Covid-19 Pandemic: Daily World Report

This daily world report dates to 18:20 GMT on Saturday 19 June 2021.

The virus V2 causes covid-19, which is a mild cold at worst in healthy people, most of whom never even know they were infected if they don’t get tested. Indeed, some 60% of V2 transmissions are by carriers who feel fine: 35% presymptomatic (before getting sick) and 25% asymptomatic (never getting sick).

With statistical exception, covid is a hazardous disease only to those who chose not to keep themselves in good health via bad lifestyle decisions: overeating, poor diet, and lack of exercise. That situation applies to the majority in many nations. Over 80% of Americans and Brits are fat and out of shape. Covid death rates are 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight, such as the US and Britain.

Covid is a public health crisis only because the public is not in good health – by choice. This seminal fact is universally ignored by the sensationalist mainstream press, which milks the tragedy story.

People who do not eat meat are significantly less likely to develop severe covid. Pescatarians (fish eaters) had 59% lower odds of developing serious illness from covid, while those on a plant-based diet (vegans) were 73% less likely.

V2 continually adapts, primarily to facilitate infection and contagion. New V2 varieties keep being discovered. Viruses mystically transmit among compatriots worthy innovations. Several of the variants are converging on the same solution to improved contagion (convergent evolution), thereby illustrating that adaptation is teleological (goal-oriented). A recently seen variant had a combination of traits only previously seen singularly in other variants.

New Zealand physician Ashley Bloomfield: “Influenza was first recorded in 1172 in Europe. These viruses don’t die out. They change over time. What we are seeing with these new variants with the covid-19 virus is that they become more transmissible and less deadly over time.”

Generally, variants do not cause more serious illness. But some might. Such varieties are likely more hazardous by dint of being able to ramp viral load quicker, sending the immune system into a terrible tizzy. Severe covid is, after all, an autoimmune disease, not a viral disease per se.

The highly infectious Delta variant, which likely originated in India, is becoming the dominant variant worldwide. Doctors in China are alarmed that the Delta variant is more virulent than the original V2 virus: patients are getting sicker and their conditions worsening quicker.

Having had its spring peak, the V2 virus is now holding its own in select locales.Numerically, deaths lag new cases by around a fortnight. In the chart below, the sharp dip near the end of last year owed to lax reporting during holidays.The numbers reported for active covid cases are gross under-counts: at most, only 6% (1 in 16) of those infected. Deaths may also be a few multiples larger.

Further, reporting follows patterns depending upon the day of the week. Low numbers are reported over the weekend and Monday, then rising as the week wears on.

Not reporting from lack of testing or government incompetence is the benign cause of under-counts. Such is the case in the USA, Indonesia, and much of Africa. Some countries fudge their numbers to make their epidemics politically less damaging – Russia and India are exemplary. China smartly only reports covid cases, not asymptomatic V2 carriers.

Countries reporting 10,000 or more new covid cases on Friday 18 June: Brazil 98,135 | India 60,800 | Columbia 28,790 | Argentina 20,363 | Russia 18262 | USA 13,389 | Indonesia 12,990 | South Africa 10,510 | UK 10,476 | Iran 10,100. Below are countries tallying over 10,000 active cases.

