doom in addressing self-extinction caused by industrial pollution, overpopulation, and unsustainable resource consumption.

Few countries bothered with more than limited, selective testing. Hence the virus readily moves through populations surreptitiously via asymptomatic transmission. Rapid antigen tests are increasingly popular as Omicron dominates.

There is no correlation between V2 vaccination and infection. Those jabbed as as likely to be infected, and to be contagious. A V2 jab may only lessen the risk of severe covid, at the considerable risk of severe – and possibly permanent – side effect (a risk which is largely ignored by mainstream media, as they are a promotion tool for the authorities).

The focus on covid has let other infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria, revive.

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said 9 October 2020 that authorities should “avoid these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else.” Ryan linked soaring covid cases in the northern hemisphere to the failure to quarantine people exposed to the virus. Nations did not taken the lesson.

At least 200 million people globally are expected to remain unemployed in 2022, well above pre-pandemic levels, with a weak labor market recovery exacerbating existing inequalities. Migrant workers have especially struggled.

The extended and extensive covid restrictions have resulted in supply chain shortages which are hobbling manufacturing in the West. The economic toll of covid restrictions, including inflation, unemployment, and civil unrest, will last for years. On 17 January, the UN predicted that covid restrictions will mean years of high unemployment.

Social restrictions and their attendant stress has resulted in weight gain and greater obesity in populations (from stress eating and lack of exercise). Since fat is the greatest risk factor for covid sickness, social restrictions have abetted covid severity.

2/3rds of nations have used covid to clamp down on the news media and suppress personal expression as well curb natural human rights with restrictions. “The global state of freedom of expression continues to deteriorate,” reported human rights organization Article 19. (27 August)

Most masks worn as an anti-covid measure may instead heighten the hazard of V2 infection. Such masks reduce airflow and may trap viral particles, giving the virus more time to be inhaled.

The toll of trash from covid-related ‘treatment’, including masks, has been horrendous. Advocates of covid restrictions and mask-wearing ignore the environmental and societal impacts of their positions.

The anti-covid barriers that have become so common instead foster infection by limiting air flow, thereby allowing higher viral concentration. “If you have a forest of barriers, it’s going to interfere with proper ventilation of that room,” observed American environmental engineer Linsey Marr.

The response to the covid pandemic has deepened global hunger. 1/3rd of the world’s people are not getting enough to eat. The useless restrictions imposed have been a hardship to all but the rich.

WHO noted 22 July 2021 that the mental health impact from covid restrictions will be “long term and far reaching.” Subsequent reports from the US and UK confirm widespread distress, especially among young people.

In the Americas and other parts of the world, the extended closure of schools has left students bereft of education. “This is a generational crisis,” said Emanuela Di Gropello of the World Bank. “This cannot go on,” said James Elder, spokesman for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), on 27 July. “Reopening schools cannot wait for all teachers and students to be vaccinated.” On 6 September, the UN estimated that 25% of nations’ educational systems were at risk of collapse due to covid restrictions.

Shortsightedness in children in China and elsewhere is rising from too much time indoors during lockdown.

With foreigners perpetually unpopular, governments worldwide are keeping travel restrictions which were ostensibly set to limit covid spread (but did not work as intended).

There is a severe global blood donor shortage. Many countries do not allow people who have recently been vaccinated to give blood, while some people are simply shunning giving blood because of the pandemic.

Whereas social media is regularly denounced for covid misinformation, instead the corporate mass media daily reports myths about covid and especially V2 vaccines.

YouTube, owned by Google, bans the accounts of prominent people discouraging V2 vaccination, and removes all content that approved vaccines are hazardous.

Pfizer and Merck have pills aimed at lessening covid severity by thwarting viral replication. Pfizer’s is called paxlovid; Merck’s is molnupiravir. To have any hope of being effective, treatment must begin when symptoms appear. The pills are taken for 5 days in a row. These pills can cause birth defects, so are not for pregnant women. Test results indicate that Pfizer’s pill works better than Merck’s.

Greenhouse gas emissions have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels.


Hong Kong will cull more than 2,000 hamsters and ban the import of small animals after a pet shop worker, a customer and at least 11 hamsters tested positive for the Delta variant.

Hong Kong is keeping its covid restrictions until after the lunar new year at the start of February. Entry to Hong Kong is severely restricted. Hong Kong requires arrivals from the US to spend a week at a government quarantine camp. Hong Kong has a vaccine passport system for public places.

Nepal has closed its schools again. Further, officials have banned gatherings of more than 25 people and have introduced a requirement for proof of vaccination to access public services. Protests against the jab mandate are quickly growing.

South Korea is in the midst of another covid surge. South Korea again has social distancing rules and a 9 pm curfew for restaurants and cafes. Unvaccinated people may only dine out alone. Movie theatres and internet cafes must shut by 10 pm. South Korea requires all incoming arrivals to spend 10 days in quarantine. More than 94% of South Korean adults are fully vaccinated, but the number of new cases has nonetheless risen. South Korea’s vaccine passes now have a 6-month expiration date. South Korea is now treating covid patients with Pfizer’s antiviral pills (Paxlovid).

South Korean court ordered that private educational facilities, including libraries and cram schools, should be temporarily excluded from the government’s jab passport system. Parents in South Korea are vehemently opposed to having their children’s educations suffer over a mild cold virus.

China’s postal service has ordered workers to disinfect international deliveries and urged the public to reduce orders from overseas after authorities claimed mail could be the source of recent covid outbreaks.

