Perspective – A Canticle of Reality (15)


Existence is a dance of perspectives.
Strength has a fractal perspective.
Problems are only solved by changing perspective. Others are only understood by changing perspective.
Empathy has twin forks. The soft fork resonates into compassion. From the sharp fork emanates power.
Fluidity in perspective reflects strength.



Existence is a dance of perspectives.

A reference frame is a mental perspective. Underlying physics, chemistry, and biology is the idea that all entities operate as fields, with reference frames as bases to behave.

Many arthropods have compound eyes. These eyes comprise many thousands of ommatidia: vision receptors. Each ommatidium has its own perspective. Via individual captures of light from ommatidia, an arthropod’s mind composes a panoramic collage that lets it expansively see all around its body. Compound eyes exemplify a fractal perceptual process of unification via diversity.

Every field, whether quantum or molecule or cell or being, has its own perspective. The expression of Cöcö dynamically composes existence moment by moment using data from all these infinite perspectives. This incalculable miracle manufactures the mundane. American physicist Brian Swingle said of this dynamic, “Space is made of entanglement.”

Strength has a fractal perspective.

The mind has a manifold of contributions. Not all mental inputs are intrinsic. But all fractally reflect strength of consciousness.

You may recall at some time hearing an inner voice, seeing a mental image, or having an intuition that did not seem to come from your own mind. Most people have had such moments. Every culture since prehistory, and most religions, have teachings about paranormal spirits making their presence felt.

Indian guru Nisargadatta Maharaj put a positive spin on spirits when he said, “You are never alone. There are powers and presences who serve you all the time most faithfully. You may or may not perceive them. Nevertheless, they are real and active.”

At the other end of the presence spectrum are evil spirits. There are exorcism rituals among indigenous cultures worldwide and in almost all religions.

Plants and animals have microbiomes. A microbiome comprises the microbes – bacteria, fungi, protists, and viruses – that live within or on an organism.

Microbiomes are instrumental in the development and dobe of their hosts. Within you is a digestive microbiome that eats your food and feeds you the leftovers. Your appetite and food choices are outcomes of inspiration from your gut microbiota.

The collection of a person’s presences are like a microbiome. A spiritbiome reflects mental strength.

The microbiome and spiritbiome are physical and spiritual counterparts. Holistically, strength is fractal in its quality. The microbiome and spiritbiome are part of that fractal. A soul is itself part of a larger fractal.

Many diseases result from a bad immune response. The immune system misbehaves, attacking the body rather than defending it.

The covid pandemic exemplified. For those with healthy immune responses, the virus itself caused little or no bodily distress. But for those whose homeodynamic health had been compromised, covid could be debilitating and long-lasting. Severe covid is an autoimmune disease set off by an otherwise mild cold virus.

Presences feed or feed off psychic energy. Benevolent ones help. Bad ones drain and sour a soul.

Presences make themselves felt in various ways: transient feelings, moods, thoughts, insights, strange dreams. Their mental polarity reflect one’s own spirit.

Madness is a feeding frenzy of presences ravaging a soul. You may have heard deranged people having loud, disturbed conversations with their presences. Their nattermind is the leader of a psychically rancid band. These poor souls are being eaten alive from the inside out.

Strength acts as a spiritual immune system, with profound influence on health holistically.

Problems are only solved by changing perspective.

Overcoming an obstacle can only be done by changing mental method. Albert Einstein, who incorporated the idea of reference frames into physics with his relativity theories, said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Others are only understood by changing perspective.

Mentalizing is inferring the mental state of someone else. This empathic process of mind perception transpires by shifting psychological reference frame from the nominal perspective of oneself into that of another: how another person views a situation or dynamic.

Empathy has twin forks. The soft fork resonates into compassion. From the sharp fork emanates power.

Empathy is the essential psychological tool of social comity. There are 2 reference frames (“forks”) of empathy.

The “soft fork” is emotive: mentalizing another’s emotional state. This shifting of emotional perspective – emotively identifying with another – is the psychological basis of bonding between individuals. As a vital tool for infants, emotive empathy is inborn.

Our minds have an innate emotive response that evokes sorrow upon feeling a loss. Compassion is based upon this natural reflex.

The “sharp fork” of mentalizing is comprehending someone else’s perspective via their desires. This knowledge grants the power to influence and manipulate others, especially the weak-minded (those lacking strength), who are easily swayed. Cognitive empathy is largely a learned skill.

Fluidity in perspective reflects strength.

“Fluidity in perspective” refers to the ease with which the mind moves in psychospace or changes mental reference frame, such as with empathy.

Those with less awareness have trouble changing their perspective. Being in thrall to nattermind makes for sticky mentation.

Those with higher awareness go with the flow, adapting their perspective to correspond with fresh information. An elevated consciousness level offers better faculty for introspection, including motive, and how and why certain mentation transpires. Another aspect of strength is being better attuned to intuition as a source of information, insight, and advice.