Country Active New Total Recovered Dead
USA 5,100,420 13,389 34,393,269 28,675,929 616,920
Brazil 1,166,587 98,135 17,802,176 16,136,968 498,621
India 766,718 60,800 29,822,764 28,670,879 385,167
Argentina 310,187 20,363 4,242,763 3,844,329 88,247
Russia 302,205 17,262 5,281,309 4,850,659 128,445
Iran 275,168 10,100 3,080,526 2,722,612 82,746
Mexico 272,551 4,253 2,467,643 1,964,300 230,792
UK 184,934 10,476 4,610,647 4,297,757 127,956
Colombia 173,188 28,790 3,888,614 3,616,680 98,746
Poland 153,805 190 2,878,466 2,649,879 74,782
Honduras 153,241 1,218 251,149 91,189 6,719
Spain 132,585 4,214 3,757,442 3,544,205 80,652
Indonesia 130,096 12,990 1,963,266 1,779,127 54,043
South Africa 105,966 10,510 1,796,589 1,632,182 58,441
France 95,244 3,181 5,752,872 5,546,926 110,702
Italy 92,068 1,143 4,250,898 4,031,605 127,225
Turkey 86,433 5,575 5,359,728 5,224,224 49,071
Costa Rica 74,029 1,604 350,630 272,128 4,473
Iraq 70,578 5,068 1,279,697 1,192,285 16,834
Bolivia 68,609 2,682 417,195 332,662 15,924
Netherlands 66,726 888 1,677,596 1,593,147 17,723
Malaysia 65,602 6,440 685,204 615,326 4,276
Philippines 62,040 6,818 1,346,261 1,260,836 23,385
Nepal 59,624 1,963 617,947 549,682 8,641
Egypt 55,698 589 276,190 204,701 15,791
Paraguay 53,425 2,149 403,392 338,556 11,411
Dominican Republic 53,415 1,216 314,031 256,874 3,742
Bangladesh 53,150 3,883 844,970 778,421 13,399
Kenya 52,295 796 178,078 122,346 3,437
Finland 47,187 73 94,154 46,000 967
Belgium 45,349 493 1,078,251 1,007,785 25,117
Hungary 42,851 106 807,428 734,627 29,950
Chile 42,227 6,770 1,505,001 1,431,515 31,259
Germany 39,571 1,244 3,728,583 3,598,100 90,912
Norway 39,353 197 129,095 88,952 790
Algeria 37,511 379 135,219 94,093 3,615
Pakistan 35,809 1,043 946,227 888,505 21,913
Sri Lanka 35,674 2,349 235,413 197,259 2,480
Tunisia 34,777 2,291 378,982 330,331 13,874
Afghanistan 33,065 1,677 100,521 63,426 4,030
Thailand 32,795 3,058 210,782 176,410 1,577
Sweden 29,521 1,084,636 1,040,578 14,537
Uruguay 29,155 2,716 351,378 317,016 5,207
Ukraine 28,268 967 2,228,192 2,147,972 51,952
Portugal 27,425 1,298 862,926 818,440 17,061
Mongolia 26,380 2,746 88,516 61,725 411
Oman 26,217 242,723 213,880 2,626
Japan 23,700 1,527 780,868 742,848 14,320
Jamaica 20,203 61 49,564 28,333 1,028
Zambia 19,719 2,913 125,157 103,884 1,554
Kazakhstan 19,711 1,174 406,383 382,461 4,211
Uganda 19,169 1,564 68,779 49,026 584
UAE 19,163 1,942 608,070 587,160 1,747
Guatemala 17,977 1,482 278,409 251,837 8,595
Mayotte 17,039 20,176 2,964 173
Kuwait 16,992 1,658 335,874 317,031 1,851
Ethiopia 16,989 124 274,899 253,634 4,276
Venezuela 16,974 1,278 258,140 238,241 2,925
Switzerland 16,655 173 701,627 674,103 10,869
French Guiana 16,318 307 26,450 9,995 137
Ecuador 15,649 2,054 444,395 407,512 21,234
Bosnia & Herzegovina 15,326 23 204,814 179,858 9,630
Guadeloupe 14,273 16,752 2,250 229
Canada 12,797 1,016 1,407,269 1,368,449 26,023
Martinique 11,982 12,178 98 98
Ireland 11,474 321 268,367 251,952 4,941
Libya 11,330 280 190,426 175,923 3,173
Namibia 11,289 70,112 57,716 1,107
Saudi Arabia 11,050 1,236 471,959 453,259 7,650
Myanmar 10,366 301 147,069 133,452 3,251
Panama 10,214 976 392,166 375,487 6,465
Bulgaria 10,205 105 420,964 392,772 17,987

The covid pandemic noticeably began in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The virus had been spreading in the province since at least mid-October. A doctor from the Wuhan hospital hit hardest in the initial outbreak said he and colleagues suspected the virus was highly transmissible in early January 2020, weeks before Chinese authorities admitted it, but were prevented from warning anyone. The count of those infected during that initial outbreak was 10 times larger than reported at the time. The Chinese simply did not know the extent of the rapid spread. China smartly imposed severe extended lockdowns shortly after the epidemic began there. The takeaways from this story are that even the tightest restrictions did not prevent the virus from spreading, and that tracking infection numbers on the fly is impossible.