The southern Chinese city of Zhuhai suspended public bus routes on Saturday 15 January after discovering 7 cases of Omicron there. Residents were warned not to leave the city.

At enormous effort and cost, China continues to practice covid containment with mass testing and snap lockdowns. On Tuesday 2 November Zhong Nanshan, China’s covid policy maven, confirmed that commitment. “Zero tolerance costs a lot indeed, but letting the virus spread costs more,” Zhong said. Zhong failed to mention that the virus is still spreading despite the extreme measures. China’s lockdowns and zero-covid strategy appear to enjoy widespread support among the public. But they are not working. China is seeing more outbreaks recently.

Over 20 million in China are confined to their homes to prevent covid spread in at least 5 cities. The central Chinese city of Anyang has 5 million people in a lockdown. China is battling Omicron outbreaks in Henan province, which is southeast of Beijing. China locked down the 14 million residents of the major port city of Tianjin after a small outbreak there; the outbreak seems curbed as of Tuesday 18 January. 1 million in Yuzhou are in a 3rd week of lockdown.

On 9 November 2021, China broadened its definition of close contact in its drive to try to control the spread of covid. The new definition says that people who happen to be in the same area at the same time as an infected person for a short period of time can be compelled to get a virus test or quarantine.

China is home to about 1/3rd of global manufacturing. Contagious Omicron combined with China’s containment policy means that global supply chain disruptions will only worsen in the near future.

China‘s authorities are urging citizens not to order goods from overseas, claiming a recent Omicron infection detected in Beijing came from an international package sent from Canada.

China is maintaining its covid-prevention border restrictions indefinitely. New visas to enter China are mostly restricted to those who have received a Chinese jab, while arrivals also have to spend at least a fortnight in hotel quarantine. China has not yet approved any of the WHO-approved western vaccines, and vice versa.

Local authorities in China restrict access to public venues and services, including hospitals, schools, and public transport, to those who have been V2 jabbed.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are less than 3 weeks away. The only on-site spectators are those that the government allows. Tickets will not be sold. On Thursday 13 January, Beijing began operating its “closed loop” that will isolate athletes and delegates at the forthcoming Winter Olympics from the rest of the country.

Independent reporting on covid in China is practically forbidden. At least 128 journalists have been detained for doing so.

China‘s government has a drive to vaccinate all children from 3 year up against V2 by the end of 2021. The campaign faces significant obstacles, including parental reluctance in a country with a checkered history of safety on children’s vaccines. The government insists that child inoculations are voluntary, but parents have described coming under pressure to get their children jabbed.

China now has an approved a domestically developed monoclonal antibody treatment for covid, albeit for “emergency” use. A monoclonal antibody is a type of protein that attaches to the spike protein of the coronavirus, reducing its ability to enter the body’s cells.

Vietnam continues to have a lively covid epidemic. Lockdown restrictions have been eased, and the government appears hesitant to reimpose them, after all the economic damage done from the previous lockdown.

Thailand continues to have covid restrictions. Some of Thailand’s tourism hotspots are open to fully vaccinated international tourists. Krabi, Phang-Nga, Ko Samui, Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao reopen, provided tourists stay at an approved hotel for at least 7 days. Phuket reopened in last July under a similar arrangement.

India‘s covid epidemic is again rising, with Omicron leading the charge. Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata have seen new-case spikes recently. India imposed more restrictions 30 December. Delhi has even more serious covid restrictions. Delhi’s covid restrictions are a huge blow to India’s traditional wedding season, which runs from November to March. Schools, colleges, and educational institutions are closed, as are sports complexes, cinemas, conference halls, stadiums and swimming pools. Offices are at half capacity, as are restaurants. There is a 10pm curfew. Predictably, the restrictions are not doing any good.

People in India are increasingly refusing to wear masks, recognizing that they are inconvenience that does next to nothing about V2 viral spread.

India banned political rallies for a week as cases soared, particularly in urban areas. But election officials said that local assembly elections in 5 states, representing a total population of about 250 million, would proceed as planned starting in February.

New covid cases in Japan are up. Largely voluntary restrictions are in effect in Tokyo, Osaka and several other areas where case numbers are surging. Japan will maintain its tight entry restrictions until the end of February.

US troops in Okinawa prefecture have been ordered to wear masks off base amid criticism that military authorities failed to tackle a  covid outbreak among service personnel that has taken hold among the local civilian population. Japan asked the United States on Thursday 6 January to impose lockdowns on its military bases in the country to thwart spread of outbreaks from American service members. Japan is limiting bar and restaurant opening times in near US military bases as a stab at stemming a surge in V2 viral spread.


Owing to Omicron, Europe has been hosting a sustained covid wave. Mass vaccination has made no difference in the number of new cases. European governments are again damning their economies in the ridiculous, quixotic quest to to thwart an unstoppable virus. Protests against the restrictions are becoming larger, more frequent, and widespread.

The map below is per capita.

Most nations in Europe require V2 vaccine passports to enter bars and restaurants or other public venues, or board public transport. A bare majority of Europeans support vaccine passport programs. A black market in fake vaccine passports in Europe is thriving. Further, most nations in Europe have embraced making V2 jabs mandatory for those who are captive to their jobs.

Starting in February, EU covid passports will have a validity period of 9 months, and booster shots will be mandatory for travel across several countries on the continent.

In the southern Dutch town of Valkenburg, Netherlands, the town’s mayor, Daan Prevoo, gave the green light to businesses to reopen (10 am to 4 pm) in defiance of the current national lockdown on Friday 14 January.

