Transformation – A Canticle of Reality (24)


Vanquishing nattermind begins a transformation toward the divine.
Quietude begets bliss.
Bliss is the light of enlightenment.
The calling card of cöherence consciousness is cöherence revealed.
Realization is the epitome of divinity.
One in iğnorance cannot imagine realization. There are no words to describe experience beyond words.



Vanquishing nattermind begins a transformation toward the divine.

A field of consciousness is a fractal process portion of the universal field of Cönsciousness (“the divine”).

There are 3 progressive stages of higher awareness: enlightenment, cöherence consciousness, and realization.

The inner transformation to realization begins with quietude: breaking with the past of believing what comes to mind to refusing what comes to mind.

Elevating awareness level enlivens clarity as the fog of nattermind dissipates. Abiding clarity forges a harmonization of consciousness with Cönsciousness. The most noticeable symptom of this is the strong waves of bliss felt with the advent of enlightenment.

The gravitational interaction of the spirit transforms with elevating awareness. Psychologically, spirit is the vitality which willmind identifies as the dobe aspect of self. The axis of dobe, and hence sense of self, shifts as awareness ascends.

In iğnorance, nattermind convinces willmind to be self-centered. The dobe orbit is selfish. Mentalizing is often used as a tool for achieving one’s wants.

Elevating consciousness affords greater environmental awareness. Socially, patterns of dobe become increasingly construed as a web of relations. As a result, mentalizing naturally becomes more compassionate. This transformation is facilitated as attachment dissolves. This includes self-centeredness, which is attachment to one’s sense of self.

With the blessing of bliss, a spirit’s aura brightens as awareness rises. Not holding onto negativity yields a lightness of being that others perceive. Positivity heightens social power.

Quietude begets bliss. Bliss is the light of enlightenment.

The overwhelming lightness in enlightenment is the bliss which is felt from Cönsciousness.

Bliss begets better health, both mentally and physically. Stress no longer plagues mind or body.

The calling card of cöherence consciousness is cöherence revealed.

A good contextual assessment is known as having “the big picture.” The idiom, “the devil is in the details” highlights what English musician Pete Townshend pointed out in a song lyric: “The simple things you see are all complicated.” You get the big picture by inductively collating details into a contextual whole.

The unity of diversity in Nature becomes a visceral experience in cöherence consciousness. One is literally conscious of cöherence. Perceiving intricate patterns is a powerful benefit that occurs at this level of awareness. Dealing with the devil in the details and sussing the big picture are easier as awareness ascends.

Realization is the epitome of divinity.

Realization harmonizes consciousness with Cönsciousness. But being an animal is a coarse experience. In realization, one is as divine as animal incarnation affords – which, frankly, is not so sublime.

Biology is the ballast of Life that may be transcended only momentarily. But those moments are divine.

One in iğnorance cannot imagine realization. There are no words to describe experience beyond words.

Those in iğnorance may fantasize enlightenment as overflowing with positivity. There is more to enlightenment than bliss.

Clarity firms practicality. Judicious skepticism is the essential tool for practicality. Bliss merely helps staying emotively grounded.

In vanquishing nattermind, there is an abrupt transformation from iğnorance to enlightenment. By comparison, ascending from enlightenment to realization is a more gradual inner development.

There is a flush of bliss that occurs in the blooming of enlightenment. This wave helps cleanse the spirit.

Bliss is a psychic bandage. The struggle of living does not end. But, in higher consciousness, bliss softens the blows.

Ascending to realization is sobering. Bliss on tap cushions the cold, hard comprehension of existence as a transactional exercise: an experience ridden with deception that spells suffering for so many (the Collective) – by design!

Sages pity the iğnorant because those poor souls are unaware and suffer for their sad state. Katha Upanishad, an ancient Vedic text, summarized the Collective: “Fools dwelling in iğnorance, yet imagining themselves wise and learned, go round and round in crooked ways, like the blind led by the blind.”

For those in higher consciousness, sociality is smoother because they rely upon grace and silence to get by among the Collective. Like mischievous crows, some sages may playfully try to inspire skepticism which may jostle someone from being “stuck in the middle.”

A sage knows that love is just adoration of a concept. Having no attachments, a sage no longer feels the passion that those in iğnorance relish.

The foregoing description may make realization seem undesirable. That is only because the richness of realization is as indescribable as it is unimaginable to those in iğnorance. Inner transformation with elevating awareness is profound indeed.

Thanks to deep-seated bliss, enjoyment is generalized in realization. The game of life is enjoyed for what it is.