The V2 virus most likely migrated to humans from bats through an intermediary animal. The pangolin has been suspected as the intermediary host, but that remains uncertain. The V2 virus was not created in a lab. Western leaders have been publicly pandering to that fantasy recently as a way of sneakily sniping at China.

Public health authorities around the world, notably in Europe and North America, ignored for months early signs that covid was spreading, thus fostering the worldwide pandemic. Even now, effective measures – mass testing, enforced quarantine – are ignored for ineffectual social restrictions which deny basic human rights and impoverish people.

Rates of stillbirth and maternal death rose by 1/3d during the pandemic, with the impact most acute in poor and developing countries.


Because of its surreptitious infectiousness (asymptomatic transmission), V2 proved unstoppable. No country contained their epidemic. Lockdowns at best barely slow viral spread. A study of 149 countries found lockdowns and social distancing restrictions correlated with only an average 13% reduction in reported cases. Countries lauded for their handling of covid in the spring have had uncontrolled resurgences during the autumn.

Governments around the world failed to prepare for the inevitable pandemic. The initial panic and woefully pitiable response to the pandemic exemplifies the incompetence which spells inexorable doom in addressing self-extinction caused by industrial pollution, overpopulation, and unsustainble resource consumption.

Few countries bothered with more than limited, selective testing. Hence the virus readily moves through populations surreptitiously via asymptomatic transmission.

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said 9 October 2020 that authorities should “avoid these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else.” Ryan linked soaring covid cases in the northern hemisphere to the failure to quarantine people exposed to the virus. Nations did not taken the lesson.

Inapt response to the covid pandemic added an estimated $24 trillion to the global debt mountain in 2020. “We expect global government debt to increase by another $10 trillion this year and surpass $92 trillion,” reported the Institute of International Finance. (17 February)

With summer approaching and the pandemic on the wane, nations are easing international travel restrictions.

At least 220 million people globally are expected to remain unemployed in 2021, well above pre-pandemic levels, with a weak labour market recovery exacerbating existing inequalities.

With mass vaccinations continuing, covid is becoming a disease of the disadvantaged in many Western nations, as poor communities are not given equal access to vaccines. This is apparent in both the US and UK.


Eastern Asia has been hosting new waves of covid, starring the Delta variant that emerged first in India. Other variants are also making the rounds.

Afghanistan is ramping supplies of oxygen as a deadly 3rd surge of covid worsens.

Cambodia reported its worst 1-day covid death toll – 20 people – on Saturday 19 June.

South Korea is is now using V2 vaccines from a different supplier for the 2nd jab owing to supply difficulties. AstraZeneca’s problematic jab is giving way to Pfizer’s.

To fight covid, Taiwan is banning foreign laborers from going outside. Local Taiwanese are not so constrained.

Nepal’s epidemic has peaked and now is in a slow ebb.

Hosptials in much of Afghanistan are overwhelmed with covid patients. The US embassy in Afghanistan has ordered a near-complete lockdown from a covid spike.

Thailand’s epidemic roars on while the government promise to have free jabs avaialble goes unmet. Criticism is a criminal offense. A series of outbreaks in Thai factories has heightened concern that the export sector could be hit hard, threatening to further undermine the economy.

The airport in China’s southern city of Shenzhen has cancelled hundreds of flights and tightened entry controls after a restaurant employee tested positive for the Delta variant. Shenzhen, which neighbors Hong Kong, is home to some of Asia’s biggest tech companies, including telecoms equipment maker Huawei and gaming giant Tencent.

Congestion at container shipping ports in southern China is bad, causing the biggest backlog since at least 2019. As China has become the world’s main factory, global goods shortages are expectable.

Authorities in Sindh and Punjab, province in Pakistan, have said they will block the mobile phones of people refusing to get vaccinated against covid, in the latest move to penalize sceptics. Only a small fraction of Pakistanis have been inoculated against V2. This announcement follows proclamation that Sindh civil servants who refuse to be jabbed will not be paid from July.