Austria‘s Omicron surge is roaring. Austria has made V2 jabs mandatory for all adult Austrians, but cannot do so until it gets its electronic health records system to a decent level of reliability. That won’t be until April at the earliest. On Saturday 15 January, thousands protested mandatory jabs in Vienna, Austria’s capital.

France’s current covid wave is surging to its highest yet in the pandemic. Over 90% of French 12 years or older have been jabbed. It hasn’t hindered V2 at all. France has had a repressive jab passport program since the summer. It hasn’t done any good. Fake covid passports are commonly used. On Monday 17 January, France’s Parliament passed tougher restrictions on those not jabbed for V2.Masks are mandatory indoors for all above 5 years old in France. Paris has also made masks outdoors mandatory. France imposed more restrictions 3 January. Big events are limited to 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 people outdoors. Nightclubs are closed. People must sit down during concerts. Customers are not allowed to stand up in bars. Eating and drinking is banned in cinemas, theatres, sport facilities and public transportation, including on long-distance routes. Working from home is mandatory at least 3 days per week for employees whose job makes it possible. France is easing restrictions for schools as record-high case numbers shut down thousands of classes and spark concern among parents and teachers. Having had a 1-day walkout last week, teachers are planning a strike over the government’s lack of clear rules for school attendance.

Germany has been hosting a covid surge of unprecedented proportion. Workers are again asked to work from home if possible. Tighter restrictions were imposed 28 December, despite health ministry admitting that restrictions weren’t going to limit viral spread. Health workers must be fully V2 jabbed by mid-March. A V2 passport is necessary to ride public transit, attend work in person, eat at a restaurant or enter a bar, or shop. 70% of Germans have been V2 vaccinated. A recent survey showed 65% of unvaccinated respondents said there was “no way” they would take a jab. Germany has a ban of the unjabbed from public venues except essential shopping. Germany is now running short of V2 vaccines. The German government has so far said it does not want to impose another lockdown.

The British Isles continues hosting a lively Omicron wave, which may have peaked. John Bell, esteemed British immunologist, remarked Wednesday 29 December, “Omicron appears to be less severe and many people spend a relatively short time in hospital.”

As Britain’s national health service (NHS) is understaffed from chronic government neglect, British Army personnel are being sent to help in hospitals.

Wales is planning to relax some of its covid restrictions by the end of January. The recent covid surge there is evaporating.

England again has covid restrictions. Masks must be worn in shops and on public transport, and PCR assays for incoming international travelers are a must.

Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson is resisting piling on more covid restrictions as a feint against the explosion in new Omicron cases.

Covid-related staff shortages across England are causing “terrible” rubbish collection delays.

England continues to have problems with supplying V2 tests and test results to its citizens. 70% of English pharmacies who want to give booster jabs not yet been given the go-ahead.

Healthcare staff in England can decide whether children get a V2 vaccine against the wishes of their parents. The state, however, takes no responsibility for the consequences.

Scotland is letting nightclubs reopen next Monday  (24 January). Pubs remain open if they are providing table service.

In Northern Ireland dancing is prohibited in pubs.

Dozens of care homes in the UK continue to deny people access to their elderly relatives 20 months after the pandemic began. Care home operators have been petitioning the government to lift visiting restrictions. Care operators in England, especially London, are facing acute staffing shortages.

Many shops, bars, and restaurants in Northern Ireland are refusing to enforce the government’s covid passport program.

Many British midwives and other health professionals are advising that pregnant women not get V2 jabbed. V2 jabs are known to disrupt hormonal cycles in women.

Ireland has an 8 pm curfew for hospitality venues and a 50% limit on capacity for events.

Spain has reduced its covid self-isolation period to 7 days, even as the number of new infections recorded in the country hits record highs. Spain’s decision follows similar moves in countries such as the United States and England, where businesses had voiced fears that the fast-spreading Omicron variant would leave them with mounting staff shortages.

Switzerland has again tight covid restrictions and insists that people work from home. Switzerland has a V2 passport system.

Once-lackadaisical Sweden now has a covid passport program for public gatherings and events with more than 100 people indoors. 85% of Swedes have been V2 jabbed. Sweden’s new rules include a cap of 50 people for private gatherings and instructions for people to work from home.

In the face of a fresh covid surge, Denmark has again crippling social restrictions. Theaters, cinemas, concert halls, amusement parks, museums and art galleries, schools and colleges are closed. 79% of Danes have been V2 jabbed. Denmark requires foreigners entering the country to provide a negative V2 test from 27 December, regardless of jab status. Although new covid cases are peaking, the number of those in intensive care is low.

Omicron has a fresh covid wave in Russia. Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin has extended home-working rules and guidance for elderly people to stay home until 1 April. Regions in Russia are increasingly demanding that those over 60 be V2 jabbed. Understandably not trusting their government, only 56% of Russians have been fully jabbed against V2. On Thursday 23 December, president Vladimir Putin said that he had no plans to impose fines or prosecute people unjabbed against V2.

Bosnia has had a recent covid surge, but Bosnians are not rushing to get vaccinated. 25% of the population in Bosnia have been jabbed.

Greece has had a sustained Omicron surge. Restrictions include no music nor standing customers at bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, which must close at midnight. Double masks are mandatory at supermarkets and public transport. On 30 November 2021, Greece announced that Greeks 60 or older not jabbed by 16 January 2022 are subject to being fined of 100 euros ($113) every month. Greece set a 1 February deadline for booster jabs. Those who have not received their booster jabs will be barred from most indoor venues.

