Covid-19 Pandemic: Daily World Report

This daily world report dates to 21:00 GMT on Sunday 19 September 2021.

The virus V2 causes covid-19, which is a mild cold at worst in healthy people, most of whom never even know they were infected if they don’t get tested. Indeed, some 60% of V2 transmissions are by carriers who feel fine: 35% presymptomatic (before getting sick) and 25% asymptomatic (never getting sick). Only unhealthy children are at risk of covid.

Serious covid is a lifestyle disease, largely confined to fat folk. With statistical exception, covid is hazardous only to those who chose not to keep themselves in good health via bad lifestyle decisions: overeating, poor diet, and lack of exercise. That situation applies to the vast (both in number and girth) majority in many nations. Over 80% of Americans and Brits are fat and out of shape. Covid death rates are 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight, such as the US and Britain. V2 vaccines don’t work in fat folk.

Covid is a public health crisis only because the public is not in good health – by choice. This seminal fact is universally ignored by the sensationalist mainstream press, which milks the tragedy story.

People who eat meat are significantly more likely to develop severe covid. Pescatarians (fish eaters) had 59% lower odds of developing serious illness from covid, while those on a plant-based diet (vegans) were 73% less likely.

V2 continually adapts, primarily to facilitate infection and contagion. New V2 varieties keep being discovered. Viruses mystically transmit among compatriots worthy innovations. Several of the variants are converging on the same solution to improved contagion (convergent evolution), thereby illustrating that adaptation is teleological (goal-oriented). A recently seen variant had a combination of traits only previously seen singularly in other variants.

New Zealand physician Ashley Bloomfield: “Influenza was first recorded in 1172 in Europe. These viruses don’t die out. They change over time. What we are seeing with these new variants with the covid-19 virus is that they become more transmissible and less deadly over time.”

V2 variants may sicken more or less. Varieties are likely more hazardous by dint of being able to ramp viral load quicker, sending the immune system into a terrible tizzy. Severe covid is, after all, an autoimmune disease, not a viral disease per se.

The highly infectious Delta variant, which likely originated in India, has become dominant worldwide. Headaches, a sore throat, and a runny nose are common symptoms of Delta variant covid, with fever, cough and loss of smell less common (those latter symptoms being typical of original V2 virus infecting humans). Though twice more contagious, mortality from Delta is no worse than other V2 variants.

A South Korea study found that viral load in someone infected with the Delta variant when symptoms become noticeable is 300 times higher than someone with the original V2 variant. Virologists there think that Delta has a transmission rate about twice that of the original human-infecting virus.

Another variant of note is Delta Plus, which can apparently evade vaccination and infection immunity. Delta Plus has a mutation from the the Beta variant (from South Africa) that affords greater contagion. Delta Plus has been spotted in dozens of countries. Delta Plus was first noticed in Nepal.

Another new variant, yet to get its official Greek name, is C.1.2, with mutations similar to the Delta and Beta variants. C.1.2 was discovered in May 2021. C.1.2 is common in South Africa, albeit at a low rate. C.1.2 has been seen in other African nations as well as China, New Zealand, England, Portugal, and Switzerland. “It has potential to spread fast. Since there are so many mutations in the spike protein, it could result in immune escape,” remarked Indian virologist Upasana Ray. Contrastingly, WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said that C.1.2 “does not appear to be increasing in circulation.”

The Mu variant (formerly B.1.621) was first identified in Columbia. Mu cases have recorded in several South America nations and in Europe. Virologists think Mu may have attained vaccine escape: indifferent to V2 jabs.

The Lambda variant, first spotted in Peru, is up and coming. Lambda is an innovator, with mutations that make it look like it may give Delta competition. Lambda has already been noticed in 26 countries, and is widespread in South America.

Most people in the world – perhaps 80% – have already been exposed to V2. In many nations, such as the USA and most of Europe, over 90% have encountered V2.

The current wave of the endless covid pandemic has peaked, and remains just shy of that peak. Mass vaccination campaigns appear to have scant difference numerically, though the mass media touts that it has made a difference in hospitalization rates, which is not true in many countries, such as the United States.

Rather than improve their health care systems, many governments impose harsh restrictions which are known to be ineffectual – purely a political ploy to promote the lie to a gullible populace that the domestic epidemic is being “controlled.”(Map of the Americas is in that section.)

Numerically, deaths lag new cases by around a fortnight. In the chart below, the sharp dip near the end of last year owed to lax reporting during holidays. The numbers reported for active covid cases are gross under-counts: at most, only 6% (1 in 16) of those infected. Deaths may also be a few multiples larger. Further, reporting follows patterns depending upon the day of the week. Low numbers are reported over the weekend and Monday, then rising as the week wears on.

Not reporting from lack of testing or government incompetence is the benign cause of under-counts. Such is the case in the USA, Indonesia, and much of Africa. Some countries fudge their numbers to make their epidemics politically less damaging – Russia and India are exemplary. India’s death toll from covid is over 10 times the official tally. China smartly only reports covid cases (sickness), not asymptomatic V2 carriers.

Countries reporting 10,000 or more new covid cases on Saturday 18 September: USA 64,559 | India 31,121 | UK 30,144 | Turkey 26,161 | Philippines 23,134 | Brazil 22,789 | Russia 20,329 | Malaysia 15,549 | Thailand 14,109 | Iran 12,847. Below are countries tallying over 10,000 active cases.