The covid surge in Mongolia continues. Half of Mongolians have got the Sinopharm jab.

Singapore is easing some of its covid restrictions from Monday 14 June after a month of futile gestures to control V2 spread. Primary and secondary schools remain closed.

India’s current covid wave continues its slow decline. Restrictions have been eased, and Indians are again thronging together without regard to contagion. The Taj Mahal is again open to visitors.

Japan’s epidemic continues unabated despite restrictions. Japan is lifting its covid “state of emergency” Sunday 20 June, except in Okinawa prefecture.

Japan’s V2 vaccination drive was slowed by the requirement for domestic clinical trials beforehand – better safe than sorry – especially with sorry vaccines to choose from.

The summer Olympic games in Tokyo are going ahead. The Japanese would like to cancel the upcoming summer Olympics in Tokyo. But that is not in their power. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) the exclusive right to call off the games.

Dozens of towns in Japan (~25% of those who initially agreed) have abandoned plans to accept overseas athletes competing in the Olympics – an inhospitable gesture from a typically faultlessly hospitable host. Over 10,000 of the 80,000 volunteers who had stepped forward to help with next month’s Tokyo Olympics have quit. Foreign spectators are banned from attending the Games.

Chiba prefecture has cancelled plans for an outdoor Olympic viewing site in a park that would have drawn thousands of people. Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike on Saturday 19 June cancelled all public viewing sites for the summer Olympics, diverting some venues to be V2 vaccination centers instead.

Foreign Olympic teams which arrive are being quarantined, regardless of their vaccination status.

The IOC promised on Wednesday 9 June to provide enough medical staff to handle the superspreader event that the Olympics promises to be.

South Korea will no longer require masks outdoors come July for those jabbed against V2.


The covid pandemic in Europe continues ebbing. Restrictions there were ineffectual against covid spread. But they did succeed in throwing the continent into an economic recession. And the level of corruption in Europe rose significantly with the pandemic.

Countries across Europe are abandoning mandatory mask wearing.

Russia reports a continuing surge in new covid cases, with Moscow (again) the epicenter. Social restrictions are in place in several regions – to scant effect. The Russian government suppresses covid reporting to avert political dissent. Russians are spurning the domestic vaccine, Sputnik V. 2/3rds of Russians refuse it – distrusting government claims of its safety and efficacy. Moscow is making getting jabbed mandatory for people in the service sector of the economy. On Friday 18 June, Russia’s government blamed people’s refusal to be jabbed “nihilism” – as if refusing to be injected with a hazardous substance was a spiritual statement.

Police in Redon in Brittany, western France, brutalized people at a public street party. The ostensible reason: violation of covid restrictions.

Turkey received a donation of 5 million more doses of V2 jab from China. (19 June) China has done much more than any other country to help ease the covid pandemic.

England is hosting a surge in new covid cases, with the highly contagious Delta variant running rampant. Several English football grounds are being used as vaccination centers, with long queues forming at some of them.  Restrictions are being kept in England. Scotland is also postponing easing its restrictions. Wales though is easing its restrictions.

The Euro 2020 soccer final matches are likely to be moved from Britain because of its limits on incoming travelers.

Ireland is extending the quarantine period for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated arrivals from Britain to 10 days but still plans to allow people to move more freely between the two countries from mid-July.

In the wake of covid rising, British tourists face continued restrictions on travelling to the EU this summer even as the bloc opens up to others, including US residents.

Denmark will ditch the use of masks in most public spaces and allow 25,000 fans to attend European Championship matches in Copenhagen.

The Netherlands is easing its covid restrictions next week, as is Norway. (18 June)

Portugal is delaying easing covid restrictions in Lisbon until at least 27 June. Travel in and out of the Lisbon metropolitan area is banned over coming weekends due to a covid surge there.

Austria is letting nightclubs reopen from July. Clubs have been closed since March.

Showing no sense of human rights, the European Court of Human Rights ruled 8 April that mandatory V2 vaccination of children does not violate human rights – this for drugs which only have been approved for “emergency” use.


In the Americas, the pandemic is only slowly declining in the south, having rapidly receded in the north.

Venezuela is hosting a covid outbreak as well as Copa América, the oldest international soccer competition.