The predictable response to Poland‘s recent covid surge has been useless restrictions, including limiting the numbers of people allowed in restaurants, hotels and theaters to 33% of capacity. The restrictions have done nothing to thwart covid spread. Poles have not much bothered to wear the masks they are supposed to by authorities dictate. Poland is mandating V2 jabs for doctors, teachers, and security service personnel from 1 March 2022. On Friday 14 January, 2/3rds of Poland’s covid medical advisory body resigned over the government’s refusal to put the country in lockdown.

Belgium is hosting a fresh covid surge despite 75% of Belgians having been jabbed. Covid hospitalizations are as high as they were in October 2020. In response, the government is mandating wider use of masks and enforcing work from home. Belgium has a covid passport regime which isn’t working to limit covid spread. Belgium is letting theaters and cinemas reopen, with audiences seated, obliged to wear masks, and only allowed in with a V2 passport.

Ukraine has had a heavy covid epidemic for much of the pandemic. Restrictions there have only hurt the economy and social fabric, but they continue to be imposed. Nationwide, 32% of Ukrainians have been V2 jabbed. Vaccine hesitancy is high in Ukraine, as people distrust authorities.

Norway has more covid restrictions in fear of Omicron, including mandatory face masks, social distancing, and limiting the number of visitors to private homes. All incoming arrivals to the country must be tested regardless of vaccination status.

Italy has extended its covid state of emergency to 31 March 2022 over dread of Omicron. Masks must be worn outdoors. The government has mandated that Italians 50 years or over be V2 jabbed. Italy  requires a V2 jab passport for international arrivals; if not, testing and 5 days in quarantine.

Police in Italy are in revolt after receiving pink masks to wear. Many officers refuse to wear them.

Romania has tighter covid restrictions. Bars and restaurants must close at 10 pm and operate at 50% or 30% capacity, depending on the area’s infection rate. Jab passes are required. The same goes for sporting events, gyms, and cinemas. Meanwhile, quarantine and isolation periods have been reduced.

Malta bans all events where attendees are standing rather than seated, except weddings and funerals. On Monday 17 January, hundreds marched in protest against the covid restrictions.


North America has had an Omicron wave, centered in the US. That wave has peaked and is poised to ebb. The map below is per capita.

Brazil has no idea how bad its current Omicron wave is.  Scant  testing and a data blackout caused by hackers have left Brazil in the dark.

Cuba is giving V2 booster shots to its entire population in January. Cuba uses vaccines it developed. These vaccines are safer (less subject to side effects) than those being used in the US.

Canada’s covid epidemic is again surging via Omicron. The government has imposed more futile social restrictions. Quebec plans to have a special tax on those not vaccinated against V2. British Columbia has closed bars, nightclubs and gyms, and banned indoor gatherings, including wedding ceremonies.

Canada has mandatory V2 jabs upon anyone it can. Most commercial rail, air, and ship passengers must also get V2 jabs. The most populous, eastern province of Ontario, requires vaccine passports to enter public spaces, including bars, restaurants, nightclubs and indoor sporting facilities. All travelers in or out of Canada must be V2 jabbed.

Covid in the USA is soon on the wane, with the current wave having peaked last week. Social restrictions has caused a breakdown in basic functions and services across the country. Grocery stores are having shortages.

The map below is per capita.

Only 1 in 3 American adults think the government response to the US covid epidemic has been decent. 70% decry the confusing misinformation that the government puts out. Beyond exhortation, rhetorical dribble, and the issues of vaccine mandates and masks, US political leaders now ignore out-of-control covid.

US case tallies are mostly from hospitalizations. The corporate mass media lies about the unvaccinated being largely afflicted. Highly jabbed states have had recent surges. The US does not track the extent of V2 infections among the vaccinated. The US has led the world in covid cases and health system mismanagement throughout the pandemic.

The US disease control agency (CDC) is wanting a lot more debris generated in the form of more “protective” masks. “Masking is a critical public health tool to prevent the spread of covid-19, and it is important to remember that any mask is better than no mask,” the CDC said. That said, the CDC acknowledged Friday 14 January that the popular cloth masks don’t limit V2 spread, as is obvious by the current V2 epidemic. Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous, on Monday 17 January will require some employers to provide “medical-grade” masks to workers at high risk of V2 infection on the job. Mask mandates have been politically contentious among Americans, with illiberals for them and libertarians against. US president Joe Biden favors forcing people to wear masks.

Many US school reopenings have been delayed, especially in the larger, more bureaucratic districts. Staff shortages plague the US public school system.

Total undergraduate college enrollment in the US dropped 3.1% from the fall of 2020 to the fall of 2021, bringing the total decline since the fall of 2019 to 6.6%, or 1,205,600 students.

The covid pandemic has worsened the US’s sorry educational system. Elementary school students in the US ended the 2020-21 school year 4 to 5 months behind where they normally would have been in academic achievement. College enrollment has dropped dramatically among middle- and lower-class youth for economic reasons – another toll of covid restrictions. Enrollment in US public schools, mostly in the younger grades, has dropped steeply. Poor Americans cannot afford to send their children to school.

Puerto Rico has been hammered with covid. Until 18 January, private businesses that cater to the public must close from midnight to 5 am, no alcohol will be sold during those hours,  and gatherings of more than 250 people are banned.

There has been a surge of parents in the US needlessly taking their children to hospital for covid. Parents may be unsure how to care for their children, thanks to the idiot-led US government not publicizing proper treatment information. In short, ensure hydration. If breathing becomes difficult, lying face down can be helpful. Fever can be brought down by less clothing, exposing the feet, and lukewarm sponge baths that engender thermal wicking.

