Strength – A Canticle of Reality (12)


Strength defines dobe.
Strong is still.
Strong is silent.
Strong is survey.
Strong is solvent.
Strength is the conduit of wisdom.
Strength is the source of power.
Strength flows within. Power flows without.



Imperceptible Cönsciousness innumerably diffuses into witnessing consciousnesses. Consciousness is the foundation for fields to exist. Likewise, nonrandom interaction requires a mind, contributed by cöherence.

The witnessing that consciousness does in beings is an active, intentional process. Consciousness has desire and will. You know this because, for example, you sometimes will yourself to sleep when not tired out or decide to awaken while still sleepy. Such will is not of the mind – some desire for specific mentation – but wishing to change state of consciousness.

Strength defines dobe.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness,” wrote Athenian natural philosopher Aristotle more than 2,700 years ago. This observation has been repeatedly made by sages throughout history.

Dobe envelops the modes of living: doing & beĩng. Dobe quality echoes strength.

Strength is baseline awareness. Strength reflects consciousness stage. Strength is directly related to perceptivity and mental clarity.

Strength is a process ratio of willmind over nattermind: of how little nattermind intrudes on the pure awareness which willmind intends. Strength affords awareness into the mind’s workings (menition). Strength provides the faculty for introspection.

To make its renderings vivid, the mind liberally mixes memory and imagination into its construals. This admixing inspires belief in those of low awareness.

Proclivity to belief is one of nattermind’s tricks to keep itself entrenched as a parasite of a weakened soul. Such feebleness is iğnorance.

In iğnorance, nattermind dominates dobe. At this level of consciousness, willmind is in thrall to nattermind.

Dobe quality only improves by elevating consciousness level. This improvement is experienced in perceptivity, clarity, productivity, contentment, and bliss.

Human consciousness ranges from the low of iğnorance to the high of realization. The spectrum of awareness reflects the extent of data inspired by Cöcö and its reception within a mind.

Realization affords a lucid conduit with Cöcö. Consciousness more clearly reflects Cönsciousness, albeit limited by the mental biological filter provided by cöherence. Hence, realization is also called unity consciousness.

The diagram illustrates distinctions between iğnorance and realization.

There are 2 facets of mentation: perception and menition. Perception is focused on the mind’s presentation of physicality, which includes the body and what seems to be an external world.

Menition is non-perceptual mentation. Menition includes cognition, problem-solving, feeling, emotion, and intuition.

Awareness is mostly perception. Most menition transpires subconsciously.

Memory and imagination are mixed into all mental processes.

In iğnorance, nattermind litters awareness, which is more constricted than in higher levels of consciousness.

In realization, nattermind is largely absent.

Whereas nattermind is vexing in iğnorance, its brief appearances in higher consciousness are a joke, as monkey-mind is a shaky shadow of its former potency.

Clarity in awareness involves keenness, vividness, and scope. Higher awareness perceptually gleans more data and higher resolution of data. This perceptivity is indicated in the diagram by the relative size of slices of mentation available to awareness.

The shading in the diagram indicates the paucity of bliss in iğnorance versus realization. Living in realization is enlivened with levity.

The following passages characterize what “strong” is at higher levels of consciousness.

Strong is still.

Mentation in higher consciousness does not have the noise of nattermind. Strong perceptivity is like pure, waveless water in its clarity.

Strong is silent.

The mind is quiet when awareness is strong. Nattermind is subdued.

Strong is survey.

The term “survey” here refers to extent and quality of mentation, both perception and menition. Lucidity yields more data. Perceptivity has a greater scope.

Strong is solvent.

Living with higher consciousness gradually cleanses the previously held distortions of nattermind. Awareness of the subtleties in Nature dissolves the black-and-white of belief. Assumptions are not so blithely held.

Strength is the conduit of wisdom.

Heightened connectivity of consciousness to Cönsciousness affords intuitions which ripen into insight. Insights are the building blocks of wisdom.

Strength is the source of power.

Strength is lucidity. Clarity gives willmind efficacy in its expression. Power is the degree of potency that comes from the strength of willmind.

Strength flows within. Power flows without.

Awareness gives strength to willmind. Strength translates into power by doing. Power shows itself in the quality and efficacy of behavior, and by influence on others.