The covid epidemic in Haiti is much worse than reported. The island lacks V2 vaccines.

Canada is keeping its land border with the US closed to all but essential travel until at least 21 July – having extended (on Friday 18 June) the date by a month in keeping nasty Americans out of the country. Known US covid cases is the lowest since widespread testing became available, though Americans have never had a decent idea of the epidemic, because widespread testing has never been done. Most states have unshackled covid restrictions. Only Oregon, Hawaii, and New Mexico have no set dates to relax economy-crippling bondage. These 3 states have full vaccine % as their criteria for giving up futile restrictions.

Private employers and government may make V2 jabs mandatory for employees.

Over 400 colleges in the US plan on requiring V2 vaccination in order to enroll. Most of these colleges are in illberal states (misnamed ‘liberal’, as American ‘liberals’ seldom embrace personal freedoms over capricious social control).

With the pandemic receding, the US continues to suffer a rampant crime wave. Other than brutalizing the populace and practicing highway extortion, the police there are generally no good.


Fiji is hosting a covid epidemic. 900,000 people live on the archipelago. Already, some Fijians face shortages of food and medical supplies, leading to anti-lockdown protests.

Indonesia’s covid epidemic is peaking. Hospitals in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, are full of covid sufferers. More than 350 Indonesian doctors have contracted covid despite being jabbed with Sinovac. Most were asymptomatic, but dozens have been hospitalized. The Delta variant is being fingered as achieving vaccine escape.

Melbourne, Australia’s 2nd-largest city, will allow its 5 millions residents to travel more than 15 miles from home and end mandatory masks wearing outdoors from Friday 18 June.

The Philippines continues to extend and tighten restrictions in areas where covid continues to run rampant. Elderly people who have been fully vaccinated are exempt from stay-at-home orders.

Hospital intensive care units in Malaysia are at capacity with covid patients.

New Zealand remains closed to the world. The government has no plan for reopening.

Middle East

The Palestinian Authority on Friday 18 June rejected a vaccine donation by Israel. The autocratic political authorities in Palestine have for over a half century kept the Palestinians needlessly impoverished.

Oman hospitals are overflowing with covid patients. A potentially fatal fungal infection is afflicting some covid patients there.

Saudi authorities are limiting this year’s hajj to Mecca next month to 60,000 pilgrims from within Saudi Arabia.


Covid surges in parts of Africa.

Uganda has all but run out of V2 vaccines and oxygen as the country grapples with another covid wave.

South Africa is hosting a new wave. South Africa’s mass vaccination campaign suffered a setback in having to discard at least 2 million does of shoddy vaccine manufactured in the US.

Felix Tshisekedi, the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, said Saturday 12 June that hospitals in Kinshasa, the capital, are “overwhelmed” with covid. On Tuesday 15 June, he ordered nightclubs closed and funeral wakes banned for 2 weeks.

Businesses in Togo are being strangled by covid restrictions. The epidemic in Togo is at a low level.

After more than a year of not reporting covid cases and casting doubt on the efficacy of vaccines, Tanzania has given approval for doses to be flown in — but only for foreign embassies and international organizations.


The etymology of “jab” for injection dates to the early 20th century in Britain, where the term meant injection of an illicit drug. That usage descends from boxing, where “jab” means a straight punch with the non-dominant hand. The use of jab as mockery or raillery (a verbal jab) descends from the boxing term. The verb “jab” derives from 16th century Scottish, where “job” was used to describe the pecking of birds, and then for any poking or thrusting action. Romantically, to “job faces” meant to kiss ardently.

Government officials had hoped that vaccines will take the sting out of the covid pandemic. That prospect is being disproven. “Vaccines do not equal zero covid,” said WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan. “Vaccination will add a major, powerful tool. But by themselves, they will not do the job.” Immunologists around the world have repeatedly warned that vaccination programs will not create herd immunity, which is a chimera.

You should be tested for V2 before being vaccinated. There is no reason to get jabbed if you have been exposed to V2. The elderly and frail should also avoid vaccination, especially with the radical mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, which pose the hazard of a significant side effects. For instance, the mRNA jabs are known to cause heart problems which are otherwise rare.