Since last summer, Broadway figured out how to stage their shows during the covid epidemic. But now audiences have vanished due to Omicron fears.

On Thursday 30 December, the US disease control agency (CDC) advised Americans to not take cruise ship trips. Cruise ships have repeatedly proven a near-perfect incubator for covid outbreaks.

US infection statistics show that V2 jabs are not effective in preventing infection. “Remember when the early vaccine studies came out, it was like nobody gets hospitalized, nobody dies,” said Dr. Robert Wachter, chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. “That clearly is not true.”

The one sure way to limit covid spread is not vaccination but testing. The US has been unable to implement a system for V2 testing since the pandemic began. Europe has over 3 dozen types of at-home tests are available for as little as $1 to $2 per test. Americans pay as much as $25 for a box of 2.

The US government acknowledged 28 July 2021 that V2 vaccines do not prevent covid spread. Still, the US mass media is using scare tactics against those not V2 jabbed – falsely publicizing that vaccines prevent covid or its spread, which they don’t. Corporate mass media in the US have been the #1 source of covid misinformation during the pandemic.

Illiberal US president Joe Biden has put his power behind forcing as many adults as he can to get V2 jabbed. At least 1 of his executive orders on mandatory jabs relies upon a 1970 law to protect employees from “grave dangers” at the workplace (the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970). The private sector dictate kicked in 4 January 2022. All federal workers, including the military, face mandatory vaccination. The Biden administration is advocating for state and local leaders to enact V2 jab mandates. Businesses, police unions, and several US states have been resisting Biden’s vaccine mandate. On Thursday 13 January, the US supreme court ruled that businesses cannot be forced to insist on V2 vaccination for employees, but that healthcare workers could face a mandatory jab.

Contrary to human rights and the US constitution, those on probation are being ordered by judges to get V2 jabbed or face prison time.

In New York, masks are now required in all indoor public places, including offices, stores, and residential building lobbies, unless the individual is fully jabbed. The new requirement means that shops, restaurants and venues will require patrons to be masked unless their employees check that those entering the premises are fully vaccinated. Businesses face civil and criminal penalties, and fines of up to $1,000, for failing to comply, and local health departments have been tasked with checking on them.

President Biden has kept in place the illicit order by predecessor Trump to expel migrants without granting them the opportunity to seek asylum. Biden, like Trump, is using covid as an excuse to do this. The US does not provide adequate medical care in its detention centers – an international crime.

The US government requires that nursing home staff be V2 jabbed as a condition for those facilities to continue receiving federal Medicare and Medicaid funding: an effective coercion. These workers have been reluctant to take the jab. Covid has run rampant among the elderly, especially those in care homes.

Amtrak postponed its vaccine mandate for employees, and will allow workers to opt for weekly testing instead, citing a court decision that halted the enforcement of a national mandate for federal contractors. The revised policy – of not firing unjabbed staff – means that Amtrak no longer plans to cut services. Instead, Amtrak services are being pared because of staff shortages from covid.

Research found that American children born during the covid epidemic there have lower intelligence. The suspected culprit is bad parenting. “It’s not subtle by any stretch,” said study author Sean Deoni.

The US is suffering a child care worker shortage, exacerbated by covid restrictions and the jab mandate – ignoring that the best child care, especially for toddlers, is mother.

Republican lawmakers in over half (26) of US states have removed powers to protect the public against infectious diseases since the start of the pandemic. The Republican party is dedicated to making the working and lower class suffer and struggle to survive.

Getting sick with covid in the US, already expensive, is ratcheting up. Last year, most major US private health insurance companies waived costs associated with covid treatment. That profit drain is being plugged. Now covid is just another disease which sufferers will have to pay full price for.

Detainees at an Arkansas jail who had covid were unknowingly treated by the detention center’s doctor with ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug used for cattle, not approved for covid treatment. Some of the mistreated are suing for damages.

Cuba has V2 jabbed more of its citizens than most of the world’s largest and richest countries.

Peru has a V2 jab passport regime for adults to be able to enter public indoor spaces.

Ecuador is making V2 jabs mandatory for all adults there. The country already has a V2 passport program for public spaces.

Costa Rica has a mandate that children from 5 and up must be V2 jabbed.


Oceania remains largely closed to international visitors not willing to be quarantined.

Tonga is suffering the natural disaster of a tsunami unleashed by a volcanic eruption. Now Tonga’s official worry that international aid workers will bring the V2 virus with them. Tonga, with about 100,000 people, shut its borders in 2020 and has yet to reopen them.

Australia’s Omicron wave has peaked, as evidenced with daily deaths hitting new highs. (Deaths lag behind new cases by 2-3 weeks.) Fresh produce is getting scarcer in Australia’s grocery stores as fruits and vegetables are left to rot on farms, owing to workforce shortages from covid restrictions. Australia will be V2 jabbing children from 5 year old on up from 10 January 2022.

The Philippines is overwhelmed with Omicron. Banks, malls, and airlines have limited hours. Some schools are suspending online classes due to staff shortages. The government expanded covid restrictions in Manila from Wednesday 5 January to include more than 11 million people living near the capital. Unjabbed residents must stay at home unless buying essentials or exercising. Restaurants, parks, churches, and beauty salons will operate at lower capacity. In-person classes and contact sports are suspended. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte ordered the arrest of unjabbed people who violate stay-at-home orders. The restrictions will be in place until at least the end of January.