Country Active New Total Recovered Dead
1 USA 9,692,017 64,559 42,866,805 32,483,226 691,562
2 UK 1,306,901 30,144 7,400,739 5,958,691 135,147
3 Russia 572,065 20,329 7,254,754 6,485,264 197,425
4 Iran 555,173 12,847 5,408,860 4,736,896 116,791
5 Turkey 449,590 26,161 6,820,861 6,309,910 61,361
6 Mexico 375,674 3,754 3,552,983 2,906,771 270,538
7 Brazil 359,484 22,789 21,230,325 20,280,294 590,547
8 India 337,790 31,121 33,447,010 32,664,351 444,869
9 Honduras 239,901 947 357,654 108,262 9,491
10 Malaysia 219,359 15,549 2,082,876 1,840,450 23,067
11 Vietnam 211,798 9,373 677,023 448,368 16,857
12 Spain 210,236 4,929,546 4,633,527 85,783
13 France 206,989 7,414 6,949,519 6,626,528 116,002
14 Philippines 184,088 23,134 2,347,550 2,126,879 36,583
15 Germany 169,873 7,106 4,146,128 3,882,700 93,555
16 Poland 162,888 797 2,897,395 2,659,020 75,487
17 Thailand 130,128 14,109 1,462,901 1,317,527 15,246
18 Italy 113,040 4,576 4,632,275 4,388,951 130,284
19 Serbia 100,444 6,745 860,431 752,254 7,733
20 Iraq 93,057 1,959 1,972,705 1,857,873 21,775
21 Costa Rica 92,554 505,163 406,660 5,949
22 Norway 91,972 570 181,765 88,952 841
23 Finland 89,155 391 136,206 46,000 1,051
24 Japan 86,942 5,095 1,668,136 1,564,097 17,097
25 Israel 85,136 6,358 1,220,397 1,127,750 7,511
26 Libya 80,343 329,824 244,991 4,490
27 Switzerland 75,676 823,074 736,388 11,010
28 Netherlands 71,549 2,000 1,983,252 1,893,592 18,111
29 South Africa 65,272 3,286 2,880,349 2,728,961 86,116
30 Indonesia 65,066 3,385 4,188,529 3,983,140 140,323
31 Pakistan 64,564 2,512 1,221,261 1,129,562 27,135
32 Kazakhstan 62,432 2,901 857,643 784,541 10,670
33 Belgium 60,445 2,341 1,219,814 1,133,872 25,497
34 Sri Lanka 59,700 1,986 502,758 431,036 12,022
35 Ukraine 59,263 6,234 2,344,398 2,230,306 54,829
36 Algeria 57,969 201 201,425 137,775 5,681
37 Guadeloupe 49,562 52,480 2,250 668
38 Rwanda 48,482 224 95,117 45,429 1,206
39 Ireland 45,639 1,456 374,143 323,325 5,179
40 Canada 45,457 2,138 1,571,327 1,498,486 27,384
41 Guatemala 39,888 3,427 528,588 475,701 12,999
42 Bulgaria 39,388 951 481,728 422,355 19,985
43 Cuba 39,136 8,517 792,933 747,064 6,733
44 Martinique 39,086 39,745 104 555
45 Colombia 35,595 1,655 4,939,251 4,777,796 125,860
46 Azerbaijan 33,988 2,042 470,985 430,717 6,280
47 Portugal 33,952 939 1,061,371 1,009,517 17,902
48 Myanmar 32,000 1,943 444,871 395,855 17,016
49 Romania 31,003 5,388 1,144,893 1,078,434 35,456
50 Argentina 30,892 1,451 5,238,610 5,093,351 114,367
51 Palestine 30,464 730 382,584 348,211 3,909
52 Egypt 29,532 637 296,276 249,793 16,951
53 Ecuador 29,421 505,860 443,880 32,559
54 Lebanon 29,084 626 617,662 580,346 8,232
55 Ethiopia 28,776 1,509 332,003 298,112 5,115
56 Sweden 28,401 1,144,982 1,101,847 14,734
57 French Guiana 28,036 38,266 9,995 235
58 Bolivia 27,652 346 496,700 450,400 18,648
59 Georgia 27,223 1,997 593,763 558,042 8,498
60 Greece 27,108 2,184 629,498 587,957 14,433
61 Jamaica 26,709 537 79,127 50,641 1,777
62 South Korea 25,599 2,084 284,022 256,029 2,394
63 Cyprus 25,205 116,494 90,755 534
64 Nepal 25,082 835 783,910 747,800 11,028
65 Afghanistan 24,818 7 154,539 122,522 7,199
66 DRC 24,461 56,387 30,858 1,068
67 Morocco 24,159 2,291 918,126 880,091 13,876
68 Austria 23,453 1,902 722,357 688,015 10,889
69 Bosnia 23,436 225,857 192,218 10,203
70 Uganda 23,081 99 122,083 95,879 3,123
71 Australia 19,530 1,856 84,056 63,378 1,148
72 Lithuania 17,909 1,351 315,066 292,380 4,777
73 Mayotte 16,985 20,125 2,964 176
74 Mongolia 15,681 2,893 272,369 255,592 1,096
75 Bangladesh 15,464 1,190 1,541,300 1,498,654 27,182
76 Fiji 13,385 161 49,880 35,929 566
77 Burundi 13,378 14,189 773 38
78 El Salvador 13,269 99,701 83,342 3,090
79 North Macedonia 13,261 539 186,549 166,851 6,437
80 Laos 13,230 467 18,814 5,568 16
81 Slovenia 12,943 1,248 282,935 265,498 4,494
82 Albania 12,772 849 162,173 146,827 2,574
83 Jordan 12,441 428 812,681 789,634 10,606
84 Armenia 12,377 1,011 253,093 235,599 5,117
85 Mauritius 12,339 14,243 1,854 50
86 Venezuela 11,717 838 354,239 338,231 4,291

The covid pandemic noticeably began in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The virus had been spreading in the province since August 2019.

A doctor from the Wuhan hospital hit hardest in the initial outbreak said he and colleagues suspected the virus was highly transmissible in early January 2020, weeks before Chinese authorities admitted it, but were prevented from warning anyone. The count of those infected during that initial outbreak was 10 times larger than reported at the time. The Chinese simply did not know the extent of the rapid spread. China smartly imposed severe extended lockdowns shortly after the epidemic began there. The takeaways from this story are that even the tightest restrictions did not prevent the virus from spreading, and that tracking infection numbers on the fly is impossible.

The V2 virus most likely migrated to humans from bats through an intermediary animal. The pangolin has been suspected as the intermediary host, but that remains uncertain. The V2 virus was not created in a lab. But V2 may have leaked from a virus lab in Wuhan, China.

Public health authorities around the world, notably in Europe and North America, ignored for months early signs that covid was spreading, thus fostering the worldwide pandemic. Even now, effective measures – mass testing, enforced quarantine – are ignored for ineffectual social restrictions which deny basic human rights and impoverish people.