Women typically have worse side effects from V2 jabs than men. One reason is that the jabs are too potent for women – the dosages decided in a sexist manner in being calibrated toward men.

There is no standard for vaccine efficacy. Western commercial V2 jab makers have rigged their numbers and regulators are too mathematically ignorant to object.

Even after massive application, epidemiologists remain uncertain how effective vaccines are, especially against variants for which they were not designed, or whether they limit spread. The one plus is that jabs appear to help (no guarantee) with severe covid among those most at risk (the obsese and those in bad health due to lifestyle choice). The paucity of data owes to not tracking outcomes.

At least 1/4th of European adults refuse to be jabbed for V2. Many health workers in Europe are skeptical of V2 vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Vaccines that are in wide use include China’s Sinopharm (CoronaVac) and Sinovac, Russia’s Sputnik V (Gamaleya), Germany’s Pfizer-BioNTech, USA’s Moderna, and now Novavax, Britain’s AstraZeneca-Oxford, and India’s Covaxin (Bharat Biotech), and Belgium’s Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). China has 5 locally developed V2 vaccines approved for public use; Russia 3. Numerous other vaccines are being tested and under development.

In late-stage trials, Germany’s CureVac jab showed just 47% efficacy against current V2 variants. Vaccines will not defeat covid.

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are looking to develop their home-grown vaccines as supply shortages persist.

Vaccines from China’s Sinopharm and Sinovac are proving ineffectual in thwarting covid spread. Countries in the United Arab Emirates, notably Bahrain, Seychelles, Chile and Uruguay all saw covid outbreaks despite significant percentages of the population jabbed with these adenovirus vaccines from China.

The US government subsidized early V2 jabs, which proved hazardous after hasty testing and approval. The government is now backing off betting on better, 2nd-generation V2 vaccines. American biotech firm Inovio Pharmaceuticals, which has a promising vaccine candidate, is conducting its stage-3 trials abroad after the US government withdrew its financial support. (10 May)

V2 vaccine makers continue to have quality control problems in production. Viral vaccines are especially difficult to mass produce.

Over 3.55 billion have been jabbed worldwide, with by far the most in China (1 billion). China is ignored in Western listings of jab tallies, but is included here. The figure at right shows the percentage of the population inoculated against V2 (China excluded).

Only 1% of those in Africa have been vaccinated against covid. As predicted, while rich nations jab at will, poor countries have yet the funds or vaccines to jab their people. WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday 7 June, “6 months since the first covid vaccines were administered, high-income countries have administered almost 44% of the world’s doses. Low-income countries have administered just 0.4%. The most frustrating thing about this statistic is that it hasn’t changed in months.”

Rich nations are starting to mass vaccinate teenagers against V2 – an unnecessary and imprudent gesture, as covid is nothing to a healthy child, whereas the V2 jabs are a health hazard.

Tens of millions of asylum seekers, migrants, refugees and internally displaced people around the world have been excluded from national vaccination programs.

Moderna is the first to treat babies as guinea pigs for its jab. In the rush to profit others, including Johnson & Johnson, follow. This is a gross moral violation – but expectable in a world where greed and fear trample morality daily.

Covax is an initiative by WHO to get V2 jabs to all countries. WHO has agreed a no-fault compensation plan for claims of serious side effects in people in 92 poorer countries who get jabbed.

For many moons, world leader China has been helping other many countries by providing vaccine doses. Nearly 40 African nations are getting help for V2 vaccination from China. China is also contributing to the international Covax initiative.

Western countries have only been contributing vaccines no one wants, notably those by AstraZeneca. The USA is now promising to partly supply poor nations with the hazardous Pfizer V2 jab.

Viral escape – evolving to elude vaccination – is a certainty. “The virus is traveling in a direction that is causing it to escape from our current vaccines and therapies that are directed against the viral spike,” immunologist David Ho on 8 March 2021.

Further, mass jab campaigns inspire V2 to accelerate its evolution to more smartly evade the immune system – an obvious evolutionary move-countermove dynamic which is being ignored. A savvier strategy would be to only vaccinate at-risk people.

Covid has been a tremendous boon to commercial vaccine makers. V2 jab makers will rake in over $100 billion in 2021. At least 9 executives in V2 jab-making companies have become billionaires thanks to covid.