Malaysia‘s current covid restrictions include a ban on mass gatherings and requiring booster jabs for high-risk groups.

Singapore has PCR testing for all arrivals.

Indonesia has tightened travel restrictions in dread of Omicron, has banned entry by foreign nationals from several countries in Africa and Europe. Having had a long, rampant epidemic, Indonesia is keeping its border restrictions in place until 70% of Indonesians have been V2 shot at least once. 38% of Indonesians have been fully jabbed. Children as young as 6 are now being V2 jabbed. Meanwhile, Bali has hypothetically reopened to jabbed tourists, but mandatory quarantine and other restrictions are keeping people away.

New Zealand continues to have a few covid cases. Omicron is there.

Fiji is reopening schools, overcoming fear of Omicron.

Middle East

Abu Dhabi is banning visitors who have not had their booster jab from entry to the city, as the United Arab Emirates reports a Omicron surge. The United Arab Emirates bans unjabbed citizens from travelling abroad.

Iraq is barring anyone who is not fully vaccinated against V2 from entering the country, including Iraqis and religious pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia is seeing a surge in new covid cases. Its passport system has proven ineffectual.

Israel has been hosting an Omicron wave. 74% of Israelis have been V2 jabbed.

Israel banned all foreigners from coming into the country from 28 November 2021. On 20 December, Israel barred its citizens from traveling to the US and Canada, along with 56 other countries.


Authorities in Rwanda on Friday 14 January told public sector workers to get vaccinated against V2 or resign.

Tunisia now has a nighttime curfew and banning all gatherings for 2 weeks, until Thursday 27 January.

Uganda is reopening public schools after closing them in March 2020.  Some classes were reopened to students in February 2021, but a total lockdown was imposed again in June.

Omicron’s covid wave in South Africa is spent. Vaccination failed against reinfection. South Africa showed that Omicron is indeed a milder virus. The government in South Africa no longer requires asymptomatic V2 virus carriers to self-isolate.

Ghana limits access to beaches, restaurants, night clubs, and stadiums to those V2 jabbed. All incoming and outgoing travelers must be fully V2 vaccinated.


The etymology of “jab” for injection dates to the early 20th century in Britain, where the term meant injection of an illicit drug. That usage descends from boxing, where “jab” means a straight punch with the non-dominant hand. The use of jab as mockery or raillery (a verbal jab) descends from the boxing term. The verb “jab” derives from 16th century Scottish, where “job” was used to describe the pecking of birds, and then for any poking or thrusting action. Romantically, to “job faces” meant to kiss ardently.

Government officials had hoped that vaccines will take the sting out of the covid pandemic. That prospect is being disproven. “Vaccines do not equal zero covid,” said WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan. “Vaccination will add a major, powerful tool. But by themselves, they will not do the job.” Immunologists around the world have repeatedly warned that vaccination programs will not create herd immunity, which is a chimera.

You should be tested for V2 before being vaccinated. There is no reason to get jabbed if you have been exposed to V2. The elderly and frail should also avoid vaccination, especially with the radical mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, which pose the hazard of a significant side effects. For instance, the mRNA jabs are known to cause heart problems which are otherwise rare. Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, is a serious hazard, especially for young men.

Current V2 vaccines are not nearly as effective against Omicron as they were earlier variants. This is proving a great profit to vaccine makers, who recommend frequent useless booster jabs.

Pfizer announced Monday 10 January 2022 that it has revised Omicron jab that will be available in March.

Women typically have worse side effects from V2 jabs than men. One reason is that the jabs are too potent for women – the dosages decided in a sexist manner in being calibrated toward men. Among other hazards, menstrual disorders often occur from V2 jabs (unlike many other vaccinations).

The US and EU disease control agencies recommend that pregnant women risk their unborn children to V2 jabs.

The big lie about V2 vaccines is that the risk of severe covid is worse than the jabs – not true. A V2 jab will make you sick, and you risk severe reaction. By contrast, covid is a mild cold at worst for healthy people.

There is no standard for vaccine efficacy. Western commercial V2 jab makers rigged their initial numbers and regulators were too mathematically and scientifically ignorant to object. For one, the sole metric – antibody counts – do not fully reflect effective immune system response to the virus.

V2 vaccines have universally proven less efficacious than stated by their makers. Governments are approving V2 jabs without adequate reliable data.

Even after massive application, epidemiologists remain uncertain how effective vaccines are, especially against variants for which they were not designed. Jabs often help prevent severe covid among those most at risk: the obese and those in bad health due to lifestyle choice. The paucity of data owes to not tracking outcomes.

The salient point about V2 vaccines is that there is no established correlation between antibody levels and (covid) disease prevention – yet this is the false assumption behind hypothetical efficacy of V2 jabs. Immune system protection is much more sophisticated than just antibody counts.

V2 vaccines are designed to prevent severe prolonged disease – at the cost of mild disease for days. Jabs are not intended to limit covid spread, nor are they effective in doing so. Recent studies have repeatedly show that V2 viral levels are similar regardless of vaccination status. The Guardian on 28 October 2021, based on a study published in The Lancet: “People who are fully vaccinated against covid yet catch the virus are just as infectious to others as infected unvaccinated people.”

An Israel study discovered that mRNA jabs give 7 times less protection against covid from Delta V2 than natural immunity from a previous V2 infection. “Natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the Delta variant,” the researchers reported. (27 August)

The bottom line of V2 vaccination is that people not in exceptional physical shape – especially those overweight – should get jabbed. This applies to most people in Western nations: perhaps 80% of American or British adults, and especially older folk (though not the frail). For this majority, the risk of severe covid is greater than the risk of jab severe reaction.