Rates of stillbirth and maternal death rose by 1/3d during the pandemic, with the impact most acute in poor and developing countries.


Because of its surreptitious infectiousness (asymptomatic transmission), V2 proved unstoppable. No country contained their epidemic. Lockdowns at best barely slow viral spread. A study of 149 countries found lockdowns and social distancing restrictions correlated with only an average 13% reduction in reported cases. Countries lauded for their handling of covid in the spring have had uncontrolled resurgences during the autumn.

Governments around the world failed to prepare for the inevitable pandemic. The initial panic and woefully pitiable response to the pandemic exemplifies the incompetence which spells inexorable doom in addressing self-extinction caused by industrial pollution, overpopulation, and unsustainable resource consumption.

Few countries bothered with more than limited, selective testing. Hence the virus readily moves through populations surreptitiously via asymptomatic transmission.

There is no correlation between V2 vaccination and infection. Those jabbed as as likely to be infected, and to be contagious. A V2 jab may only lessen the risk of severe covid, at the considerable risk of severe – and possibly permeant – side effect (a risk which is largely ignored by mainstream media, as they are a promotion tool for the authorities).

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said 9 October 2020 that authorities should “avoid these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else.” Ryan linked soaring covid cases in the northern hemisphere to the failure to quarantine people exposed to the virus. Nations did not taken the lesson.

From September 2021, restriction fatigue finally set in. Exhausted by the futile fight, nations around the world started loosening covid restrictions: a belated resignation to an unstoppable, endemic virus.

Inapt response to the covid pandemic added an estimated $24 trillion to the global debt mountain in 2020. “We expect global government debt to increase by another $10 trillion this year and surpass $92 trillion,” reported the Institute of International Finance. (17 February)

At least 220 million people globally are expected to remain unemployed in 2021, well above pre-pandemic levels, with a weak labor market recovery exacerbating existing inequalities. Migrant workers have especially struggled.

Social restrictions and their attendant stress has resulted in weight gain and greater obesity in populations (from stress eating and lack of exercise). Since fat is the greatest risk factor for covid sickness, social restrictions have abetted covid severity.

2/3rds of nations have used covid to clamp down on the news media and suppress personal expression as well curb natural human rights with restrictions. “The global state of freedom of expression continues to deteriorate,” reported human rights organization Article 19. (27 August)

Most masks worn as an anti-covid measure may instead heighten the hazard of V2 infection. Such masks reduce airflow and may trap viral particles, giving the virus more time to be inhaled.

The toll of trash from covid-related ‘treatment’, including masks, has been horrendous. Advocates of covid restrictions and mask-wearing ignore the environmental and societal impacts of their positions.

The anti-covid barriers that have become so common instead foster infection by limiting air flow, thereby allowing higher viral concentration. “If you have a forest of barriers, it’s going to interfere with proper ventilation of that room,” observed American environmental engineer Linsey Marr.

Former World Health Organization director Anthony Costello suggested Tuesday 6 July that some major countries – notably the UK, Germany, and Canada – are more interested in seeing private companies profit than in ending the pandemic. The statement was made in the context of these countries blocking an initiative to provide cheap V2 jabs worldwide by waiving patent protection.

With mass vaccinations continuing, covid is increasingly a disease of the disadvantaged, as poor communities are not given equal access to vaccines. This is obvious in both the US and UK.

The response to the covid pandemic has deepened global hunger. 1/3rd of the world’s people are not getting enough to eat. The useless restrictions imposed have been a hardship to all but the rich.

WHO noted 22 July that the mental health impact on the spiritually ignorant (the Collective) from covid restrictions will be “long term and far reaching.”

In the Americas and other parts of the world, the extended closure of schools has left students bereft of education. “This is a generational crisis,” said Emanuela Di Gropello of the World Bank. “This cannot go on,” said James Elder, spokesman for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), on 27 July. “Reopening schools cannot wait for all teachers and students to be vaccinated.” On 6 September, the UN estimated that 25% of nations’ educational systems were at risk of collapse due to covid restrictions.

Shortsightedness in children in China and elsewhere is rising from too much time indoors during lockdown.

With foreigners perpetually unpopular, governments worldwide are keeping travel restrictions which were ostensibly set to limit covid spread (but did not work as intended).

There is a severe global blood donor shortage. Many countries do not allow people who have recently been vaccinated to give blood, while some people are simply shunning giving blood because of the pandemic.

Whereas social media is regularly denounced for covid misinformation, instead the corporate mass media daily reports myths about covid and especially V2 vaccines.


Asia has been hosting waves of covid, starring the Delta variant that emerged first in India. Other variants are also making the rounds.

India’s government, eager to revive the economy ahead of elections, ignored or suppressed scientists’ warnings that another covid surge was imminent.

Most schools in India, closed since early 2020, remain shut. Only 8% of Indian children in rural areas have accessed online learning regularly. On Tuesday 7 September, Indian academics warned of a “looming disaster” and criticized the policy of keeping schools closed.

A panel of health experts advising the Hong Kong government recommended children aged 12-17 should get only 1 jab of BioNTech’s V2 vaccine owing to heart inflammation side effects.

South Korea‘s current covid wave remains near its peak. The mass vaccination and extensive restrictions there – for many months – were ineffectual.

Singapore has been open for business, accepting to live with the V2 coronavirus as it does other common diseases such as influenza. The island nation is now seeing the highest number of new covid cases since April 2020.

India has been hosting a covid revival. In anticipation of another wave, India is trying ramp its medical oxygen supply. Exorbitant covid care costs have pushed millions of Indians into poverty, with hospital treatment meaning a lifetime of debt for many.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan spells disaster for the fragile Afghan health system, which is now collapsing.

Vietnam‘s current covid wave, having been going for months now, has yet to peak. The long, severe lockdown has not worked to limit covid spread. But it has left many thousands hungry, as people are not allowed to leave their homes even for food. That lockdown has been extended to 20 September in Hanoi, the capital, and 30 September in Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnamese government has set a deadline of 15 September for everyone in its main cities to have at least 1 V2 jab.

