Preface – A Canticle of Reality (0)


Spirituality awakens with wonder: when awareness questions its habitat. Curiosity expresses spirituality. Spirituality – desire for awareness – is an inborn trait.

Spirituality dies when wondering ceases. Those who think they know what is going on are the walking dead.

To entrance commoners, ancient spiritual texts were often poetic prose. Parable and analogy were common narrative devices. This followed oral storytelling tradition. The currents of lessons underlying the folksy fables ran deep.

Intellectually, spirituality evolved into philosophy: defining terms and linking concepts into a collage of comprehension.

Advancing technology pushed philosophy into the background. Science came to the fore.

But science proved a supplement to philosophy, not a substitute. A theory is a philosophic construct with facts treated as axioms.

Selfsame questions provoke science, philosophy, and spirituality. What is reality? What is the nature of Nature? How to reconcile the mind with matter? Why am I here? How do I best conduct my life? Is there life after death?

Science has acquired a bevy of amazing discoveries. These revelations provide puzzle pieces to answer the elemental questions and thereby assist in creating a consilience of guidance for living and endeavor: a proper way to be and do.

This is a philosophy book, written in the style of archaic spiritual texts. The ample glossary testifies to terms defined. Underlying the poetic verses is science, with conceptual currents running deep.