Vaccines that are in wide use include China’s Sinopharm (CoronaVac) and Sinovac, Russia’s Sputnik V (Gamaleya), Germany’s Pfizer-BioNTech, USA’s Moderna, Britain’s AstraZeneca-Oxford, India’s Covaxin (Bharat Biotech), Belgium’s Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), and Cuba’s 3-jab Abdala vaccine. China has 5 locally developed V2 vaccines approved for public use; Russia 3. Numerous other vaccines are being tested and under development.

The Chinese vaccine Sinovac, which has been administered to hundreds of millions of people around the world, does not provide enough antibodies to neutralize the Omicron variant, according to researchers in Hong Kong. Antibody count is not the only indication of vaccine efficacy, just the easiest to tally.

On Monday 20 December, Moderna expressed confidence that its booster jab, at half the dose of its 2-jab inoculation, would do the trick against Omicron in preventing severe sickness.

The European Union has not approved Russia’s Sputnik V jab for political reasons. But Australia recognizes Sputnik V as a valid jab for passport purposes.

Cuba has 3 domestically developed V2 jabs, Abdala, Soberana 2, and Soberna Plus. All use conventional vaccine techniques. Cuba is inoculating toddlers as young as 2 years. On 1 December 2021, Cuba announced it is upgrading its jabs to protect against Omicron.

Turkey has its own domestic V2 jab – Turkovac – which is the same technology as China’s CoronaVac (a modified adenovirus). (22 December)

BioNTech, the company that developed the Pfizer jab, said it could manufacture and distribute an updated version of its vaccine within 100 days if a new V2 variant is found to evade its existing jab.

On Saturday 30 October 2021, China’s president, Xi Jinping, called for mutual recognition of V2 vaccines based on the World Health Organization’s emergency use list. To promote their own corporate concoctions, rich Western nations have shut out lower cost vaccines from China. China has also not approved any Western jabs, but Western vaccine makers have not applied.

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are developing their home-grown vaccines as supply shortages persist.

Countries are increasingly dispensing vaccines by different makers for the 2 jabs.

Covid has been a tremendous boon to commercial vaccine makers which have raked in tremendous profits from V2 jabs.

More than 4.73 billion peopled have been jabbed against V2 worldwide, with by far the most in China. Only 15% of people in Africa have got even a single V2 jab.

As the chart below illustrates, governments worldwide have shown their illiberality by demanding V2 vaccines for adults to be in public spaces.

Jabbing has not made a difference in V2 infection numbers.

Vaccines are faltering against Omicron. In the US, over 75% of those freshly infected had been fully vaccinated against V2. As a way to encourage regular cash injections, jab makers are publicizing that vaccine efficacy wanes in less an a year.

Rich nations are now mass vaccinating children against V2 – an unnecessary and imprudent gesture, as covid is nothing to a healthy child, whereas the V2 jabs are a decided hazard.

Tens of millions of asylum seekers, migrants, refugees and internally displaced people around the world have been excluded from national vaccination programs.

Covax is an initiative by WHO to get V2 jabs to all countries. WHO has agreed a no-fault compensation plan for claims of serious side effects in people in 92 poorer countries who get jabbed. The Covax campaign is running short of doses to meet demand, by more than 500 million jabs. In the 2nd week of September 2021, Covax slashed by 25% its forecast of available doses this year under its program.

Rapid expiration dates and a lack of storage facilities left lower-income countries with no choice but to reject more than 100 million doses of V2 vaccines distributed by the global Covax scheme last month.

Omicron achieved viral escape: evolving to elude vaccination. “The virus is traveling in a direction that is causing it to escape from our current vaccines and therapies that are directed against the viral spike,” immunologist David Ho on 8 March 2021. In August 2021, researchers found that the power of V2 jabs to prevent covid in the US dropped 25% since the Delta variant became dominant. The figure now sits at 66%. That said, news reports continue to claim that the jabs being given are effective against severe covid.

Further, mass jab campaigns inspire V2 to accelerate its evolution to more smartly evade the immune system – an obvious evolutionary move-countermove dynamic which is being ignored. A savvier strategy would be to only vaccinate at-risk people.

Indonesia criminalized failure to be V2 jabbed: fining those who refuse up to $360. “A blanket mandate on vaccination, especially one that includes criminal penalties, is a clear violation of human rights,” remarked human rights advocate Usman Hamid.

On 8 December 2021, Pfizer claimed that 3 jabs of its vaccine could “neutralize” Omicron. This lie was based on a high antibody count in a lab test. Antibody counts have not been reliable indicators of V2 efficacy against infection, as other immune system activity is involved. On 17 December, after a study showing Pfizer’s jab did not provoke a vigorous antibody response against Omicron, Pfizer changed its story, and claimed that T cell protection was the saving grace of its jab. Clinical trials of the Pfizer jab have shown it worthless or worse for 2- to 5-year-olds.

Unlike other vaccines, which present viral components to the body for an immune reaction, the mRNA jabs deliver genetic instructions for the body to make its own spike protein (and then react to it).

Side effects to V2 vaccines are a serious problem. Jabs from AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson are especially prone to serious side effects. For the 2-jab vaccines, side effects from the 2nd jab is worse than the first.

Sweden and Finland stopped jabbing people 20 or younger with the Moderna vaccine due to side effects, especially myocarditis and pericarditis.