Thailand’s current covid wave has peaked. Restrictions did not limit covid spread. From Wednesday 1 September, Thailand let shopping malls in Bangkok reopen and restaurants to operate at half capacity. Thailand plans to reopen Bangkok to fully vaccinated tourists in October.

Bangkok has a mobile service for getting the elderly V2 jabbed.

China has been hosting small outbreaks, reporting a few dozen new cases daily. No other nation has come close to China in diligence against covid, but the more contagious Delta variant has had the upper hand. China’s aggressive containment efforts have relied on mass testing, lockdowns, and swift contact tracing – the only nation to contain covid spread to an appreciable degree. But that day has passed. V2 continues to surreptitiously spread among the Chinese.

On Monday 13 September, China imposed new restrictions in the south-eastern Fujian province, with measures including mass testing, suspended transport services, and closures of bars and cinemas. A man who underwent 21 days of mandatory quarantine after returning to China from Singapore has been identified as the likely source of the outbreak in Fujian. The Fujian outbreak continues to swell in numbers.

China is keeping its covid-prevention border restrictions indefinitely. New visas to enter China are mostly restricted to those who have received a Chinese jab, while arrivals also have to spend at least a fortnight in hotel quarantine. China has not yet approved any of the WHO-approved western vaccines, and vice versa.

Local authorities in China are increasingly restricting access to public venues and services, including hospitals, schools, and public transport, to those who have been V2 jabbed.

China has financed the setup of a fund under the Asia-Pacific trade group to respond to the covid pandemic and fuel economic recovery. This gesture exceeds what other nations have mustered. China’s president Xi Jinping declared that China supported waiving the intellectual property rights of V2 vaccines – opposed by the US, UK, Germany and other plutocratic Western nations.

Sri Lanka extended its covid pseudo-lockdown to 21 September. Sri Lankans are suffering food shortages, with customers in state-run supermarkets reporting long queues for items such as rice, sugar, lentils and milk powder.

Japan‘s covid wave is ebbing, though Tokyo and 18 other areas remain under a declared state of emergency until the end of September.


Covid continues to plague parts of Europe, along with the plague of social restrictions. Turkey is seeing the most covid since early May 2021. 70% of Europeans have been jabbed, which has not made any statistical difference in covid cases.

The EU reinstated covid travel restrictions 30 August, like quarantine and testing requirements, for unvaccinated citizens of the US and other nations. Sweden is barring all nonessential U.S. visitors. The Netherlands says vaccinated travelers must isolate after arriving from the United States — and unvaccinated ones are not welcome.

Madrid will remove most of its covid restrictions on Monday 20 September amid a general easing of such rules in Spain.

Germany‘s recent covid wave is on the wane.

The UK has been hosting a rise in new covid cases. A study in England found that the Delta variant doubled the covid hospitalisation rate compared to what the Alpha variant could muster. Alpha was the dominant variant in England before Delta barged it aside.

Nations in Europe are increasingly requiring V2 vaccine passports to enter bars and restaurants or other public venues, or board public transport. A black market in fake vaccine passports in Europe is thriving.

Most nations in Europe have embraced making V2 jabs mandatory for those who are captive to their jobs.

The deadline for health workers in France to get jabbed was Wednesday 15 September. 3,000 were suspended without pay on Thursday 16 September.

On Thursday 16 September, Italy‘s government approved a decree making it obligatory for all public and private sector workers either to show proof of vaccination, a negative V2 test or recent recovery from infection.

Protests against covid restrictions and mandatory V2 vaccination are regular events in many European nations. Police typically react brutally.

From Monday 13 September, Switzerland requires a jab passport to enter bars, restaurants and other public venues. Likewise in Brussels and England from 1 October. Scotland is only going to require passports for nightclubs, but not restaurants or cafes.

Sweden will remove virtually all of its covid restrictions on 29 September.

Ireland plans to drop all covid restrictions by 31 October.

Denmark no longer considers covid a “socially critical disease.” All restrictions against V2 were dropped 10 September. Denmark is abandoning vaccine passports.

Finland will end its covid restrictions when it has vaccinated 80% of over-12s, the government said Monday 6 September.

Bulgaria‘s government is forcing restaurants and bars to close at 10 pm. Indoors sports events are held without spectators. These measures were taken in anticipation of a covid surge.

Britain is running a profiteering scheme on tourists: requiring exorbitantly expensive V2 tests upon arrival. Meanwhile, Britain’s domestic V2 test program is a joke. Drop boxes where tests are left are overflowing from negligence in pick ups.

Mandatory jabs imposed upon social care workers in England is creating an exodus from that profession. 1/3rd are quitting. 81% have already been jabbed once, and 69% are fully vaccinated.

Having had their 1st jab and found it sickening, hundreds of thousands of Englanders are not going for the 2nd.

Healthcare staff in England can decide whether children get a V2 vaccine against the wishes of their parents. The state, however, takes no responsibility for the consequences.

As a society, the British are bipolar on their attitudes towards covid. Many live in fear, and still wear masks which are no longer required. Others are carefree. “It looks like we’re just accepting it now — that this is the price of freedom,” remarked epidemiologist Tim Spector.

Beleaguered Greece, heavily dependent on tourism, has pledged to let covid have its way rather ruin its economy again. Greece’s stated solution is V2 vaccine passports, which are extensively applied. Greece now has fines for using fake vaccine passports.

Greece stopped free V2 infection testing for those not V2 jabbed from Monday 13 September. Those inoculated can still get free tests.

On Monday 13 September, Greece banned V2 unjabbed from indoor venues, including cafes, restaurants, and bars, and obliged employees who have not had their V2 shots to undergo regular tests at their own expense. The unjabbed will only be able to go to work, or to enter theaters, cinemas, gyms and museums, with proof of a negative rapid coronavirus test conducted within the previous 48 hours or with a certificate verifying that they have recovered from covid within the previous 6 months.


In the Americas, the pandemic has relented in South America, with a cresting wave in the USA. The rest of the Americas is a mix of covid ebb and flow.