Indonesia criminalized V2 vaccination: fining those who refuse a jab up to $360. “A blanket mandate on vaccination, especially one that includes criminal penalties, is a clear violation of human rights,” remarked human rights advocate Usman Hamid.

Russia boasted last year of being 1st in the world to authorize a V2 vaccine. But Russians are not getting jabbed despite ready access. Only about 8% of those in Moscow have bothered.

In the US, private employers can make covid vaccination mandatory to be at a workplace.

On 19 February, Pfizer announced that its vaccine did not need to be kept supercold as advertised. Belated tests showed that doses can be stored at standard freezer temperatures for up to 2 weeks. One can only wonder why Pfizer didn’t figure this out before, but it reeks of incompetence.

Pfizer and Moderna, the makers of radical mRNA vaccines, have declined to participate in a study in Africa designed to see if vaccination is effective against V2 variants. Doubtlessly, these jab makers don’t want the ineffectiveness of their vaccines exposed.

Pfizer also discovered that 2 jabs of its vaccine weren’t especially necessary, and that they may be spaced apart as much as 12 weeks. Another study, on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines, found a wider gap between jabs – 3 months rather than 6 weeks – was better. Such recent discoveries highlight how hasty these profit-hungry companies were to get their jabs out.

Side effects are a serious problem. Jabs from AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson are especially prone to serious side effects. For the 2-jab vaccines, side effects from the 2nd jab is worse than the first.

Side effects are more common in those who have already been infected with V2. For those with long covid, a jab may jolt the immune system into reconsidering its attack on the body. Long covid is an autoimmune disease.

Janssen, a Belgium-based subsidiary of the US-based company Johnson & Johnson (J&J), developed a single-jab V2 vaccine. This inactivated-virus only needs near-freezing refrigeration. Like other adenovirus-based vaccines, many people have already been exposed to this cold virus. To make the vaccine effective, the novel V2 spikes have been added to the adenovirus base. Though only a relative few cases of severe allergic reaction have been reported with the J&J jab, this vaccine can cause blood clots. Women are more susceptible – as they are for all side effects, as the vaccine doses are set too high. Having got a bad reputation, the J&J jab has been a bust in the USA.

To put the V2 jab blood clot issue in proportion: people who get severe covid are more likely to get blood clots in the brain. A study found 0.000075% of those with covid got brain blood clots. That is 9 times the rate seen so far in V2 jab victims.

For healthy young people especially, V2 jabs may cause worse symptoms than infection by the V2 virus itself. This is because viral loading in the body is gradual (if the virus is not defeated early on), whereas a vaccine is a viral shock treatment.

Adverse reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine abetted the deaths of the elderly in Norway and France. The official report is that the people dying were frail, which in no way denies that vaccination did them in, and still suggests that jab side effects are a significant hazard. It also raises the question of why vaccines are being given to people in such a parlous state.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford is dogged by controversy as to its effectiveness and safety. Countries abandoned interest in the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab after a study indicated that the vaccine was ineffectual against a recently evolved variant originating in South Africa.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab can cause blood clots, as India has most recently discovered. That jab has also caused rare neurological infirmities. Showing incompetence, AstraZeneca pled ignorance. A concerted cover-up campaign has been ongoing. The EU’s medicines regulator continues to promote the jab, despite confessing that blood clots “are a serious concern.” Given that shoddy stamp of approval, countries have restarted dispensing that jab. Victims are reticent. Europeans are refusing to take the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab. 80% of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine doses in the EU have gone unused. On Sunday 18 April, Europe decided not to order any more of the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab.

Indonesia halted using the AstraZeneca vaccine after it killed a 22-year-old man the day after he was jabbed. (16 May)

Despite various V2 vaccines showing their hazards, Western health officials are desparate to continue their jab programs. The trend in Europe is to use a different makers’ vaccine for the 2nd jab. This despite the compounded risk of side effects from mixing vaccines has not been tested. (14 April)

Cats and dogs are susceptible to covid – and are a likely source of contagion. Russia is the first country to have a V2 vaccine for animals.

More on covid vaccines.


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