Side effects are more common in those who have already been infected with V2. For those with long covid, a jab may jolt the immune system into reconsidering its attack on the body. Chronic covid is an autoimmune disease.

The most common reported symptom (15%) that is considered long covid is anxiety or depression. That is nonsensical misdiagnosis. Mental illness is not caused by the V2 virus.

In the UK, 330 million doses of the Pfizer jab resulted in severe sickness in 244,807 people and 4,198 deaths.

Janssen, a Belgium-based subsidiary of the US-based company Johnson & Johnson (J&J), developed a single-jab V2 vaccine. This inactivated-virus only needs near-freezing refrigeration. Like other adenovirus-based vaccines, many people have already been exposed to this cold virus. To make the vaccine effective, the novel V2 spikes have been added to the adenovirus base. Though only a relative few cases of severe allergic reaction have been reported with the J&J jab, this vaccine can cause blood clots and nerve disorders which are otherwise exceedingly rare. Women are more susceptible – as they are for all side effects, as the vaccine doses are set too high. Having got a bad reputation, the J&J jab has been a bust in the USA. The J&J jab is much less effective against evolved variants than it was against the original virus.

In the AstraZeneca and J&J jabs, an adenovirus is employed to present the coronavirus bits to the immune system. The jabs are delivered to muscle tissue, which are nonetheless fulsome with blood vessels. Blood clots in V2 jabs happen when an adenovirus makes its way into the bloodstream. Blood cells respond by releasing a protein (platelet factor 4 or PF4) which invokes clotting.

To put the V2 jab blood clot issue in proportion: people who get severe covid are more likely to get blood clots in the brain. A study found 0.000075% of those with covid got brain blood clots. That is 9 times the rate seen so far in V2 jab victims. The European Union drug regulator considers death by blood clot from a J&J jab an acceptable side effect.

Johnson & Johnson discovered a year after its V2 vaccine release that a 2nd jab ramps antibody levels dramatically. This discovery shows that J&J did not perform adequate testing on its jab before release.

Russia boasted last year of being 1st in the world to authorize a V2 vaccine: Sputnik V. Boastful Russia promoted its Sputnik V jab without releasing data demonstrating efficacy or safety. Skeptics abounded. Russians have spurned the jab. Yet accumulated data demonstrates that Sputnik V works as well as other jabs, and is safer than most. Like the J&J jab, Sputnik V is adenovirus vaccine. Unlike J&J and other jabs, no cases of circulatory problems (e.g., blood clotting) have been reported from Sputnik V. With a proven track record, Sputnik V is now gaining acceptance in other nations (besides Russia).

South Africa refused to approve the Sputnik V jab, citing concerns about its safety for people at risk of HIV. South Africa has one of the world’s highest HIV rates. Studies have suggested that vaccines using the Adenovirus Type 5 (Ad5) vector – which Sputnik V does – may lead to higher susceptibility to HIV in men.

For healthy young people especially, V2 jabs may cause worse symptoms than infection by the V2 virus itself. This is because viral loading in the body is gradual (if the virus is not defeated early on), whereas a vaccine is a viral shock treatment.

The mRNA jabs – by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – may kill people in frail health and cause heart problems in the young. Europe’s and US’s drug regulators have acknowledged this. The USA drug safety agency is adding a warning label to these jabs as risky: known to cause circulatory problems, especially in the young. US military personnel, in excellent health, have had chest pain and heart inflammation from mRNA jabs. mRNA jabs are have also caused erythema multiforme, an allergic skin reaction, and glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, disorders related to kidneys.

Pfizer knows its V2 jab is not “safe.” Pfizer requires that country’s using its jab give the company complete immunity for side effects. Brazil’s vaccine supply from Pfizer was held for 3 months over this issue – until Brazil capitulated.

A study reported 11 September found the Pfizer/BioNTech V2 jab was more dangerous for teenage boys than V2 infection itself. That has not stopped Pfizer from claiming that a low-dose version of its jab is “safe and effective” for children ages 5-11.

On Monday 23 August 2021, the US granted approval of the Pfizer jab as a political gesture, without scientific evidence that the jab was either safe or effective. General authorization was made behind closed doors based on 6 months worth of data despite trials being designed for 2 years, making it an extremely rare case for a mass use vaccine. “There was no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed,” observed Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate. The British Medical Journal reports that transparency advocates criticized the FDA’s decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval, despite last year committing to it. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, said “It’s obvious that the FDA has no intention of hearing anyone else’s opinion.” US president Joe Biden tweeted: “this FDA approval should give added confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective.” Yeah Joe, the rubes believe. That’s what fools do. 1/3rd of drugs approved by the FDA are later recalled as dangerous.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab has been dogged by controversy as to its effectiveness and safety. Countries abandoned interest in the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab after a study indicated that the vaccine was ineffectual against new variants.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab can cause blood clots. That jab has also caused rare neurological infirmities. Indonesia halted using the AstraZeneca vaccine after it killed a 22-year-old man the day after he was jabbed. (16 May)

Despite various V2 vaccines showing their hazards, Western health officials are desperate to continue their jab programs. The trend in Europe is to use a different makers’ vaccine for the 2nd jab.

Cats and dogs are susceptible to covid – and are a likely source of contagion. People spread covid to their pets. Russia was the first country to have a V2 vaccine for animals.

AstraZeneca has an antibody cocktail, called AZD7442 or Evusheld, which acts as a vaccine, but without the side effects. The treatment is primarily intended for those who do not respond well to vaccines, such as cancer patients.

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