On Thursday 16 September, Brazil‘s federal government announced a halt to V2 vaccinations for teenagers, in light of large number of side effects and deaths from being jabbed. São Paulo state, the country’s most populous, said it would continue jabbing teens, as perhaps will a majority of states.

The current covid wave in the USA appears to have peaked, but that nation really has no idea how extensive its epidemic is. Case tallies are mostly from hospitalizations, as little testing is done. The US does not track the extent of V2 infections among the vaccinated. The pathetic US has led the world in covid cases and health system mismanagement throughout most of the pandemic.US infection statistics show that V2 jabs are not effective in preventing infection. “Remember when the early vaccine studies came out, it was like nobody gets hospitalized, nobody dies,” said Dr. Robert Wachter, chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. “That clearly is not true.”

The US government acknowledged 28 July that V2 vaccines do not prevent covid spread. Still, the US mass media is using scare tactics against those not V2 jabbed – falsely publicizing that vaccines prevent covid or its spread, which they don’t.

Mass V2 vaccination among US Americans has stalled. Most everyone who wants to get sick from a vaccine has already done so – and the V2 jabs assuredly will sicken you, as the dosages are set too high (rigged to hit immune system reaction numbers, which an ersatz substitute for true efficacy). A large part of the problem is that V2 jabs are costly in the US, which has an outrageously expensive profit-based health care system.

Another issue is systemic racism in the USA. Black Americans have borne the brunt of the covid epidemic in the US, and are twice as likely to die compared with their white counterparts, according to US CDC. Yet blacks have been reluctant to get jabbed. Centuries of injustice have infused distrust in black communities.

Illiberal American president Joe Biden is throwing his power behind forcing as many adults as he can to get V2 jabbed. At least 1 of his executive orders on mandatory jabs relies upon a 1970 law to protect employees from “grave dangers” at the workplace (the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970). All federal workers, including the military, face mandatory vaccination. The Biden administration is advocating for state and local leaders to enact V2 jab mandates.

Contrary to human rights and the US constitution, those on probation are being ordered by judges to get V2 jabbed or face prison time.

Los Angeles is ordering all public school students 12 or older to be jabbed. Police have also been ordered to get V2 jabbed, but the force is resisting with legal reaction.

All diplomats attending the UN general assembly in New York next week will have to provide proof of V2 vaccination, the city government has confirmed, prompting an angry response from Russia.

There is a thriving business in the US in fake V2 vaccine cards. Only a few flagrant (stupid, really) operators are caught.

The US government will require that nursing home staff be V2 jabbed as a condition for those facilities to continue receiving federal Medicare and Medicaid funding: an effective coercion. These workers have been reluctant to take the jab. Covid has run rampant among the elderly, especially those in care homes.

The US continues to export covid by expelling immigrants which were infected while detained in the US. The US does not provide adequate medical care in its detention centers – an international crime.

Numerous hospitals in the US have been overwhelmed with covid cases – not necessarily lacking space but because of staff shortages. Mississippi and Idaho hospital systems are exemplary. US governments have done nothing to improve the profiteering health care system in the US. Workers are exploited to the max, and health care is an especially lousy business to work in.

Research found that American children born during the covid epidemic there have lower intelligence. The suspected culprit is bad parenting. “It’s not subtle by any stretch,” said study author Sean Deoni.

On Friday 27 August, the US supreme court mandated that the eviction moratorium there be lifted. 3.5 million people are affected. “If a federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue, Congress must specifically authorize it,” the court wrote. Congress has chosen to do nothing to help the needy, and US president Biden has remained mum on the subject.

Republican lawmakers in over half (26) of US states have removed powers to protect the public against infectious diseases since the start of the pandemic. The Republican party is dedicated to making the working and lower class suffer and struggle to survive.

McDonald’s sales in the US jumped nearly 15% in 2020 despite obesity being a leading covid risk factor.

Just as a new school year starts in the US, covid among children and teens are rising to rates not seen since last winter’s surge, before jabs were made widely available.

The covid pandemic has worsened the US’s sorry educational system. Elementary school students in the US ended the 2020-21 school year 4 to 5 months behind where they normally would have been in academic achievement. College enrollment has dropped dramatically among middle- and lower-class youth for economic reasons – another toll of covid restrictions. Enrollment in US public schools, mostly in the younger grades, has dropped steeply. Poor Americans cannot afford to send their children to school.

Pediatric hospitalizations for covid have soared nearly 5-fold over the summer (June to mid-August) in the US. The hospitalization rate was 10 times higher in unvaccinated adolescents as in those who had been jabbed. Pediatric hospital admissions were nearly 4 times higher in states with the highest vaccination rates compared with the lowest.

Broadway reopened on Tuesday 14 September 2021, after being closed for a year and a half.

Getting sick with covid in the US, already expensive, is ratcheting up. Last year, most major US private health insurance companies waived costs associated with covid treatment. That profit drain is being plugged. Now covid is just another disease which sufferers will have to pay full price for.

The health care system in Alberta, Canada has been exhausted by the recent covid surge there. Intensive care beds there are fully occupied. Alberta’s premier, Jason Kenney, cried out loud by declaring a state of public-health emergency.

Canada in instilling mandatory V2 jabs upon anyone it can. The Canadian government is demanding that all federal workers must be vaccinated by the end of September. Most commercial rail, air, and ship passengers must also get V2 jabs. The most populous, eastern province of Ontario is requiring vaccine passports to enter public spaces, including bars, restaurants, nightclubs and indoor sporting facilities.

Chile is reopening for tourism, but only for those willing to run a covid obstacle course. Travellers will be required to show a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before entering the country, make a legal declaration of their destination and origin, have medical travel insurance, and show proof of vaccination, public health chief Paula Daza said on Wednesday 15 September.


Fiji has introduced a “no jabs, no job” policy for public servants and private sector employees.

The Philippines continues peaking with new covid cases. Trials of localized lockdowns begin this week in Manila, the Philippines’ capital, as the country grapples with covid while also keeping its economy functional.

Philippine schools remain closed, helping another generation to the bright prospect of being abject wage slaves: maids and manual laborers. The monied, of course, have educations at private schools. The Philippines is the only nation that has kept its schools closed throughout the pandemic and has no schedule for reopening.

Restrictions have not thwarted New Zealand‘s recent covid outbreak. The lockdown in Auckland continues indefinitely. New Zealand remains closed to foreigners.

Malaysia‘s current covid wave is still cresting after months of ascent.

Australia is seeing a surge of new covid cases among those fully vaccinated. The Delta variant has managed jab escape. Australia has been slow with its mass V2 inoculation campaign. Only 13% of Australians have been fully jabbed.

Half of the population of Australia has been suffering a prolonged covid lockdown, which hasn’t done any good. New South Wales continues hosting a cresting wave of outbreaks.

Victoria police announced Wednesday 8 September that they will brutalize (“not tolerate”) anyone protesting against covid restrictions. Police did so on Saturday 18 September against protestors of covid restrictions in Melbourne and Sydney.

Sydney is hosting a raging wave of covid. The Australian military is being deployed to enforce the Sydney lockdown, which will be enforced until at least late September.

The Australian government is using scare tactics in its advertisements to get jabbed against V2. “We’ve seen with vaccination in particular that fear campaigns or scary messages about diseases can actually cause people to become more fearful of vaccine side-effects,” noted Dr. Jessica Kaufman.

Indonesia is keeping its border restrictions in place until 70% of Indonesians have been V2 shot at least once. The health ministry is hopeful that will be in November 2021. Meanwhile, the tourism industry in Bali is hoping for business to return after social restrictions were eased on Monday 13 September and the government is making plans to resume foreign travel there.

Middle East

Iran‘s current covid wave has yet to peak. The covid death toll there has been hitting new highs. On Sunday 19 September, Iran reopened museums in Tehran and other cities today after a more than year-long closure.

In the West Bank, the Palestinian government has banned weddings, mourning tents and other gatherings in the wake of a covid surge.

Israel has been hosting a lively covid revival, with contagion reaching a new peak, despite a heavily vaccinated populace. 60% of those hospitalized with covid have been fully V2 vaccinated.

Students returning to school in Israel face mandatory mask-wearing and viral testing.

Covid has broken Lebanon‘s fragile health care system. The Guardian reports: “The country’s health sector is a casualty of the multiple crises that have plunged Lebanon into a downward spiral – a financial and economic meltdown, compounded by a complete failure of the government, runaway corruption and a pandemic that isn’t going away. The collapse is all the more dramatic since only a few years ago, Lebanon was a leader in medical care in the Arab world.”

Despite a lack of formal V2 jab requirements in Saudi Arabia, restrictions for the non-vaccinated in a number of places mean there is a de facto obligation. Only vaccinated employees can enter their workplaces and Riyadh has decided that anyone using public transport, entering a government or private establishment also must be jabbed.

Oman only lets V2 jabbed people in the country.

Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, has ordered all residents who got a Sinopharm jab more than 6 months ago to get a booster shot by 20 September.


Tunisia and Libya are to reopen their shared border on Friday 17 September, 2 months after they were closed as Tunisia’s covid caseload soared.

Mauritius is battling an explosion of covid cases. Hospitals are overwhelmed, ventilators in short supply, and cemeteries are running out of space.

Nigeria is experiencing one of its worst cholera outbreaks in year, as well as a recent covid surge. Cholera is endemic and seasonal in Nigeria. The country experiences regular outbreaks of other infectious diseases including yellow fever, Lassa fever, and measles.

Togo on Tuesday 14 September extended its health state of emergency for 12 months in light of its fragile health care system and surging covid.

Sierra Leone has ended its covid curfew, which has been in place since early July.

Africa‘s current covid wave has peaked. The continent continues to be short of vaccines.

Egypt is hosting a covid revival.

Zimbabwe said on Wednesday 9 September that government officials would be forced to resign if they did not get V2 jabbed. Zimbabwe’s parliament on Tuesday 14 September banned anyone not V2 jabbed from attending church services.

South Africa is easing its covid restrictions in the wake of a decline in new cases. The government of South Africa is letting businesses decide if they want to make V2 jabs mandatory. A system of vaccine passports is pending.


The etymology of “jab” for injection dates to the early 20th century in Britain, where the term meant injection of an illicit drug. That usage descends from boxing, where “jab” means a straight punch with the non-dominant hand. The use of jab as mockery or raillery (a verbal jab) descends from the boxing term. The verb “jab” derives from 16th century Scottish, where “job” was used to describe the pecking of birds, and then for any poking or thrusting action. Romantically, to “job faces” meant to kiss ardently.

Government officials had hoped that vaccines will take the sting out of the covid pandemic. That prospect is being disproven. “Vaccines do not equal zero covid,” said WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan. “Vaccination will add a major, powerful tool. But by themselves, they will not do the job.” Immunologists around the world have repeatedly warned that vaccination programs will not create herd immunity, which is a chimera.

You should be tested for V2 before being vaccinated. There is no reason to get jabbed if you have been exposed to V2. The elderly and frail should also avoid vaccination, especially with the radical mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, which pose the hazard of a significant side effects. For instance, the mRNA jabs are known to cause heart problems which are otherwise rare.

Women typically have worse side effects from V2 jabs than men. One reason is that the jabs are too potent for women – the dosages decided in a sexist manner in being calibrated toward men. Among other hazards, menstrual disorders have been found from V2 vaccinations.

The big lie about V2 vaccines is that the risk of severe covid is worse than the jabs – not true. A V2 jab will make you sick, and you risk severe reaction. By contrast, covid is a mild cold at worst for healthy people.

The US disease control agency recommends that pregnant women risk their unborn children to V2 jabs which have not been shown “safe” as they advertise. Insufficient study has been done to warrant such a recommendation.

There is no standard for vaccine efficacy. Western commercial V2 jab makers rigged their initial numbers and regulators were too mathematically and scientifically ignorant to object. For one, the sole metric – antibody counts – do not fully reflect effective immune system response to the virus.

V2 vaccines have universally proven less efficacious than stated by their makers. Governments are approving V2 jabs without adequate reliable data.

Even after massive application, epidemiologists remain uncertain how effective vaccines are, especially against variants for which they were not designed. Jabs often help prevent severe covid among those most at risk: the obese and those in bad health due to lifestyle choice. The paucity of data owes to not tracking outcomes.

The salient point about V2 vaccines is that there is no established correlation between antibody levels and (covid) disease prevention – yet this is the false assumption behind hypothetical efficacy of V2 jabs. Immune system protection is much more sophisticated than just antibody counts.

V2 vaccines are designed to prevent severe prolonged disease – at the cost of mild disease for days. Jabs are not intended to limit covid spread, nor are they proving effective in doing so. Recent studies have repeatedly show that V2 viral levels are similar regardless of vaccination status.

A study published in September 2021 indicated that vaccination helps against “long” covid: symptoms which persist for months. Like all such studies, critical information about the health status of the people behind the numbers was ignored – which makes the study more rumor than science. Study authors also recited myths, such as “vaccines also massively reduce your risk of getting infected in the first place,” from the study’s lead author, British geriatrician Claire Steves.

An Israel study discovered that mRNA jabs give 7 times less protection against covid from Delta V2 than natural immunity from a previous V2 infection. “Natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the Delta variant,” the researchers reported. (27 August)

Vaccines that are in wide use include China’s Sinopharm (CoronaVac) and Sinovac, Russia’s Sputnik V (Gamaleya), Germany’s Pfizer-BioNTech, USA’s Moderna, Britain’s AstraZeneca-Oxford, India’s Covaxin (Bharat Biotech), Belgium’s Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), and Cuba’s 3-jab Abdala vaccine. China has 5 locally developed V2 vaccines approved for public use; Russia 3. Numerous other vaccines are being tested and under development.

Cuba has a 2nd domestically developed V2 jab, Soberana 2. The first Cuban V2 jab was Abdala. Both use conventional vaccine techniques. Cuba is inoculating toddlers as young as 2 years.

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are looking to develop their home-grown vaccines as supply shortages persist.

Countries are increasingly dispensing vaccines by different makers for the 2 jabs.

Covid has been a tremendous boon to commercial vaccine makers. V2 jab makers will rake in over $100 billion in 2021. At least 9 executives in V2 jab-making companies have become billionaires thanks to covid. Further, V2 jabs have been a tremendous exercise in profiteering. Jab makers are charging at least 5 times cost. To celebrate, Pfizer and Moderna are jacking prices up further in the EU. Plutocratic home nations of these vaccine makers (e.g, US, Germany) have refused to waive their patent laws to provide greater distribution at less cost.

Viral vaccines are especially difficult to mass produce. Quality control problems in production are frequent.

More than 5.92 billion peopled have been jabbed against V2 worldwide, with by far the most in China (2.17 billion).

China’s V2 mass jab program is slowing. Getting people jabbed “has become increasingly difficult,” announced Zheng Zhongwei on Friday 3 September. Zhong declined to cite why.

Jabbing has not made a notable difference in pandemic infection numbers. The rate of vaccination is slowing as rich nations reach saturation and poor nations cannot afford the expensive jabs. Only 3% of adults in Africa have got V2 jabbed.

The disorganized US has been profligate in wasting V2 vaccine doses: over 1 million doses down the drain since that nation started jabbing. Reasons for vaccine wastage include breakage, storage and transportation problems, expiration, and shots that were prepared but not used after people did not show up for appointments.

Vaccines are increasingly faltering against newly evolved variants. In the US, 75% of those freshly infected had been fully vaccinated against V2. As a way to encourage regular cash injections from vaccines, jab makers are publicizing that vaccine efficacy wanes in less an a year.

While rich nations jab at will, poor countries have yet the funds or vaccines. Pledges by wealthy nations – China excepted – to provide V2 vaccines to poor nations are not being met.

Rich nations are starting to mass vaccinate teenagers against V2 – an unnecessary and imprudent gesture, as covid is nothing to a healthy child, whereas the V2 jabs are a decided hazard.

Tens of millions of asylum seekers, migrants, refugees and internally displaced people around the world have been excluded from national vaccination programs.

Moderna was the first to treat babies as guinea pigs for its jab. In the rush to profit others, including Johnson & Johnson, follow. This is a gross moral violation – but expectable in a world where greed and fear trample morality daily.

Covax is an initiative by WHO to get V2 jabs to all countries. WHO has agreed a no-fault compensation plan for claims of serious side effects in people in 92 poorer countries who get jabbed. The Covax campaign is running short of doses to meet demand, by more than 500 million jabs. In the 2nd week of September 2021, Covax slashed by 25% its forecast of available doses this year under its program.

For many moons, world leader China has been helping other many countries by providing vaccine doses. Nearly 40 African nations are getting help for V2 vaccination from China. China is also contributing to the international Covax initiative. On Friday 6 August, China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, said the country would provide 2 billion V2 vaccine doses to the world in 2021.

Western countries have only been contributing vaccines no one wants, notably those by AstraZeneca. The USA is now promising to partly supply poor nations with the especially hazardous Pfizer V2 and Johnson & Johnson jabs.

The UK is on course to “hoard” up to 210m spare V2 vaccine doses by the end of the year, as the government lets poorer countries “fighting for scraps” after the UK opposed a move to allow more companies abroad to manufacture. (9 August)

On Monday 2 August, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell Fontelles, criticized Europe for its stingy tardiness in V2 vaccine giveaways to poor nations. “The problem isn’t just the commitment, but the effectiveness. Who’s the big vaccine supplier to Africa? China. Who’s the big vaccine supplier to Latin America? China.”

The World Health Organization has called for a moratorium on booster shots for vaccinated people, citing the billions of people in poor countries who have not yet had a single shot. Wealthy countries’ booster campaigns “leave poorer people to drown”, a WHO spokesman said. The US, Germany, and other rich nations are proceeding with profit boosters for their drug companies anyway.

Viral escape – evolving to elude vaccination – is a certainty. “The virus is traveling in a direction that is causing it to escape from our current vaccines and therapies that are directed against the viral spike,” immunologist David Ho on 8 March 2021. In August 2021, researchers found that the power of V2 jabs to prevent covid in the US dropped 25% since the Delta variant became dominant. The figure now sits at 66%. That said, news reports continue to claim that the jabs being given are effective against severe covid.

Further, mass jab campaigns inspire V2 to accelerate its evolution to more smartly evade the immune system – an obvious evolutionary move-countermove dynamic which is being ignored. A savvier strategy would be to only vaccinate at-risk people.

Indonesia criminalized failure to be V2 jabbed: fining those who refuse up to $360. “A blanket mandate on vaccination, especially one that includes criminal penalties, is a clear violation of human rights,” remarked human rights advocate Usman Hamid.

On 19 February 2021, Pfizer announced that its vaccine did not need to be kept supercold as advertised. Belated tests showed that doses can be stored at standard freezer temperatures for up to 2 weeks. One can only wonder why Pfizer didn’t figure this out before, but it reeks of incompetence.

Pfizer and Moderna, the makers of radical mRNA vaccines, declined to participate in a study in Africa designed to see if vaccination is effective against V2 variants. Doubtlessly, these jab makers don’t want the ineffectiveness of their vaccines exposed. Recent studies have shown that the effect of mRNA jabs does not last long.

Pfizer also discovered that 2 jabs of its vaccine weren’t especially necessary, and that they may be spaced apart as much as 12 weeks. Another study, on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines, found a wider gap between jabs – 3 months rather than 6 weeks – was better. Such recent discoveries highlight how hasty these profit-hungry companies were to get their jabs out.

Pfizer has been practicing profiteering doublespeak: our V2 jab works great, but you’ll probably need a “booster” jab (boosting Pfizer’s bourse). Rather than fret about viral escape and jab efficacy, Pfizer is promoting its profit boosters. Corrupt governments in Israel and the US are supporting this ruse.

Side effects to V2 vaccines are a serious problem. Jabs from AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson are especially prone to serious side effects. For the 2-jab vaccines, side effects from the 2nd jab is worse than the first.

Side effects are more common in those who have already been infected with V2. For those with long covid, a jab may jolt the immune system into reconsidering its attack on the body. Long covid is an autoimmune disease.

In the UK, 330 million doses of the Pfizer jab resulted in severe sickness in 244,807 people and 4,198 deaths.

Janssen, a Belgium-based subsidiary of the US-based company Johnson & Johnson (J&J), developed a single-jab V2 vaccine. This inactivated-virus only needs near-freezing refrigeration. Like other adenovirus-based vaccines, many people have already been exposed to this cold virus. To make the vaccine effective, the novel V2 spikes have been added to the adenovirus base. Though only a relative few cases of severe allergic reaction have been reported with the J&J jab, this vaccine can cause blood clots and nerve disorders which are otherwise exceedingly rare. Women are more susceptible – as they are for all side effects, as the vaccine doses are set too high. Having got a bad reputation, the J&J jab has been a bust in the USA. The J&J jab is much less effective against evolved variants than it was against the original virus.

To put the V2 jab blood clot issue in proportion: people who get severe covid are more likely to get blood clots in the brain. A study found 0.000075% of those with covid got brain blood clots. That is 9 times the rate seen so far in V2 jab victims.

Johnson & Johnson discovered a year after its V2 vaccine release that a 2nd jab ramps antibody levels dramatically. This discovery shows that J&J did not perform adequate testing on its jab before release.

Russia boasted last year of being 1st in the world to authorize a V2 vaccine: Sputnik V. Boastful Russia promoted its Sputnik V jab without releasing data demonstrating efficacy or safety. Skeptics abounded. Russians have spurned the jab. Yet accumulated data demonstrates that Sputnik V works as well as other jabs, and is safer than most. Like the J&J jab, Sputnik V is adenovirus vaccine. Unlike J&J and other jabs, no cases of circulatory problems (e.g., blood clotting) have been reported from Sputnik V. With a proven track record, Sputnik V is now gaining acceptance in other nations (besides Russia).

For healthy young people especially, V2 jabs may cause worse symptoms than infection by the V2 virus itself. This is because viral loading in the body is gradual (if the virus is not defeated early on), whereas a vaccine is a viral shock treatment.

The mRNA jabs – by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – may kill people in frail health and cause heart problems in the young. Europe’s drug regulator has acknowledged this. The USA drug safety agency is adding a warning label to these jabs as risky: known to cause circulatory problems, especially in the young. US military personnel, in excellent health, have had chest pain and heart inflammation from mRNA jabs. mRNA jabs are have also caused erythema multiforme, an allergic skin reaction, and glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, disorders related to kidneys.

Pfizer knows its V2 jab is not “safe.” Pfizer requires that country’s using its jab give the company complete immunity for side effects. Brazil’s vaccine supply from Pfizer was held for 3 months over this issue – until Brazil capitulated.

A study reported 11 September found the Pfizer/BioNTech V2 jab was more dangerous for teenage boys than V2 infection itself.

On Monday 23 August 2021, the US granted approval of the Pfizer jab as a political gesture, without scientific evidence that the jab was either safe or effective. General authorization was made behind closed doors based on 6 months worth of data despite trials being designed for 2 years, making it an extremely rare case for a mass use vaccine. “There was no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed,” observed Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate. The British Medical Journal reports that transparency advocates criticized the FDA’s decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval, despite last year committing to it. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, said “It’s obvious that the FDA has no intention of hearing anyone else’s opinion.” US president Joe Biden tweeted: “this FDA approval should give added confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective.” Yeah Joe, the rubes believe. That’s what fools do.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab has been dogged by controversy as to its effectiveness and safety. Countries abandoned interest in the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab after a study indicated that the vaccine was ineffectual against a recently evolved variant originating in South Africa.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford jab can cause blood clots. That jab has also caused rare neurological infirmities. Indonesia halted using the AstraZeneca vaccine after it killed a 22-year-old man the day after he was jabbed. (16 May)

Despite various V2 vaccines showing their hazards, Western health officials are desperate to continue their jab programs. The trend in Europe is to use a different makers’ vaccine for the 2nd jab.

Cats and dogs are susceptible to covid – and are a likely source of contagion. People spread covid to their pets. Russia is the first country to have a V2 vaccine for animals.

More on covid vaccines.


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